Wednesday 24 October 2012

An Interview With Jessica Velle

The lovely Jessica Velle spared some time to chat to me about her budding career as an actress and a most enjoyable chat  it is too! Jessica stars in the upcoming indie horror mystery  Heavy Makeup, written and ditrected by Mr Chris Morrisey (interview HERE) and will soon also be filming a part in Joe Wheelers horror flick Jengo, OVER HERE IN THE UK  NO LESS! Please read on to see what Jessica had to tell me about her movies and lots of other stuff.........

Hacked in the Head: Hi Jessica! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. film-maker Chris Morrissey was kind enough to put me in touch with you and I understand you are currently acting in an important role in Chris' new movie Heavy Makeup. My understanding from Chris is that your role elaborated into something far bigger than originally intended which must be amazing for you as an actress?

Jessica Velle: Thank you! Yes, my character was supposed be a couple of scenes and Chris called me back to extend my role,I was surprised and excited when I found out. It was unexpected but I'm glad I got to play such a big part in this film.

HitH: Thats awesome! If you are able to, could you share with readers a little bit about your character in Heavy Makeup and how she is entwined in what sounds like a purposely complex and mysterious plot?

JV: Well, my characters name is Jenny shes the best friend of Nikki and she suspects that something isn't quite right after Nikki's neighbors are found murdered and jenny gets caught up in chaos by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

HitH: Are you still in the middle of filming Heavy Makeup or are your scenes now complete? If you are still filming hows it all going? I imagine its busy and hectic but a lot of fun!

JV: yes, I'm still filming the movie we are planned to wrap the movie in the next few weeks. I'm working with a great cast and we all work together really well so we always have a good time,and the great thing about filming a horror film is that its always exciting and it keeps you on edge wanting more..

HitH: Sounds fantastic and exciting! How have your experiences been working with Mr Morrissey himself I am constantly amazed and pleased at the positive feedback other actors have given Chris, so it must be fantastic to get to work with him?

JV: working with Chris has been such an amazing experience and oppurtunity hes such a talented writer and director,he keeps the filming process mysterious for everyone so it creates a thrilling energy on set..he knows how to keep you involved and really feel what your character is feeling.

HitH: Can you get him to cast me? I can pretend to be an actor...LOL. I also understand you have been cast in Joe Wheelers upcoming horror film 'Jengo'...congratulations!!! I have heard a lot about Joe and the film sounds like it will be great fun, I will also be interviewing Joe for the site soon so that will be awesome. What do you know about your role thus far? Will you be excited to be working with Share Cherrie again directly following Heavy Makeup? I always enjoy talking with Share so I imagine she is a blast to work with!

JV: Thank you! yes, I'm beyond excited for this new film, I will be getting the script soon but its sure to be action packed and full of scary stuff, I'm very excited to be working with Share its always a pleasure working together,She's very dedicated to her work and very talented,its really great to be able to work with her again.

HitH: Further to your role in Jengo, does this mean you will be heading to the UK to shoot your scenes? Exciting stuff, I hope you like it here if you haven't been before!

JV:Yes, I'm planned to film in london, I've never been there before so I'm definatley looking foward to going..I've always wanted to go to the UK its great to be going for buisness and pleasure.

HitH: Wonderful, I hope you enjoy your time here 'across the pond' Jessica. Let me know if you need any suggestions for stuff to do!

I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre? What are some of your favourites and why? Feel free to not just limit this question to the horror genre! :)

JV: I am a huge fan of horror films!!! it actually takes alot to scare me but I'm always interested in watching them..anything that has to do with ghosts will usually keep me on edge..
but some of my favorite horror films are halloween, chucky, the exorcist,the shining, and newer films like the ring, silent hill, the sixth sense..
I love comedies also!!! so anything with Will Farrell I'm a fan of as well..

HitH: Have you always wanted to be an actress Jessica? What would your absolute dream role be?

JV: When I was a child, I got alot of attention I was very friendly and I was very witty so my mom had me in acting classes and I modeled a little bit, But I was always very shy it took me a long time to get used to being on camera..but a part of me always knew I'd be an actress..I'd take breaks here and there but fate always had me back in front of a camera.
My dream role would probably be to work on one of Quentin Tarentino films, I'm absolutely obsessed with his work and his films always have a little bit of everything comedy,action,suspense.

HitH: Wow, would be awesome to see you in a Tarintino movie! Finally Jessica is there anything else you wish to tell readers about yourself? Also thank you so much for your time and best of luck with the new films!

JV: Im dedicated and a hard worker, this didnt happen over night, I put my heart into everything i do, im here to inspire and i hope that i can connect with the audience and they enjoy watching me and my performances.

What a great interview! Be sure to follow Jessica's comings and goings on Twitter: @JESSICAVELLE and look our for more news on her films SOON!

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