Tuesday 30 October 2012

Symphony in Blood Red (2010)

Symphony In Blood Red

(Online screener copy) 

Directed by Luigi Pastore

Written by Luigi Pastore and Antonio Tentori

Stars:  Sharon Alessandri, Nikol Brown, Federica Carpico, Tony Cimarosa, Fabio Giovannini, Simona Oliverio

Symphony in Blood Red plays homage to the master of Giallo, Dario Argento, and in doing so creates a fairly gory, sometimes creepy film which comes recommended. Many thanks to Marco from EuroObscura for allowing me to screen this film!

The plot features a lunatic who has an obsession with death and after a messy altercation with the psychologist wishing to place him under observation, he begins a dark journey of murder and madness from which a number of luckless individuals will not survive. Oh and did I mention he likes to keep his comings and goings recorded via video diary??

The corpses soon build up with some kills being more horrific than others but they are all done in a manner which stays true to the dark roots of the Giallo sub genre. I also found the killers voice to be quite unnerving and felt an uncomfortable amount of dread when he was homing in on a new victim so massive points for that!

The film itself is fantastically shot, its nice and clean and crisp and there is a clear directing talent present which makes me excited for future films from Luigi Pastore. The acting is also effective and I was pleased to note that the dialogue was not as campy and shrill as it can be known to be in the (don't get me wrong, great) giallo films of past.

I recommend Symphony in Blood Red, particularly to fans of Giallo movies, slasher films and Italian cinema in general. I am hoping to hear news of a wide DVD release soon and will keep you posted!

Check out EuroObscuras official website, they have a whole slate of genre films coming our way and I am sure you will want to know when you can get your hands on them all!

Monday 29 October 2012

Blood Rush (2012)

Online Screener Copy

Directed by Evan Marlow

Written by Kerry Finlayson

Stars: Kerry Finlayson, Don Donnelley, Christy Lee Hughes, Helen Soraya, Samantha Michelle, Emrhys Cooper, John Wuchte, Myles Cranford.

Husband and wife team Evan Marlowe and Kerry Finlayson (Sweet Home Films) make a definite mark in the horror genre with Blood Rush.

Marking the feature film directorial début for Evan Marlowe, Blood Rush takes its low budget, sticks two fingers up at the constraints, and delivers something funny, suspenseful, gory and really quite captivating. Captivating can be hard to nail on an indie feature as sometimes the lack of funds leaves a lot of scenes rife with meandering conversation, in order to get to another scene of action. Here though the story is told in such a clever way, jumping back from the present time to the past which is important to the current unfolding horror. Using this plot device audiences are slowly let in on the events leading to situation experienced by a small town, with many residents fighting to survive.

So what's the actual plot you ask? Well it's a zombie film in essence. But it puts a new spin on the sub genre and I loved that about Blood Rush. We start with the introduction of Kara (a natural and tough as nails performance by producer Kerry Finlayson) who falls afoul of her bloodthirsty sister Emma (also played by Finlayson) and seeks sanctuary in her home where she comes across two shared friends in hiding. We are treated to a flashback of the friends before whatever time the recent horror took hold and learn some interesting facts about their lives and relationships. Back to present time our three main girls, Cara, Lucy (Christy Lee Hughes) and Kate (Helen Soraya) along with Danny (Don Donnelley), the cheating husband of Emma band together to get out of their town alive, before their afflicted friends, loved ones and neighbours find them and...well...eat them. There are suspicions as to what has caused the Zombie outbreak but you never actually find out the true cause. That actually gives the movie a more interesting edge and is actually quite scary when you weigh it up. Imagine if people close to you suddenly turn savage, desperate for human blood? With no explanation? Quite chilling I think. The movie propels toward a bloody climax as more locals either die or succumb to the blood lust and turn on the survivors and what transpires from this is a number of excellently staged gore effects such as a flying eyeball, womb munching foetus and much more! There is also a great two tiered ending, with each of these parts ending with a chilling final scene, particularly the latter.

The acting is pretty impressive across the film save one or two slightly weaker ones. UK born actress Kerry Finlayson does a great job of playing both the kind hearted, tough fighting Kara as well as the angry, betrayed housewife Emma and I can't wait to see more of her work. Remember she also produced this film with Evan and wrote it so she had her work more than cut out for her! I loved the character of Danny, he has some fantastic one liners ''How are we going to get anywhere with stumpy and preggo over there!?'' and this character brings a lot of the comedy to life in Blood Rush. Also special mention to Samantha Michelle as the spunky Jessica, and I loved all the acidic conversations between the church going locals.

Sweet Home Films marks a new name to watch in independent horror. They bring something old something new and a lot of the gory/fun to the arena and that should be recognised. Check out their official website and Facebook and keep a close, popped out, eye on when you can check out their movies. I highly recommend Blood Rush.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Slasher House- Press Release

UK produced indie horror film Slasher House is soon to recieve its UK premiere before heading out for the festival circuit. Its great to see more homegrown horror coming our way so keep your eyes peeled for this one! The film looks set to be a dark and creepy good time and you can view the brand NEW trailer for it right here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lzEPsFv2fA ..... ENJOY!

From the Press Release:

From Mycho Pictures comes a new slasher movie that will change the game forever.When Red, a young girl, awakens in a house, she has no idea how she has come to be there. Exploring her surroundings she soon realizes that she is not alone, in fact she is trapped inside with some of the most notorious serial killers in the world. Now it is a race against time as one by one the cells open and each killer is unleashed to stalk her through the inescapable corridors of the SLASHER HOUSE.

SLASHER HOUSE is the second feature film production by Prize Winning Independent Studio Mycho Pictures and is our biggest and best to date. The film stars rising horror talent Eleanor James (Forest Of The Damned, Hellbride) and was produced on a shoestring budget in 2010/2011.The Film is currently seeking Distribution.








Saturday 27 October 2012

Night of the Tentacles (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Dustin Wayde Mills

Written by Dustin Wayde Mills

Stars: Brandon Salkil, Nicole Gerity, Jackie McKown Melissa Blair, Mike Blair, Dustin Mills, Eugene Flynn

Release: US DVD, January 22 2013

Dustin Wayde Mills brings the 80s horror home with his hillarious, splattery horror comedy Night of the Tentacles.

Now, if you were lucky enough to grow up with the great Frank Hennenlotter horror movies of the 80s, then I think you will find that Dustin has done you a brilliant service here. You have your tormented main character, ominous and manipulative monster and exceptional gore effects. There is also a superb and ever present comedic streak running the length of the film ensuring the viewer is never bored between scenes of tentacle perpetrated homicide!

The plot concerns poor young,luckless Dave (a hilarious and really quite impressive performance from Brandon Salkil) a 24 year old graphic designer of alien erotica (!) who has to put up with a disgusting lech of a landlord and the constant sex antics of his very loud neighbours on a regular basis. Dave's crush on another neighbour, Esther (Nicole Gerity) leads him to some serious heart trouble which in turn ends him up in surgery! Following this Dave receives a visit from good old Lucifer himself and makes a deal that gives him a new heart. The only catch is that Dave's new 'heart' resides in a locked box and Dave is tasked in taking care of it to ensure its survival (and subsequently his own). However there are many catches to this deal and soon Dave will learn that the only way to appease the sweet talking but very deadly creature in the box is to feed it - humans. This is cue for all manner of fun and grisly gore effects as the creature uses its many tentacles to dispatch various people in Dave's life, starting with the über bitch neighbour from hell Delilah (Jackie McKown). This particular death scene has to be seen to be believed, it's crazy and most fitting considering Delilah is a totally abhorrent human being! There is plenty more where that came from though as tentacles rip through chests, out of eyeballs and enter places not intended for sharp things....

The acting in the film is great across the board. Brandon Salkil really steals the show as Dave, his performance is by turns funny, sweet, pitiful and tragic. A bright future for this guy if there is any justice! Nicole Gerity is very natural as the sweet and coy Esther while Dustin Mills ( Mr Freck the landlord) and Jackie McKown play their hateful characters to the hilt.

The comedy as mentioned is exceptional. The scene where Dave is visited by the demon Belial (Eugene Flynn) just had me in stitches. Toilet humour (literally) is not particularly my thing but this scene was laugh out loud funny - helped greatly by Eugene Flynn's cheerful delivery and Brandon's mortified/deadpan responses!

I highly recommend this movie, it's funny, it's gory, well acted and really well made. I cannot honestly wait to check out Dustins other films, Puppet Monster Massacre and Zombie A*Hole and I'm excited to see what he comes up with next. Make sure you grab your copy of the DVD when it releases January 22 (a great late Christmas present to yourself!) and support indie film!

Friday 26 October 2012

Don't Go on the Trail (2012)

Directed by Jody S. Dean

Written by Jody S. Dean

Stars: Jody Dean, Allie Madison and Morgan Middlebrooke.

Don’t go on the Trail is Jody Deans new horror film, recently self-distributed via Sickafyed Films official website  and I am pleased to report it is an intense, bloody and sometimes disturbing slasher flick, worthy of your attention.

The plot involves a bloodied young woman, viciously attacking and killing scores of strangers as they go about their day on the titular trail all the while interspersed with footage of locals and park rangers recounting their experiences of a similar tragedy one year before.  It seems that a young lady, Hellady Marie James (Allie Madison) went missing on said trail a couple of years back and was never seen again. In 2011 however, 29 people mysteriously vanished and chilling reports from those working the trail suggest that a young, savage looking young lady, stalked the trail, killing anyone in sight. This horrible event left many people scared of the area and even more scared of a possible vengeful ghost or even living person, out for a sadistic revenge. It is now 2012 and history is very rapidly repeating itself……

The way the movie was structured worked wonders for the plot. It could have just been a run of the mill slasher with a crazed young girl knocking people off left right and centre, but giving the film a timeline of events leading up to the core of the film really fleshes it out.  The interview footage also helps to add a really creepy layer to proceedings, creating a fictional myth to be very afraid of.

The film features some really good acting, particularly from its three main stars. Allie Madison does an amazing job as the ‘is she dead or alive’ killer Hellady, who shows zero mercy in her brutal killing spree. She also shows great range thanks to a disturbing flashback scene which depicts her character prior to the horrible events that caused her disappearance. In this scene, she appears like a kind and pure version of herself before becoming the hideous killer we see for most of the film. Although Helladys monologue in the film’s opening suggests that maybe she was never a good person…. But that could easily be the voice of her now fractured mind speaking….  Morgan Middlebrook and Jody Dean play two pals who end up on Helladys very wrong side and both give very good performances. I felt deeply for Morgan’s character towards the end and was really hoping he would escape Helladys wrath.

There are several unanswered questions coming out of this film. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing as I see scope for a continuation. One scene in particular almost suggests the possibility in going down a Friday the 13 franchise style route (I cannot comment further due to spoilers but you will know what I mean here when you see the film) and we also never find out exactly what Hellady is as there are events suggesting she is very much alive but then again other things occur which definitely appear to be supernatural in nature.  Also I was expecting to have some clarity as to the identity of the person responsible for Helladys original disappearance but this didn’t happen and I had already made up my mind as to who this was haha. Maybe there is a reason this was left unanswered or maybe Jody didn’t wish this to be a revelation full stop. That’s not a criticism at all but I felt it fair to point out these points to readers.

Please support indie film and go and grab a copy of the film, not only is it very reasonably priced, but you get a bonus movie (review HERE) along with the feature and Jody is a lovely guy who will ship out nice and fast. Don’t go on the Trail is a very well made, fantastically scored, creepy, not to mention mysterious good time. In this instance DO go on the trail. 

Thursday 25 October 2012

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - An Interview with Cary Hill

I was very excited to get the chance to do a Q&A with indie film maker Cary Hill. I have been looking forward to his upcoming indie slasher, Scream Park, for some time now, and it looks set to go hell for leather with the frights and laughs. I thik fans will love this one!

Check out the films official website www.screamparkmovie.com for more information on the film and how you can get to see it, and read on for Carys great answers!

Hacked in the Head: Hi Cary ! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Now your upcoming slasher flick, Scream Park, looks set to take audiences back to the gory, fun 80s horror films that we all love.Could you tell us a bit more about the movie and its conception?

Cary Hill: When I decided to do a feature, I had to chose something that could be feasible on a small budget. I decided, in a very cliche way, to go with a horror film; audiences are very accepting for low budget production quality and, well, a lot of other things when watching a low-budget horror film. But it worked out for me because of my love of the genre as well. I've always been a horror fan nd grew up on a diet of 80s horror and science fiction. It felt like a good fit to do something in that vein.

I chose the sub-genre of slasher film because horror has become glutted with either haunted house ghost stories or 'torture-porn' stuff like Saw or Hostel. I missed the old style set up of teens doing things they shouldn't be and a man in a mask 'correcting' the situation. I hit upon the root of Scream Park at a Great America Amusement Park in October, while it was done up for Halloween. A friend of mine who was with me remarked that a real killer could totally slip in with a mask and be running around with these actors. And it stuck! I realized I couldn't think of a movie like that from everything I had every seen -- and it sounded like an 80s premise! A little more research yielded that there had never been a slasher film in an amusement park and I knew I had to do it.

HitH: I have to comment on the killers mask from the official Scream Park trailer. Its really creepy and reminds me, if you don't mind me saying, of the expression pulled by Alec Baldwin when he morphs his
face in attempt to scare his unwanted 'house guests' Beetle Juice. I love it. How did the idea for the mask come about?

CH: Ha! It does! It's actually a medieval plague doctor mask. From the script, I knew both killers would be (initially) masked. The tricky part was what kind of mask. Some types of masks have become iconic and I wanted to stay away from them. There was a long process with Liz Rishel, our wardrobe person to find something. I hit upon the idea for the cloth mask for one killer after looking through Ossian Brown's "Haunted Air." It's a book that collects photos from the 1920s and 30s of people's home-made Halloween
costumes. And there is one photo of a man with a simple cloth mask with two eye holes and crooked mouth cut out of it. It was so simple but terrifying!

We were two weeks from filming and I still hadn't decided on a mask for the other killer. I was in the work shop of Spectre Studios, a Pittsburgh-based prop and mask company that does their own custom designs. I was picking up a pile of prop axes they had made for the film and mentioned I was still looking for a mask. As we walked through their workshop I found a yellowed plague mask in their refuse bin. They were tossing it out. It was one of their own models, but it had yellowed from sunlight and turned this eerie bone color. I quickly made an offer for it and that was that!

HitH: Excellent, it looks so very creepy, I totally agree! What are the release plans for the film and are there any upcoming screenings you would like to make readers aware of? Any chance of say a UK screening in the future? We LOVE horror over here :)

CH: We've got our world premiere in a small theater in Meadville, PA on Halloween night. The theater is right down the road from Conneaut Lake Park, where we filmed the movie. I promised the park the premiere and we decided Halloween was the perfect night for it. The home-town Pittsburgh premiere will be in November.

I would love to bring it to the UK. We've had a pretty strong following from across the pond since the project began. And you're right, you guys certainly do! I think at least half of our Twitter (@screamparkmovie) following is from the UK. In the least, we'll get some Region 2 disks available on our web store.

HitH: Sounds good, I know a lot of UK readers will flock to grab their own copy! I understand that you have Doug Bradley in the film - that's great. How did that all work out? Are there any other notable performances you would like to mention? I recently reviewed Steve Rudzinski's movie 'Everyone Must Die' and I found him to be a fantastic comedic actor in his role!

CH: Having Doug was huge for us. It gave us clout and everyone's ears sort of perked up when they found out Pinhead had joined up with a band of filmmakers out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I met Doug at the Texas Frightmare convention in Dallas, Texas in 2011. I shook his hand, got his autograph, and offered him a paid role on a quick shoot for the film. We exchanged info, I sent him the script, and he said 'yes.'He was so great to work with. There was an initial moment of anxiety about having Doug Bradley on set and directing him. He quickly smashed that all down and shooting with him was probably the most relaxed atmosphere we had the whole production.

Steve has a very special set of skills, mostly around nuances. In putting the film together, I continue to find tiny things in his performance that make me laugh or yell at the editor "that's perfect!" He ended up being the perfect choice for the part, even if we had to age him slightly. I think a lot of that had to do with letting him live in the role of Marty, the park's manager, and free his performance up. Once we found his stride in the role and the level we wanted to play it, I pretty much let him be with it. I'm curious to see what you think after seeing the film!

HitH: I cant wait to see it either and feedback to you! I am also so glad Doug was great to work with but I can understand the slight anxiety beforehand!

How lengthy was the filming process for the film? The location also looks fantastic, could you tell us a bit more about that?

CH: This month marks my 18th month with the project. The very first day of filming was last November with Doug at the University of Pittsburgh. I had looked up an old professor of mine at the university and got clearance to film there for one night. I used to have class in that room we used, so I feel like I've got full circle.We then had a block of three weeks at Conneaut Lake Park where we filmed dusk to dawn every single night to get the bulk of the footage. We've followed that up with about a week and half worth of pickups and additional scenes. Plus one day in a green screen studio for some compositing work. The original schedule was 22 days, and I think we've extended that to near 30 at this point. I've discovered the bane of directing in that you continually find ways to improve or re-do things and there's an urge to go grab the camera and 'fix' it. 

Without Conneaut Lake Park, I don't think this film would be where it currently is. I'd probably still be driving around New England looking for small amusement parks. They very graciously allowed us to use their property, pretty much without limit, to shoot the project. The park has had its share of rough times -- they recently had a large fire that burned a gorgeous ballroom from the early 20th century down. The park has changed hands and eventually ended up in the hands of a board of trustees who are doing everything they can to keep it open for the people in northeast Pennsylvania. Over the past couple of years it's fallen into disrepair and weather-worn. We were able to slip in just before renovations in spring 2012 and utilize that worn look. On top of all that, the maintenance crews in the park were always happy or willing to lend a hand or run a ride or help rig up power so we could film. The situation couldn't have been better.

HitH: Did you encounter any particular challenges whilst filming Scream Park that you are able to share?

CH: The biggest challenge that we've eventually come to joke about (months later) was shooting on location. We'd be deep in a scene, focused, and suddenly the sound man would call out "Birds!" because their chirping was coming in over the microphones. Every time the sun started coming up there would be a scramble to shoot a few last frames of footage before the light changed. There was some discussion among the crew and I to get T-shirts made that just said "Fuck Nature" on them. 

HitH: Haha...so kind of like Hitchcock but less terrifying and more out and out annoying! 

I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre Cary? What are some of your favourites and why? Anything you really love or likewise, dislike within the genre?

CH: Definitely. I take in all movies, any genre but I always seem to gravitate back to horror and science fiction. I think it really hits upon my desire to think in terms of "what if." As in, what if this happened, or
what if someone really did this. Horror is built upon that foundation, while tapping in to primal emotions like fear. I think everyone loves going on roller coasters because deep down there's a realization that
it could fly off the tracks or something bad happen and that by safely pulling back into the station, you've beat death. I think that's why I love Carpenter's Halloween. It just feels believable and real. I know these girls. I go to this school. This street looks just like my neighborhood. But I also love the schlock factor of going really far out there -- and by the late 1980s, I feel like horror movies were being made with such ridiculous premises that it seemed like they just wanted to see what they could get away with. Movies like Night of the Creeps or Chopping Mall where the plot is so far stretched, but it's great! At least they're taking chances. 

I feel like the genre has become diluted or less fearsome with remakes and rehashes. There's no chance-taking anymore. Horror still remains the bastard child of cinema and the industry kind of looks down on it and exploits it. Films like Paranormal Activity work as a great gimmick that's profitable but you don't see much in the way of studios taking chances in the genre. It's up to grassroots filmmakers to really drive the genre in a new direction or continue to bring something to the table. Doug Bradley sells a great T-shirt on his table at conventions that has a picture of Pinhead and says "No Remakes Please, It's A Waste of Good Celluloid."

HitH: What's next for Cary Hill...a Scream Park sequel? A brand new horror flick? A romantic comedy??
CH: I've been asked to take part in a film anthology shooting next year. It's a compilation of short stories built around cryptids -- like Bigfoot, Lockness Monster, etc. We're in the very early stages and I've got a rough online for my bit. I've always liked the idea of doing a creature feature, and it should be really fun.

HitH: Will look forward to hearing more about that when the time is right! Finally Cary is there anything else you wish to tell readers about yourself or your work? Thank you SO much for your time and best of luck with the films release.

CH: Keep checking the film's website www.screamparkmovie.com for updates and new merchandise coming out. We've got some signed stuff coming up as well as other things.I've talked with a few distributors about theatrical and DVD releases, so once we're all done with the film it's time to get it out there. I'd be more than happy to bring it overseas or play any venue that will have us!

Thanks so much for having me! Always a pleasure.

HitH: No thank you Cary!!

Wednesday 24 October 2012

An Interview With Jessica Velle

The lovely Jessica Velle spared some time to chat to me about her budding career as an actress and a most enjoyable chat  it is too! Jessica stars in the upcoming indie horror mystery  Heavy Makeup, written and ditrected by Mr Chris Morrisey (interview HERE) and will soon also be filming a part in Joe Wheelers horror flick Jengo, OVER HERE IN THE UK  NO LESS! Please read on to see what Jessica had to tell me about her movies and lots of other stuff.........

Hacked in the Head: Hi Jessica! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. film-maker Chris Morrissey was kind enough to put me in touch with you and I understand you are currently acting in an important role in Chris' new movie Heavy Makeup. My understanding from Chris is that your role elaborated into something far bigger than originally intended which must be amazing for you as an actress?

Jessica Velle: Thank you! Yes, my character was supposed be a couple of scenes and Chris called me back to extend my role,I was surprised and excited when I found out. It was unexpected but I'm glad I got to play such a big part in this film.

HitH: Thats awesome! If you are able to, could you share with readers a little bit about your character in Heavy Makeup and how she is entwined in what sounds like a purposely complex and mysterious plot?

JV: Well, my characters name is Jenny shes the best friend of Nikki and she suspects that something isn't quite right after Nikki's neighbors are found murdered and jenny gets caught up in chaos by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

HitH: Are you still in the middle of filming Heavy Makeup or are your scenes now complete? If you are still filming hows it all going? I imagine its busy and hectic but a lot of fun!

JV: yes, I'm still filming the movie we are planned to wrap the movie in the next few weeks. I'm working with a great cast and we all work together really well so we always have a good time,and the great thing about filming a horror film is that its always exciting and it keeps you on edge wanting more..

HitH: Sounds fantastic and exciting! How have your experiences been working with Mr Morrissey himself I am constantly amazed and pleased at the positive feedback other actors have given Chris, so it must be fantastic to get to work with him?

JV: working with Chris has been such an amazing experience and oppurtunity hes such a talented writer and director,he keeps the filming process mysterious for everyone so it creates a thrilling energy on set..he knows how to keep you involved and really feel what your character is feeling.

HitH: Can you get him to cast me? I can pretend to be an actor...LOL. I also understand you have been cast in Joe Wheelers upcoming horror film 'Jengo'...congratulations!!! I have heard a lot about Joe and the film sounds like it will be great fun, I will also be interviewing Joe for the site soon so that will be awesome. What do you know about your role thus far? Will you be excited to be working with Share Cherrie again directly following Heavy Makeup? I always enjoy talking with Share so I imagine she is a blast to work with!

JV: Thank you! yes, I'm beyond excited for this new film, I will be getting the script soon but its sure to be action packed and full of scary stuff, I'm very excited to be working with Share its always a pleasure working together,She's very dedicated to her work and very talented,its really great to be able to work with her again.

HitH: Further to your role in Jengo, does this mean you will be heading to the UK to shoot your scenes? Exciting stuff, I hope you like it here if you haven't been before!

JV:Yes, I'm planned to film in london, I've never been there before so I'm definatley looking foward to going..I've always wanted to go to the UK its great to be going for buisness and pleasure.

HitH: Wonderful, I hope you enjoy your time here 'across the pond' Jessica. Let me know if you need any suggestions for stuff to do!

I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre? What are some of your favourites and why? Feel free to not just limit this question to the horror genre! :)

JV: I am a huge fan of horror films!!! it actually takes alot to scare me but I'm always interested in watching them..anything that has to do with ghosts will usually keep me on edge..
but some of my favorite horror films are halloween, chucky, the exorcist,the shining, and newer films like the ring, silent hill, the sixth sense..
I love comedies also!!! so anything with Will Farrell I'm a fan of as well..

HitH: Have you always wanted to be an actress Jessica? What would your absolute dream role be?

JV: When I was a child, I got alot of attention I was very friendly and I was very witty so my mom had me in acting classes and I modeled a little bit, But I was always very shy it took me a long time to get used to being on camera..but a part of me always knew I'd be an actress..I'd take breaks here and there but fate always had me back in front of a camera.
My dream role would probably be to work on one of Quentin Tarentino films, I'm absolutely obsessed with his work and his films always have a little bit of everything comedy,action,suspense.

HitH: Wow, would be awesome to see you in a Tarintino movie! Finally Jessica is there anything else you wish to tell readers about yourself? Also thank you so much for your time and best of luck with the new films!

JV: Im dedicated and a hard worker, this didnt happen over night, I put my heart into everything i do, im here to inspire and i hope that i can connect with the audience and they enjoy watching me and my performances.

What a great interview! Be sure to follow Jessica's comings and goings on Twitter: @JESSICAVELLE and look our for more news on her films SOON!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Psycho Street (2011) (Screener Copy)

Psycho Street is a gory, fun horror anthology brought to you by Muscle Wolf Productions (who I would like to thank very much for providing me with a screener DVD). The film is, like I said, an anthology, but it is tied together by one place: the creepy, terror ridden town of 'Kronanburg' (No not the beer). I thought I would break my review down by segment, including the superb wrap around tale starring the always awesome Ms Tiffany Shepis so...here goes......

Come on Down (Wraparound)

Directed by Arthur Cullipher and Patrick Desmond

Written by Marv Blauvelt & Trevor Wright

Stars: Tiffany Shepis, Jared Degado, Austin Dossey and Raine Brown

So the films wraparound, Come on Down, features the one and only Tiffany Shepis, camping it up as resident psychopath Leyla Barker.  Murdering various visitors to her home, in order to appease something nasty hiding in her basement, Tiffany does a superb job as the sweet smiling but VERY ill meaning Leyla. It isn't until Aubrey Harris (Raine Brown) shows up looking for her MIA husband (Austin Dossey, recently bludgeoned half to death and worse by the loveable Leyla) that the movie begins its trio of horror shorts, as Leyla begins to recount various tales of terror to Aubrey. The short has a FANTASTIC middle and end with Tiffany and Raine going head to head and due to a sudden turn of events it is actually Raine's character who tells us the third and final tale in this trilogy of terror.....

A fantastic 80s inspired slasher wrapround with Tiffany Shepis stealing the show and proving she has the acting chops to play a villain with ease. The opening scene with the, lets face it, very buff, Jared Degado is so much fun and Raine Brown also gives a superb, kick arse performance as Aubrey.

Oh..... I almost forgot to mention...this also features the nastiest of knives to face scenes ever! "You're disqualified!"...NICE!


Directed by Pete Jacelone

Written By Trevor Wright

Stars: Marv Blauvelt, Raine Brown, Alan Rowe Kelly, Carl Burrows, Susan Adriensen, and Edward X. Young, Zoe Daelman Chlanda 

First story, Hyperchondriac is a fun, campy oddball horror short which features Marv Blauvelt as a big city doctor who makes the horrible error of escaping the woes of city life to work at the small medical center in the heart of Kronanburg. It is here, that Dr Oliver Combs  meets all manner of oddities ranging from busty Nurse Amber Lovejoy, questionable Dr Anthony Fixx  and a wide variety of locals with the most lovingly bizarre problems....such as toy soldier stuck....very far....up a mans arse. Nice! So the core of this twisted tale involves repeat patient Charity Betencourt (Alan Rowe Kelly) continuously convinced there is something wrong with her, slowly but surely driving Dr Combs to distraction. This short has a deliciously messed up ending as Charity's obsessiveness goes one step too far, culminating in a death or two. All of this is in conjuction with another local who you are led throughout to believe is totally off of her rocker but it turns out her fears WERE real. This side plot helps to ensure the ending of Hyperchondriac is even more fun and I was laughing out loud by this point - didn't see it coming and I loved it.  Performances were campy and fun throughout, Marv played the constantly befuddled Oliver Combs brilliantly and Alan Rowe Kelly was hilarious as the nightmarish patient which every doctors surgery probably has to deal with....just maybe not the extreme that this film goes.....  I also really enjoyed Raine Browns precocious Amber Lovejoy and it was nice to see Zoe Daelman Chlanda (I'll Bury you tomorrow) pop up as demanding patient Priscilla Grace. A great little short with its tongue firmly in cheek and enough bad taste to keep you going until the next segment.....


Directed by Patrick Desmond

Written By Trevor Wright

Stars: Kaylee Williams, Jared Degado, Brigid MacAulay Paul and Jameson Barbosa, and Susan M. Martin

Antibodies is by far the grossest and sick of the three stories and works very well as a kind of Cronenberg style, body horror movie. I really do not, and would not, give too much away about this one so I will be spare on detail. The plot concerns poor Aimee (Kaylee Williams) bound to a bed by her deranged mother (Brigid MacAulay) who has no issues whatsoever in allowing truckers to visit their home to sleep with her daughter. This is obviously against Aimee's wishes but there is FAR more going on in this home than meets the eye and with every sickening outcome of each truckers doomed visit, you get closer to the truth of what is going on. Its TOTALLY bizarre, very very gross, but a hell of a lot of fun. There are at least three fantastic body horror moments which will have you recoiling in horror, and that has to be a good thing right? The performances are good, with Kaylee Williams the definite stand out. Her role requires several switches of personality so I think they picked the right indie scream queen to play Aimee here.  Brigid MacAuley disturbingly camps it up as the sex crazed, immoral (not to mention criminal) mother and Susan M. Martin's character just gives you the creeps throughout. You kind of have to go into Antibodies fairly blind to get the most out of it...just expect sex, an abundance of male and female nudity and gore galore!

The end of this short takes us back to Tiffany and Raine and as mentioned this is where things get REALLY good in Come on Down.....


Directed by Anthony G. Sumner

Written By Marv Blauvelt, Anthony G. Sumner, Trevor Wright

Stars: Deneen Melody, Jerry Murdock and Susan Adriensen

I got a chance to check out and review Anthony G. Sumners Lewis not so long ago and it was a complete pleasure to check out this brilliant little horror film once more. Just as it did the first time round, the authentic looking 70s setting really impressed me. There is such a wonderful, dreamy atmosphere about the whole short that it sucks you in easily...then spits you right back out with the sudden shocking end. Plot wise you have Amanda Reece (played in fine form by Deneen Melody) who returns to her childhood home town with her young daughter, Aubrey (!) in tow, after discovering her husbands affair. However there is a bigger reason that informs Amanda's decision to head back to Kronanberg - she is being plagued by flashbacks to a very ominous childhood...and she wants answers. Things are not at all right in this little town though (as if the rest of Psycho Street hadn't warned you of this!) and the residents are waiting for Amanda and Aubrey... to say much more would spoil a number of shocking scenes and an excellent horror climax. You NEED to grab a copy of Psycho Street and see this for yourself as the ending of Lewis just floors me, and the final scenes after the mayhem dies down are downright chilling. Lewis is beautifully shot, cleverly written and feature some fantastic performances. Jerry Murdock and Susan Adriensen give Deneen's perfect performance a run for its money in their incredibly jaw dropping roles, and you have to see these in action to believe it! A fine, fine closing segment for Psycho Street.

A recommended purchase which, as it goes, you can do right NOW. Head on over to Amazon people and grab a copy of Psycho Street on DVD! Support indie horror and have a damn good time doing so!

Edward's Julia (2012)

Directed by Jody S. Dean

Written by Jody S. Dean

Stars: Jody S. Dean, Kelly Novinski, Stephanie Walk, Alex Indest, Blair Baker and Mary Leonard.

I was really impressed with Jody S. Dean’s work after checking out his psychological horror film Edward’s Julia last night. The funny thing is, this film serves as a bonus feature to the official DVD for Don’t Go on the Trail (review upcoming) but I think it definitely stands up as its own movie. It’s a short and sharp 47 minutes in length and therefore the film comes across as concise and to the point which I really appreciated.

Plot wise we have Jody in the main role as ‘Edward’, a young man tormented by the discovery that the love of his life Julia (Kelly Novinski) is having an affair. Unable to cope with this life shattering revelation, Edward loses his temper in a devastating way and after confronting Julia, shoots her dead. The story then moves on 6 months and we see Edward living an empty life, torn apart by guilt and lost without Julia, who he managed to convince the police was killed by a burglar. It isn't until Sarah (Stephanie Walk) a friend of Julia’s enters Edwards’s life claiming to have communicated with her from beyond the grave that things begin to change. While Edward is starting to be tormented by his dead love, he is also developing feelings for Sarah and this whirlwind of mixed fear and emotions causes Edwards mind to shatter further and also presents to viewers a few dark twists on things that were never what they seemed from the very start. The movie soon propels towards a dark and bloody climax and a haunting denouement which I found to be both fitting and creepy.

The most impressive thing about this movie for me was that in just under an hour, it manages to have a decent beginning, middle and end and still has plenty of time to drop a few bombs to elaborate the plot beyond a simple revenge-haunting.

The acting was also great. Jody was brilliant in his role as Edward, conveying a range of emotions and goes from little boy lost, seeking solace form his mother, to raging intimidator with ease. I also thought Stephanie Walk as Sarah was extremely likeable and natural in her role and Kelly Novinski as the titular ‘Julia’ nailed it as the bloodied ghost returning to show Edward some macabre home truths.

I highly recommend heading over to Sickafyed Films official website and grabbing a copy of the Don’t go on The Trail/Edwards Julia DVD. It’s well worth your time and also nice and cheap! Also look out for a review on Don’t go on The Trail coming VERY soon.

Monday 22 October 2012

The Tell Tale Heart (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Bart Mastronardi

Written by Bart Mastronardi

Stars: Debbie Rochon, Alan Rowe Kelly, Lesleh Donaldson, David Marancik and Desiree Gould. 

The Tell Tale Heart is a truly wonderful short horror film, acting as writer/director, Bart Mastronardi’s interpretation of the classic Poe story. The film will eventually form part of the Tales of Poe horror anthology film which I for one cannot wait for!  The film stars Debbie Rochon as a newly admitted mental institute patient, who finds herself recounting  the events leading to her incarceration to the acidic Evelyn (Happy Birthday to Me’s  ill-fated Lesleh Donaldson) and the squirmy, chuckling Fritz (David Marancik – Gallery of Fear). What follows is an amazingly shot, intriguing, mysterious, insight to Rochon’s time spent working as nurse for ageing former movie star Peggy Lamarr (Alan Rowe Kelly in fine form as the VERY faded star). It is here, within Lamarr’s oppressively large home, that we begin to see Rochon’s nurse succumb to, possibly madness, possibly something far more sinister, as she begins to become disturbingly obsessed with the gruesomely afflicted eye of her charge.


I would hate to give anything more away as this short should really be seen fresh, the way I was lucky enough to view it. All I will say is that things get bloody very soon and Debbie Rochon  gives the performance of her career towards the climax of the film. The ending back at the mental hospital is both shocking and awe inspiring at the same time and I was 100% on the edge of my seat by this point.


All performances were brilliant though I have to say. Lesleh Donaldson played the unlikable Evelyn to the hilt, delivering a solid character you really wanted to see come unstuck, while David Marancik played the crazed ‘Fritz’ with genuine ease – I really believed I was watching an insane man, so a job well done. Alan Rowe Kelly as the formidable looking Peggy Lamarr was both a joy and a horror to watch, I would not want to be stuck in a house with this woman that’s for damn sure. It was also fantastic to see Desiree (Sleepaway Camp) Gould back on screen as the hard as nails Nurse Malliard. Just as she did back in the horror heyday, Gould plays the authoritarian figure with skill and ease, except this time, gone are the wide eyes, creepy false smiles, and cheery tone, replaced by a piercing stare, vicious snarl and a Rottweiler of a bark.

Bart Mastronardi has written and directed something very special to the horror genre, just like his previous feature length movie Vindication, he has made a horror movie that is both beautiful and horrifying. Most people would disagree that it’s appropriate to use the word beautiful in conjunction with a horror movie….those people just haven’t seen The Tell-Tale Heart yet. I am extremely excited for Bart and Alan’s joint anthology Tales of Poe which will feature this film alongside two others. Keep an eye out on the official movie Facebook page for more information and SEE this one as soon you can! 


Sunday 21 October 2012

Babysitting (2012)

Directed by Lucas Masson

Written by Lucas Masson

Stars: Morgane Housset, Wendy Nieto, Benedicte Ernoult, Vasco Bailly-Gentaud, Prune Richard,  Roma Leone, Laurent Gerardin

Lucas Masson's Babysitting is one of the most entertaining short films I have seen recently, and I have seen a lot of brilliant shorts in the last few months!

The simple plot involving a young girl babysitting for a rich couple is given an insidious layer of creepy thanks to the performances of her two young charges. Dead eyed and unmoving, the young boy and girl give off an instantly unsettling vibe which helps to ratchet up an incredible level of suspense.

It's only after the young girl, Elise (Morgane Housset) invites her two female friends over (fun performances by Wendy Neito and Benedicte Ernoult) that things take a turn for the out and out sinister.

It's clear from the start that these children are not exactly normal. The parents, for all their oddball cheer, don't exactly exemplify the standard family unit either, so it's safe to say that things are very very wrong in this household. But even the fore warnings probably won't prepare you for the sudden onslaught of grisly violence and relentless blood spray. It's incredibly impressive just how damn good the practical effects are in this 20 minute movie and I know from speaking with Lucas, that it was made on a very low budget. I also like how some nice black comedy is thrown into the gory proceedings. Call me a sicko but the Cub Scout scene was just too funny. My jaw kinda of dropped in shock and then...well I just laughed out loud. I am pretty sure that's what they were going for with this scene and it just made this quirky little blood fest that much more insane.

The film is also really well made, it doesn't look like a low budgeter at all and the cinematography is lovely and clear. The acting is good across the board, all three girls are fun to watch and Morgane Housset really comes into her own towards the end as she tries in vain to escape with her life. Both parents, particularly the mother (Roma Leone) give cheerfully eerie performances which brought Aunt Martha (Desiree Gould in Sleepaway Camp) to mind and the kids (Vasco Bailly-Gentaud and Prune Richard) ...well they nailed it. I don't want to give much away so I can't go into detail on the children's performances but I would say they might just scare anyone off babysitting- for life.

A massively recommended watch when you get the chance, I promise you, you will have a great time with this one! Check out the films official Facebook for more information on the film and get all over it as soon as you can!

The Wanted (2012)

(Screener Copy courtesy of Dream Awake Films)

Directed by Joshua Weixelman

Written by Greg Gale, Bryan Harmon,  Joshua Weixelman, 

Stars: Sydney Ray, Mary Douglass, Joe McCracken, Eric Ojeda, Alyssa Fialla

Joshua Weixelman brings home the creepy with his babysitter in peril horror film The Wanted. I found this short and sweet, hour long movie to be extremely creepy and very entertaining and really appreciated the old school 80s vibe running throughout it. Think When a Stranger Calls not being afraid to show some blood and gore, or Black Christmas going right for the jugular instead of a longer build up.

The plot involves young Marissa (Sydney Ray) babysitting for the Kellers (Mary Douglass and Eric Ojeda) for which an ominous atmosphere has already been set due to the grisly opening murder of another young girl.

As the night wears on, Marissa finds herself plagued by a number of creepy occurrences such as prank calls and phantom knocks at the front door. It's not until her moody boyfriend (Joe McCracken) shows up, that things take a far more deadly turn as Marissa soon learns, someone is out there, watching her, and wants her dead.

The film then takes a decent, home invasion spin, as Marissa is hunted through the home of her employers by a hooded killer, concealed by a creepy gold mask. In fact the mask kind of reminded me of the possessed mask from Argento's Demons! A very nice touch.

Marissa is running out of time as her assailant closes in and she will have to keep her wits about her if she is going to make it back home in one piece!
I found The Wanted to be a really fun, sometimes creepy little film with a nicely done final reveal. I kind of guessed the killers identity but that's cool, I'm sure some wont, I wouldn't want to give anything away so I will stop there but the ending is quite disturbing and quite shocking even if you do have your suspicions.

I recommend checking out The Wanted, it does something a bit different with the stalked babysitter scenario and gives a solid hour long watch. Find out more about the director Josh Weixelman via Facebook where you can also ask him about snagging your very own copy of the film! Can't wait to see what these guys come up with next!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Gallery of Fear (2010)

(Online Screener Copy)

Gallery of Fear, brought to you by Alan Rowe Kelly (Blood Shed, I'll Bury You Tomorrow) and Anthony G. Sumner (3 Slices of Life) is a brand new horror anthology which may well be the most enjoyable one I have seen in a long time. The film is fairly long, at two hours, but it's so tightly structured and entertaining that you would hardly notice. In fact I would have been disappointed if it were shorter as the brilliant wrap around needed the screen time it had (more on that later) and the three tales of horror were just the right length. I will break this review down into the various segments and give my overall thoughts on them.

Critics Choice (Wraparound Segement)

Directed by Alan Rowe Kelly 

Written by Alan Rowe Kelly

Stars: Debbie Rochon and David Marancik

Critics Choice, serves as as the glue that holds the film together, and what a wraparound it is. Indie horrors Debbie Rochon plays, with aplomb, the uber bitch, art critic from hell complete with foul mouth and killer outfit to match.

She’s all blonde streaks, vixen red coat, and is also a most unpleasant individual indeed. Debbie Rochon, in short, as Roberta Van Houten, is amazing . Roberta is on route to a Gallery opening in a remote location, being driven by a creepy, mute chauffeur (David Maranacik) and appears to be taking vicious delight in her potential opportunity to tear apart the work of more budding artists  After yelling all kinds of obscenities at her assistant, and taunting her driver for his slow speed, Roberta is dropped off in an ominous location…and promptly left there stranded. Debbie really goes for it in this scene, going absolutely ballistic due to her predicament and it is in this scene alone that you can tell why someone such as Debbie would be invited to mentor horror movie hopefuls in television shows such as ‘Scream Queens’. She’s done it all, she’s done it so very well… and now she’s doing it even better.  So as Roberta stomps around in her killer heels, threatening (practically let’s face it) death to those who have screwed her over, a strange building suddenly comes into view, as if from nowhere. Deciding she hasn't just been ditched in the middle of nowhere, Roberta enters the building, ready to tear some bollocks off for her recent inconveniences. Turns out, she is in an art gallery….but there’snot a whole load of art to look at, and there is no one else there but her.  Exploring the gallery, Roberta spots some champagne and begins to make her rounds. From one picture concealed by black cloth to another, Roberta begins to unveil the mysterious art, and with each picture, she is drawn into a tale of terror, which we, as an audience, are lucky to also be invited to…….
An awesome wraparound tale with a wickedly sharp performance and a very fitting final scene, viewers will love this I promise.

By Her Hand She Draws You Down

Directed by  Anthony G.Sumner

Screenplay by Anthony G.Sumner

Stars: Jerry Murdock, Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Joshua Nelson, Terry Shane

First up is Anthony G. Sumner’s haunting tale of hunger,depression and subtle vampirism, By Her Hand She Draws You Down.  I was lucky enough to get to review this horror short for Hacked in the Head several months ago and I am pleased to say it rewards repeat viewings.  Zoe Daelman Chlanda plays ‘Cath’ an artist who drifts from town to town with her husband (Jerry Murdock) sketching passer-by’s for extremely  sinister reasons.  Her put upon husband must keep a close eye on her, because when her hunger takes over she becomes more and more unscrupulous in whom she is willing to use to satisfy her deadly urges.  Fantastic and compelling performances elevate the bleak and unsettling plot into a short film demanding of your attention.Both leads create characters filled with despair, desperation and a yearning for a better life and this comes across all too well. Whatever it is that has taken its grip on Cath’s soul cannot be destroyed and although you are never certain on exactly what it is, you see enough of the dark force to know that it’s otherworldly and horribly dangerous. The short ends in suitably depressing fashion and in doing so presents the opportunity for a follow up short, or even feature, sometime hopefully in the future. By Her Hand She draws you Down,is a horror film not to be ignored and is a satisfyingly fitting opening segment for Gallery of Fear.

Down the Drain

Directed by Alan Rowe Kelly

Written by Alan Rowe Kelly

Stars: Jerry Murdock, Raine Brown, Mike Lane, Shane Kulman

Next up is Alan Rowe Kelly's Down the Drain, also starring Jerry Murdock. The film concerns poor old Stanley Moffet, a horribly put upon substitute teacher who is tormented by his students,berated by his boss and treated like absolute dirt by his greedy and selfish ex-wife Sylvia (a winning performance by Raine Brown). However, it seems that something out there doesn't like the poor treatment wrought upon Stanley on a relentless basis and is watching him from afar. But what is it and what does it want? Well it turns out it wants to maim and eat those who are making Stanley’s life so miserable, as Stanley himself soon discovers after being beaten and humiliated by a pair of local thugs. As for what it is?  Let’s just say it has scales, makes some very questionable noises, and lives in the drains…..
I loved this short. It’s like some of best ‘douchey people get their just desserts’ episodes of Tales from Crypt, where you just know that the characters presented in the most despicable of lights are not going to make it to the end with a smile on their face. In this case most of those smiles are torn right off. Jerry Murdock as in By Her Hand, does another impressive turn in his role.Stanley Moffet…what can I say? He is by turns, laughable, tragic, sad, out of all control of his life and I loved him and felt sorry for him every step of the way.  The victims to be are a real assortment of low life’s (aforementioned thugs) spiteful bitches (Sylvia,Stanley’s delightful ex) bullies (the teens at school) and total condescending slime balls (Stanley’s boss, the sly little Principal at the local school) and it’s disturbingly gratifying to see them fall foul of Stanley’s new found protector and friend.  I also like how  the anthology veered right from the outright sad right to the rather sad yet ultimately campy and hilarious Down the Drain. So far so very good.

A Far Cry From Home

Directed by Alan Rowe Kelly 

Written by Alan Rowe Kelly 

Stars: Alan Rowe Kelly, Don Money, Jerry Murdock, Katherine O'Sullivan, Benzy, Terry M. West

The last segment of Gallery Of Fear was the one I will admit to anticipating the most.  I have heard a hell of a lot of great things about A Far Cry From Home for a long time and being a fan of Alan Rowe Kelly's previous features and enjoying his roles (BIG love for web cam vamp in 3 Slices of Life)I was eager to check this one out. A Far Cry From Home has to be one of the sharpest, 'hillbilly' horror flicks I have seen and it was fantastic to see the film go for the serious approach. Blood Shed was great specifically FOR its campy and comedic tone, but this film works 100% per cent due to its dark and realistic nature.  The plot of the film involves a gay couple, Lane (Alan Rowe Kelly) and Kayle (Don Money) who are on a trip to try to repair their relationship problems. Lane is a cross dresser with an age complex and Kayle is a younger  guy with a more laid back nature…hence the couples main issue. Still its clear they are very much in love and their truce when they pull over to a remote store is really sweet and touching. However, said store really was the wrong place to stop and both  Lane and Kayle are about to fall foul of a family of  backwoods psychopaths who do not understand that gay doesn't mean evil or dirty and that the world has actually progressed beyond 1941!!!  Katherine O’Sullivan shines for all the wrong reasons as the local store owner and aunt to her psychotic nephews (Jerry Murdock and Benzy). In fact, all three play their characters all too well and despite them being horrific people in the film; they were all a pleasure to watch. Alan Rowe Kelly who serves as the star of the film as well as its writer and director, plays a fantastic role as the vacationer turned survivalist 'Lane'. The role required grit, passion, sadness and fury and Alan's character more than delivered this and was pretty mind blowing to watch! The film also really delivers in the gore department, not overly present in the rest of the movie. Featuring several really cringe inducing moments of evisceration and impalement there is more than enough on offer here to satisfy the gore hounds out there! My only minor gripe would be that I wished it had ended differently - but you will hopefully see what I mean by that when you see the film yourself!  Personally for me it’s important to highlight the hatred that exists in the world. There’s no answer to it, no solution and for many, the numbers of sad people who hold such hate filled views, you could never hope to change their minds. A Far Cry From Home highlights the ignorance of some people to powerful effect and for this reason along with the impressive cinematography and outstanding gore, is one of the very best horror shorts I have been lucky enough to have seen!

Gallery of Fear is more than worth your time, it was made with heart and passion is a truly entertaining two hours of horror and laughs. Please check out the movies official Facebook page to find out more and I hope to be able to post news on an official release date soon!



From Producer/Writer Shelby McIntyre:

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp is finally out on DVD and just expanded its cable Video-On-Demand release to over 85 million homes in the USA & Canada.

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Upcoming screenings include:
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Saturday 6 October 2012

Everyone Must Die! (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Steve Rudzinski

Written by Steve Rudzinski and Derek Rothermund

Stars: Nick LaMantia, Nicole Beattie, Ben Dietels, Aleen Isley, Seth Joseph, Scott Lewis, Clifford Lynch, Rebecca Campbell, Zoltan Zilai, Erica Benda, Shawn Shelpman, Derek Rothermund and Steve Rudzinski.


Director and writer Steve Rudzinski was kind enough to share his indie slasher flick, Everyone Must Die, with me and I am pleased to say its a very funny, fast paced, good time. For the most part it doesnt bring anything new to the table, you have a masked slasher hacking his merry ole way through various townsfolk with a great big machete BUT there are some nice differences thrown in that I really appreciated. For one the killer is steeped in mystery and has a baffling way of survivng the most brutal attacks by his intended victims. How he manages to keep coming back and continue his killing spree is beyond me and while you may be thinking well...Freddy? Jason? it is just presented in a different way in this movie. Plus it sets up a nice little twist in the tail for later. Also I like the whole angle taken with the killers movements; he doesnt have an intended group of teens that he is out for revenge against, he just moves from town to town, killing all the way along.

The main plot of the film concerns Kyle (Nick LaMantia) who has lost his sister to the madman and learns that, although recently pronounced dead, he is still out there and Kyle, quite rightfully,wants revenge. Banding together with a group of  partying teens they must stick together to finish our masked slayer off, once and for all. Suffice to say there is soon blood spray and hacked limbs aplenty and I would like to add that these guys do not hold off on the gory goods.

The comedy in this film is also spot on. There was one moment, in a campfire scene that made me laugh out loud. Maybe I'm just not observant enough but when the four teens decide to go to bed, I did not see that pairing up scenerio coming. Loved it. In fact one of the teens, 'MC Pink' (Seth Joseph)  was really funny during this whole segment, a complete wally but very likeable and endearing. In fact the MC Pink comedy continues throughout the movie and provokes all kinds of hilarious conversations (the gay vote was just brilliant)

A lot of the performances were good also. I particularly liked the too cool for school Jenny (Nicole Beattie) and the ditzy and rich Kat ( Erica Benda). The scene where Kat is contemplating whether she might be a killer or whether they were all killers was just side splitting and I think Erica Benda has a bright acting career ahead, she is made for comedy. I also thought Steve Rudzinski himself as the campaign driven Pete was really funny, Pete is such a nerd but an enjoyable one to watch.

I hope Everyone Must Die gets out there in a big way. Its made with heart and an obvious love for the slasher sub genre and provides a nice mix of a tried and tested formula with a decent touch of originality. Also without giving any spoilers away? Stick around for the end of the credits.....