Thursday 7 November 2013

I.B.S (2013)

Directed By Mike O'Mahoney

Written by Mike O'Mahoney

Stars: James Costa, D.M. Folger Jr., Lauren Ojeda, Sean Flaherty, Matt Garafalo, Lewis Beaver.

Maniac films newest feature takes the riotous bad taste of Sloppy the Psychotic and Deadly Detour, ups the ante considerably...and then then flushes it all down the toilet -literally! If you hadn't gauged from the title, I.B.S focuses on Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I have to admit it really is used to hilarious effect.

Poor lonely Larry (James Costa) has a dead end job, no true friends aside from a housemate who is always drunk and swamped by girls and a severe, and I mean severe bowel problem. In fact the problem is so bad that it governs his life or lack thereof. You cant help but feel sorry for him as no doctor is able to help and there is no improvement on his condition. Until.... well lets just say I don't believe Larry had any plans or aspirations to become a lovingly sadistic serial killer. But that's exactly what happens once he accidentally offs a guy from his office who continuously bullies and harasses him! See, it comes to pass (sorry) that Larry's shedding of blood gives him a temporary, but most welcomed, release of his I.B.S and after taking this into account, begins wiping out those around him in all manner of grisly ways!

This is cue for Mike to give his audience what they have come to love about his work - mean spirited but fun death and destruction. No one is safe from Larry's bloodlust as he starts stabbing, slicing, lawn mowering (!) and in one truly eye opening scene, chainsawing his victims. There isn't one moment however where you really identify Larry as some evil villain - the events are just too silly and offbeat and you cant help but feel 'along for the ride' as Larry starts to merrily revel in killing everyone off!

I.B.S is another funny, bloody horror comedy from Mike O'Mahoney which gives you all you need in a 75 minute good time: tongue in cheek gore, laughs and for those so inclined, nudity! Check it out people by jumping over to Maniac Film official Facebook!