Tuesday 7 April 2015

Volumes of Blood (2015)

Volumes of Blood posterDirectors: 
Jakob Bilinski 
PJ Starks 
Lee  Vervoort 
Nathan Thomas Milliner 
John Kenneth Muir 


Todd Martin
PJ Starks 
Nathan Thomas Milliner 

Stars: Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah, Alexandria Hendrick, Garret Smith, Louisa Torres, Jim O'Rear, Todd Reynolds, Jordan Phillips, Elissa Grant, Louisa Torres, Kristine Renee Farley, Kevin Roach

Volumes of Blood is a collaborative effort from some of independent horror films greats and one I have been looking forward to since director and writer P.J Starks let me know about it. Not only is the film a great, involving anthology, it also provides an original spin on the format, particularly in its final act.

I think the best way to share my thoughts on VoB is to go through each segment in turn but to give some idea of the films overall structure, we essentially follow a group of college kids discussing the invention of new and original urban legends via their own individual horror stories. Each segment takes place in the same library in which the group are sharing their tales which I think is a nice touch indeed.

Segment one, A Little Pick Me Up is a wicked little short with a jaw dropping end. Alexandria Hendrick plays an overtired student desperately trying to complete her work late at night in the library. When she is approached by a mysterious salesman (Jim O'Rear) to sample a new energy drink, its pretty clear that there are sinister intentions at play. Things go from bad to worse at a rapid rate and the short ends in spectacular style. Great opening segment! Written by Todd Martin. Directed by John Kenneth Muir.

Segment two, Ghastly Written and directed by PJ Starks is a spooky ghost story which features a librarian haunted by a mysterious force. I loved the black and white used in this classic tale, a very nice touch. This short also boasts some impressive ghost effects, the horribly contorted face of the librarians tormentor looking like something out of your worst nightmares. I have a very minor complaint with this short and that is purely that I wish it was longer. I have loved (and feared) the idea of a haunted library ever since that damn opening scene to Ghostbusters and I would love PJ to consider a feature length movie along these lines in the future. Like I say, I fully appreciate that this is anthology and therefore you cant have two much of each story - this is just an expression of interest ;)

Segment three, 13 After Midnight  Written by PJ Starks. Directed by Jacob Bilinski has a nice creature feature spin to it and there is an effective and creepy element of 'fear whats in the shadows' to it. Expect this segment to twist and turn a bit also with one hell of a downbeat finale.

Segment four, The encyclopedia Satanica  Written by Nathan Thomas Milliner and Todd Martin. Directed by Nathan Thomas Milliner is a cool and creepy tale of spells and demons. Kristine Renee Farley who has done some amazing work with Big Biting Pig Productions as well as the incredible Bloody Hooker Bang Bang: A Love Story really brings her A game here once again. I have now seen Kristine play several challenging, not to mention different roles and her turn her as guilt ridden turned tormented Paige only furthers my belief that she deserves a most amazing career. This short gives some brilliant bloody effects as with the others, this time with a darker and more ominous feel.

The final segment Thats a Wrap turns everything else on its head in a GREAT way. I wont give any spoilers on this front but be assured, you need to stick with the film right through to the credits as Volumes of Blood ends with a most satisfying, carnage filled denouement.  Written by P.J Starks. Directed by Lee Vervoort.

Highly recommended from this reviewer, Volumes of Blood brings laughs, blood, grue, scares and an overall sense of fun - something that horror anthologies used to do so well but has been somewhat lacking in recent years.  I would love this dream team to come together for a follow up anthology, I couldn't imagine what gory delights they may have up their sleeves for a part 2. Please head on over to the movies official Website and Facebook page for more details and show this film some real support!