Tuesday 30 October 2012

Symphony in Blood Red (2010)

Symphony In Blood Red

(Online screener copy) 

Directed by Luigi Pastore

Written by Luigi Pastore and Antonio Tentori

Stars:  Sharon Alessandri, Nikol Brown, Federica Carpico, Tony Cimarosa, Fabio Giovannini, Simona Oliverio

Symphony in Blood Red plays homage to the master of Giallo, Dario Argento, and in doing so creates a fairly gory, sometimes creepy film which comes recommended. Many thanks to Marco from EuroObscura for allowing me to screen this film!

The plot features a lunatic who has an obsession with death and after a messy altercation with the psychologist wishing to place him under observation, he begins a dark journey of murder and madness from which a number of luckless individuals will not survive. Oh and did I mention he likes to keep his comings and goings recorded via video diary??

The corpses soon build up with some kills being more horrific than others but they are all done in a manner which stays true to the dark roots of the Giallo sub genre. I also found the killers voice to be quite unnerving and felt an uncomfortable amount of dread when he was homing in on a new victim so massive points for that!

The film itself is fantastically shot, its nice and clean and crisp and there is a clear directing talent present which makes me excited for future films from Luigi Pastore. The acting is also effective and I was pleased to note that the dialogue was not as campy and shrill as it can be known to be in the (don't get me wrong, great) giallo films of past.

I recommend Symphony in Blood Red, particularly to fans of Giallo movies, slasher films and Italian cinema in general. I am hoping to hear news of a wide DVD release soon and will keep you posted!

Check out EuroObscuras official website, they have a whole slate of genre films coming our way and I am sure you will want to know when you can get your hands on them all!

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