Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Download Horror (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Jim Hickey

Produced by Robin Mitchell and Keith Bradley

Stars: Sandra Darnell, Trine Theilen, Celine Cateland, Nina Kwok, Sarah Delaney and Stephen Boyd. is one of the more original films I have had the pleasure of seeing this year. Firstly I wanted to say many thanks to producer Robin Mitchell for sending me a link to watch The Download Horror for review. Due to correspondance with Robin other the film I was able to find out some interesting facts about how it all came about and how it ended up with the unique sellling point it now has, in its final version.

What we, the viewers are seeing, is a cheesy old horror flick named Sacrificed, supplied to a pair of Scottish pals courtesy of someone named Big Al. Our horror enthusiasts Dougie and Robbo, keep us entertained throughout the running time of Sacrificed as they joke, banter, commentate and generally have the type of conversations that many of us have while watching a movie of a similar ilk. It's this originality which really impressed me as it kind of takes the best of what you love in a cheapie horror film and then gives it another layer by sharing in Dougie and Robbo's enjoyment (or lack of) of the same film.

Now, interestingly enough Sacrificed is a movie made several years prior by producer Keith Bradley and although it wasn't a film that Keith was 100% happy with, the potential was still very much there. Therefore the idea was hatched to present Sacrificed in the format you will see it now and as another interesting little fact, Keith Bradley actually provides one of the voice overs we hear throughout.

As well as the great comedy rife throughout the film thanks to Dougie and Robbo's input, the horror movie within the movie really isn't half bad. It has a great atmospheric set; you really can't go wrong with a big creepy house in a film like this lets be honest. Great attention to detail ensures that classic horror movie cliches such as shrouds of fog puts audiences further in the place of a good old fashioned demonic possession/slice and dice flick. There is also some satisfying moments of gore and let's face it, this and having a good laugh makes up the bulk of what we are looking for in such a film.

I had a great time with The Download Horror and would also like to thank fellow horror blogger Char Hardin for bringing it to my attention. If you want to see it too - here is your chance! Head on other to Distrify and rent or buy your very own copy of the film to enjoy from the comfort of your living room. Join Dougie and Robbo this Christmas and get downloading some horror!

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  1. YAY! I am glad someone was watching the day I said every horror reviewer should see this film. Great review! :)