Tuesday 4 March 2014

HYPNOPHOBIA (2013- Short Film)

Directed By Adam Dunning

Written by Adam Dunning

Stars: Erin Rovin, Sam Rovin,  Olivia Kuttrubis,  Ronald Muir, Nicki Ostrowski

 Its always great to hear from Mr Adam Dunning, the macabre mind behind Laughter a fun slasher film featuring the subject of many a persons nightmares: CLOWNS....... 

This time he has created a much darker piece with his short film Hypnophobia, a tale of madness, despair and spirits that just wont rest. 

Erin Rovin gives an excellent performance as Sam, a young lady locked away in a padded cell, haunted by the apparent ghost of a young girl (creepily portrayed by Olivia Kuutrubis). Rounding out the core cast is Sam Rovin as Dr Peter's - a man intent on helping Sam to face her demons once and for all...with some very bleak consequences. 

The thing I love most about short films is that sometimes they just work better as a short. Its as simple as that. Obviously I love a good feature film as much as the next person, but there are many a film out there, that with the fat trimmed would make a really decent 30-45 minute film. Hypnophobia runs at 30 minutes and its just right for it. The small cast means you still have time to get a good feel for the characters and care about what the outcome of their journey may be by the end. 

I LOVED the final scene of this film and refuse to give anything away about it. It was just a nice dark touch that left me a little gobsmacked and depressed. But that just means that Adams story came across correctly and that the final bite was effective. My only real criticism is that I found some of the dialogue hard to hear and ended up having to use my headphones, turned up pretty high. 

I would love to see Adam combine his knack for a great psychological horror tale such as this with some of the slasher antics he threw out there in laughter in a future film - cant wait to hear what he has coming up next! 

Check Hypnophobia on  Facebook and then head on over to  Youtube to watch it for free...cant say fairer than that!