Monday 30 March 2015

POV (2014)

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Written and Directed by Richard Anthony Dunford

Stars: Tom Clear, Karl Kennedy-Williams, Tuula Costelloe, Lewis Saunderson, Jamie Langlands, Sarah Harkins

Many thanks to Richard Anthony Dunford for sharing his creepy new horror movie POV with me. I am always excited to see a good British horror film especially those that are low budget but made with a true love to the genre. POV is one such film and unique in the sense that you follow the action through the eyes of main character Zack (Tom Clear) a down on his luck guy following a painful break up.

When Zacks brother (Karl Kennedy-Williams) and his best mates Mackenzie and Vickers (Lewis Saunderson and Jamie Langlands) drag him to a weekend long house party to cheer him up it is clear that something is going to come along and ruin the fun..

A creepy tale of demonic possession and death in the houses history, spun by Mackenzie, raises a few laughs and retorts as the party goers are far more interested in booze and music to truly believe such a story. However Zack soon starts to experience disturbing sightings  which soon make the viewer question what is really happening - are the demons real, is Zack going mad, or something else...? Suffice to say the shit hits the fan real hard and real fast.

I really enjoyed POV, it has a unique way of telling its story, it has some great characters and actors and there are some genuine scares. In fact one scene where Mackenzie scares Zack made me jump out of my fucking skin. I think I was expecting something else to happen or something, I'm not sure, all I know is that i swore very loudly.....  I also liked the fact that the film took some nice twists and turns in its final 10 minutes and kudos to Richard for not giving viewers all the easy answers on a plate.  For its low-no budget I also think the film is presented really well and I really liked the practical effects on display.

All main actors were great, Lewis Saunderson were both very funny in the roles of the best friends trying to do a nice thing for their mate. Lots of piss taking and barbs are exchanged which is totally realistic of a group of male friends. Karl Kennedy- Williams was a real stand out as the protective brother Sam, he comes across as equal parts good guy and total knobhead, and he has the mouth to match. A great and entertaining character! I felt nothing but pity for poor Zack as played by Tom Clear. He is having the worst time ever and then finds himself in the middle of a far far worse situation. I was rooting for him to get out it in one piece but to say anymore would be too spoilerish. Oh and Tuula Costelloe as party girl Lizzy was a massive hoot!.

Please check out the official website for POV and show your love for  British indie horror. I hope you guys will get to see the film for yourselves real soon.