Sunday 30 December 2012

Kill Your Television (2012) (Short)


Directed by Shawn Kelley

Written by Shawn Kelley

Stars: Kelli Anderson, Austin Bosley, Clifton Bobb, Erin Ishii, Richard Shwartz, Melanie Zapelli, Vermonica Matthews, Thomas Bailey.

I was really pleased to be contacted by filmmaker Shawn Kelley regarding checking out his new horror short. I have seen a lot of great shorts over the course of 2012 so I was looking forward to what Shawns very interestingly titled film had to offer.

The plot concerns young Molly, a feisty little lady, well played by Kelli Anderson, let down by her boyfriend. Forced to spend the night alone, Molly resigns herself to the couch with some horror movies. Soon after a male friend turns up who Molly clearly finds irritating (a nice turn by Austin Bosley) warning her of her homes macabre history and how she is putting herself in grave danger by spending her evening the way she is! The following events pit Molly against the dark forces haunting her home building to a great little climax with a bit of grue thrown in for good measure.

There are lots of really nice horror touches throughout Kill Your Television. There's the sound effects offered by Wes Cravens hugely successful Scream playing on Molly's television, the creepy wind up toys on the living room table and a wonderful scene with Molly finding her visiting 'friend' outside her front door, under a blanket which provides the aforementioned bit of bloodshed.

An entertaining little horror short which takes the female alone at home scenario and gives it a macabre little twist. I thoroughly enjoyed Kill Your Television. Check out the films official Facebook site right HERE!

Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Download Horror (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Jim Hickey

Produced by Robin Mitchell and Keith Bradley

Stars: Sandra Darnell, Trine Theilen, Celine Cateland, Nina Kwok, Sarah Delaney and Stephen Boyd. is one of the more original films I have had the pleasure of seeing this year. Firstly I wanted to say many thanks to producer Robin Mitchell for sending me a link to watch The Download Horror for review. Due to correspondance with Robin other the film I was able to find out some interesting facts about how it all came about and how it ended up with the unique sellling point it now has, in its final version.

What we, the viewers are seeing, is a cheesy old horror flick named Sacrificed, supplied to a pair of Scottish pals courtesy of someone named Big Al. Our horror enthusiasts Dougie and Robbo, keep us entertained throughout the running time of Sacrificed as they joke, banter, commentate and generally have the type of conversations that many of us have while watching a movie of a similar ilk. It's this originality which really impressed me as it kind of takes the best of what you love in a cheapie horror film and then gives it another layer by sharing in Dougie and Robbo's enjoyment (or lack of) of the same film.

Now, interestingly enough Sacrificed is a movie made several years prior by producer Keith Bradley and although it wasn't a film that Keith was 100% happy with, the potential was still very much there. Therefore the idea was hatched to present Sacrificed in the format you will see it now and as another interesting little fact, Keith Bradley actually provides one of the voice overs we hear throughout.

As well as the great comedy rife throughout the film thanks to Dougie and Robbo's input, the horror movie within the movie really isn't half bad. It has a great atmospheric set; you really can't go wrong with a big creepy house in a film like this lets be honest. Great attention to detail ensures that classic horror movie cliches such as shrouds of fog puts audiences further in the place of a good old fashioned demonic possession/slice and dice flick. There is also some satisfying moments of gore and let's face it, this and having a good laugh makes up the bulk of what we are looking for in such a film.

I had a great time with The Download Horror and would also like to thank fellow horror blogger Char Hardin for bringing it to my attention. If you want to see it too - here is your chance! Head on other to Distrify and rent or buy your very own copy of the film to enjoy from the comfort of your living room. Join Dougie and Robbo this Christmas and get downloading some horror!

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Blood Brothers (2012) (Short)

Directed by Steve Goltz

Written by Kevin Sommerfield

Stars: Matty Dorschner, Mike Goltz, Hannah Herdt and Hannah Hitzman

Release: Self distributed DVD available here !

The fantastic guys over at Slasher Studios follow up Popularity Killer and Teddy with something fresh and new, avoiding the slice and dice sub genre of previous (although brilliant) efforts.

With new film Blood Brothers, the home invasion scenario is taken by the horns and gives fans a suspense filled, action packed and blood soaked good time and bear in mind this is all within its miniscule running time!

The plot of the tale is simple; Michael (Mike Goltz) and Lindsay (Hannah Hitzman) are rolling in to their picture perfect home after celebrating five years of marriage. Sadly for this couple who have it all, they have some visitors (Matty Dorschner and Hannah Herdt) waiting for them and things are about to get very nasty, very quickly. Secrets as we know, generally dont stay buried forever and as these begin to spill out, Blood Brothers heads towards a very grim conclusion indeed.

I thought all the actors did a great job in the film and it was excellent to see Hannah Herdt play a totally different character to the one she played in Popularity Killer. However biggest props must go to both Matty Dorschner and Mike Goltz who steal the show as the warring male leads - brilliant stuff and captivating performances.

Another well made, well written, horror short outing from Slasher Studios who are fast becoming a name to reckon with in the independent film world. These guys havent got the fan base they have racked up for nothing let me tell you.

Follow the link above to grab your very own copy of Blood Brothers and also Slasher Studios other films! Also if the thought of a feature film from these guys excites you as much as it does me then head on over here to find out more about DONT GO TO THE REUNION...and how YOU can help make it happen!

Monday 17 December 2012

Dead of Knight (2009)


(Screener Copy)

Directed by Joe Grisaffi

Written by Joe Grisaffi and Emilo Iasiello

Stars: Jerin Julia, Brandon Hearnsberger, Christie Guidry, Dimitri Kouzas, Sara Gaston, Dan Braverman

Big thanks to film maker Joe Grisaffi for agreeing to send me a screener of his homicidal Knight slasher flick - Dead of Knight. I have been anticipating this movie for quite some time so I am over the moon to report that its a super fun, brilliantly made and EXCELLENTLY acted good time.

The plot of the film concerns young Marla, a girl battling through lifes pressures such as a boyfriend insisting on her to sleep with him. She is also severely affected by her mothers death and this is something she continually struggles to deal with. To add a further difficulty to her life, an ancient evil has been unleashed nearby and soon a killer hidden by a knight costume begins to take out her friends and others who cross his path one by bloody one!

As the body count rises and Marla loses more of her loved ones, she must pull out all the stops to end the amoured reign of terror that is making a beeline directly for her. Throw in a hard arsed detective also out for the killers blood and you have yourself the perfect Friday night horror flick.

As I mentioned before, Dead of Knight has some great acting. Jerin Julia is highly impressive as our lead gal Marla. She plays the sweet yet feisty heroine with some genuine acting chops and I am very excited to see more from this girl. In fact the female presence in this movie is impressive over all; I adored Christie Guidry as the spunky and straight talking best friend Cynthia and Sara Gaston damn near steals the show as the acerbic and quick witted Detective Waters.

Another thing I really got on board with with this film is how it made you care about the characters. The death scene of one of the characters toward the end really got to me purely because I liked them so much and the pained expression on their face while they are dying was actually quite genuinely horrific. Don't get me wrong though, most of the gore is just played for the fun factor and there are lot of cringe inducing moments that will just make you laugh (ahem lopped off arms...)

The production values on the film are also top notch and so impressive for a movie made on a minuscule budget. The sound is clear and audible and to top it off a great score compliments the action perfectly. I'm more than excited to see more from Joe Grisaffi in his upcoming work as he clearly knows how to turn a small budget to his absolute benefit.

Check out the Dead of Knight official Facebook site for more information and keep a close eye out on when you can get to see the film!

Friday 7 December 2012


I recently got the chance to have a few words with actress Whitney Quinlan, star of upcoming Chris Morrissey murder mystery Heavy Makeup! Whitney plays the movies comic relief, Nikki and from what Whitney tells me she looks set to be a very fun part of the film. Read on for the full interview and enjoy!

Hacked in the Head: Hi Whitney! Thank you so much for interviewing with Hacked in the Head! .Film-maker Chris Morrissey put me in touch and has informed me that with you star in
his upcoming thriller Heavy Makeup? How has filming the movie been going?

Whitney: Hey! Thank you for this opportunity! We recently finished filming so right now the film is in editing phase. I love this movie! It was so much fun to film, awesome script, great characters and actors, and the best part is the fact most of us actors don't know the ending of the movie! Crazy huh?

HitH: I love that very fact Whitney it must really add to the excitement! I understand you play the role of ‘Nikki’ in the film. I feel bad for asking as I know you can’t give too much aware BUT…is there anything you can tell readers about Nikki and her role amidst all the mayhem?

Whitney: Nikki, she definitely is the comic relief through out the film. Funny one liners and selfish remarks constantly. She was fun to play her part, i think people will enjoy her role in the flim.

HitH: She sounds like my kind of character! I have alsohad the honour on interviewing both Jessica Velle and Share Cherrie for the site, both great gals. What was it like working together? I understand Jessica plays the best friend of Nikki in the film?

Whitney: they are talented women, us three had great chemistry on set especially me and Jessica. It was my first time working with jess and we hit it off right away. As for Share, i work with her on another project. However she is more behind the scenes on that project, so being able to act with her was a fun change!

HitH: On a related note how was it working with Chris Morrissey? He’s a really great guy who I hope goes far with his films!

Whitney: Again, like Share, i have worked with Chris before on this web series im in called, Beverly Hills Ghost Club. He was the camera man so having him film me in the movie, everything was really comfortable. Joking around just having a great time. He is a great director!

HitH: Since you mentioned Beverley Hills Ghost Club.. could you elaborate on your role in the show and what it’s all about?

Whitney: Well actually it is a web series, which plays on YouTube,, and our website, It was such a fun show! The show is about my sister, two of our friends, and me that visit haunted locations, and try to hunt ghost. We have been to some creepy places, I absolutely love it! I love scary things, so both Heavy Makeup and BHGC are right up my alley.

HitH: Excellent will be checking out the website!

When did the love for acting come about for you Whitney? Was it from an early age or something you just kind of fell into and in love with?

Whitney: Acting for me has always been something I love. I am always making people laugh and have always been kind of out there. I have been in a few plays throughout the years, but noticed I like being in front of the camera. I was voted Class Clown my senior year, haha now look at me!

HitH: What are some of your favourite all time movies? Do you like horror in general and if so what are some of your all time faves?

Whitney: Ask any of my close friends they will tell you and I am horror nut!!! Holy cow, honestly the only shows I record on TV are either scary ones, the food network, or dateline murder mystery shows. I don’t know what it is but I love the feeling of being scared or surprised! I have too many favourite movies, movie nut over here... but to name a few: The Strangers, Seven, Coraline, and The Professional... man just typing those few, so many more came to mind!

HitH: Do you have anything new in the pipeline for after Heavy Makeup wraps? We would love to hear all about it!

Whitney: I was actually told the other day that I will be working with Chris again on another project! I don’t know much about that yet but I can’t wait! I also have a crap ton of ideas for scenes in movies or even little shorts I would love to make happen eventually!

HitH: Thats great news cannot wait to hear more!
Finally Whitney is there anything else you wish to tell readers about yourself? Very best of luck in finishing Heavy Makeup and can’t wait to see you in it!

Whitney: Thank you for this opportunity Mark! I am really excited for Heavy Makeup to come out! It should be a great movie! I hope everyone likes my humour in it!

Thank you SO much Whitney! Stay in touch and good luck with everything!

Silent Night Bloody Night - The Homecoming (2012)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by James Plumb

Written by Andrew Jones and James Plumb

Stars: Mel Stevens, Alan Humphreys, Philip Harvey Rosemary Smith and Adrienne King as 'The Stranger' 

Release: UK DVD March 4 2013, courtesy of 101 films

I have been excited to see James Plumbs re-imagining/remake of Silent Night Bloody Night for some time now so many thanks to 101 Films for allowing me to screen a copy in advance of its official DVD release!

So much like the original, the film is centred on the creepy old Butler Mansion, a place where an awful tragedy occurred years before, causing the death of owner Wilfred Butler. The house is a bone of contention and almost an unhealthy obsession for many key members of the local town and when the chance to obtain it for themselves arises they are literally jumping at the chance. This opportunity comes in the form of young Jeffery Butler, who has been left the house by the deceased Wilfred Butler, looking to make a fast, cash in hand sale. As the sale starts to go through (so that the townsfolk can tear it down to be rid of it once and for all!) a string of hideous murders begins, all linked to the recent escape of very dangerous mental patient. This is cue for a number of twists and turns and a plethora of really nasty killings, the most brutal of which involves a car door, a chair (!) and spade. Writer James Plumb has really done 70/80s slasher fans proud with the brutality on display and I know gore fans are going to love this film!

The cast are generally all good in their roles with Mel Stevens as the Mayors daughter, Diane Adams, the definite stand out.I really look forward to seeing future roles from this girl as she has some genuinely authentic ‘scream queen’ qualities! I also enjoyed Tess Howard as local editor Rosemary Smith and Alan Humphreys as the ‘heir to horror’ Jeffrey Butler.

I also liked that there was more emphasis on the actual season the movie is taking place unlike the original. The haunting score really helps to put this across as well as lending an eerie atmosphere to proceedings. You should note that the movie is an indie, made on a low budget and therefore the fact that it is so professionally and stylishly shot should be commended.
All in all this movie is a good old fashioned British horror movie but done very much in the vein of all the slasher’s you used to (and probably still do) love .You will want to pick a copy of this bad boy up on its official DVD release date on March 4 2013! Oh and on the end credits there is a slight teaser of a follow up…….

Monday 3 December 2012

Zombie Cheerleading Camp (2007)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Jon Fabris

Written by Jon Fabris

Stars:  Jamie Anne Brown, Chris White, Nicole Lewis, Jason Greene, Brandy Blackmon, Daniel Check, Terry Chandeline Nicole Westfall, Micah Shane Ballinger, Jaqueline Martini, Elyse Rodriguez, Abby MacDonald, Katie Pate, Pudge Phillips, Brittany Forbes

Release: Buy you own copy from the film official store HERE!

If its sheer ridiculous fun you are looking for then honestly you cannot go far wrong with Zombie Cheerleading Camp! Many thanks to first time writer, director, editor Jon Fabris (Jaf Productions) for sending me a copy for review!

The films plot is very simple- bunch of girls hit cheerleading camp only for the majority of them to get hit by a gnarly zombie virus. As the girls (and some guys) start to get sick, it's only a matter of time before they turn into ravenous, intestine hungry monsters. Here on out it is gore galore as throats are ripped and bitten open, bodies get pulled apart, chainsaws dissect zombies and a nasty little zombiefied squirrel makes its rounds!! If this all sounds a little (!) OTT to you then go find another movie to sink your teeth into but if you can take a fun, gory, silly movie exactly for what it is then go check out Zombie Cheerleading Camp.

Favourite scenes include aforementioned chainsaw separation, the squirrel attack which turns one hapless sap into a raving cannibal and pretty much any scene involving the snotty, drill sergeant bitch from hell camp instructor! I also really dug the nice little apocalyptic ending which shows viewers that maybe it's not just Cheerleading Camp that could be the death of you....

I very much look forward to hearing about what Jon has up his sleeve next and as soon as I get any details I will be sure to share them with you! In the meantime get yourself over to the official movie website and grab yourself a copy of the DVD. Done? 'Now there's a good zombie!'

Demon Dolls (1993)

Directed by Todd Jason Cook

Written by Todd Jason Cook and Lisa Cook

Stars: Todd Jason Cook, Lisa Cook, Rik Deskin, Joey Scarborough, Penny Spellman, Scott Spellman

I have ALWAYS wanted to see Demon Dolls - ever since I was a horror hungry 12/13 year old and saw that my dad had a VHS copy of it (I don't have a clue to this day how he came across it, where it went or where it is now, but I wanted to see it and he went gave it back to whomever it belonged to before I got the chance...grrrr!)

Anyways fast forward a good hundred years and the writer/director of the film, Todd Jason Cook, was kind enough to send me a copy for review - win! So what did I make of Demon Dolls all this time later? Well its different that's for sure! Very very different.

The plot involves a doll, possessed by an evil spirit, who has the power to imitate those it comes into contact with. The dolls resurrection is caused by an incantation and following this all manner of crazy stuff occurs relating to the doll and its peculiar abilities. I can honestly say Demon Dolls messed around with my expectations and there were several times I had to take it back a few scenes to double check I wasn't missing something! I must say that I very much enjoyed the films tongue in cheek nod nod wink wink ending - I thought it was great fun.

As with Todd Jason Cooks other SOV films of the 90s the gore quota is high and quite inventive. The lamp through mid section scene is a definate highlight and although its not gory the scene where the lead character Scott (Todd Jason Cook) pulls the doll from his mouth is awesome.

All in all despite how utterly bizarre Demon Dolls is you MUST check it out.I can honestly say you won't have seen ANYTHING quite like it. Head on over  HERE and HERE to find a copy for yourself and PLEASE check out Todds new film, the slasher/zombie movie hybrid Zombiefied as its certainly one of my favourite indie horrors of 2012!

Blood Slaughter Massacre - Mass Grave Pictures

Writer and Director Manny Serrano was kind enough to send me some promo material for Mass Grave Pictures upcoming indie slasher Blood Slaughter Massacre. The DVD I was sent included the full trailer for the movie as well as faux trailers for Blood Slaughter Massacre 1,2 and 3 AND a little teaser for BSM part 4! As an additional bonus you also get the faux commercial for the action figure of the killer that the actual movie is based around - a great promo package for the movie to come!

The movie, as will be in its final feature length form, concerns a Detective James Fincher, a man tormented by the murders occurring in the town of Havenwood. It seems a malevolent killer known as The Ripper is out to take out the female population of Havenwood and its up to Fincher to try to bring him down!

As far as the promo dvd is concerned, I had a lot of fun with it. The faux trailers for all three films are just great - real old school straight to VHS style advertisements for the fake series. You have cheesy voice overs, a nice creepy killer and teasers of the blood shed to come for the movies (if they were actually real of course). I can only bet these were amazing fun to make and shows very clearly that the guys over at Mass Grave Pictures know their slasher movies very well, not only that but they know their slasher sequels even better (the faux trailers for parts 2 and 3 are just fantastic).

As for the trailer for the official Blood Slaughter Massacre (coming soon) has made me very excited for the finished product. BSM looks like a fun, slightly creepy, blood bath of a good time and if these guys are as well versed in the slasher sub genre as I believe them to be then we horror fans are in for a real treat.

Finally the faux commercial for The Ripper action figure is a total and absolute hoot - you will really dig this I swear!!!

To view the faux trailers, the official trailer and to find out more about Mass Grave Pictures head on over to their website where you can also find out more about the team and their work.

Oh and by the way - Blood Slaughter Massacre part 3 is officially my favourite slasher film that hasn't been made!

Jacob (2011)

(Screener Copy courtesy of Odyssee pictures)

Directed by Larry Wade Carrell

Written by by Larry Wade Carrell

Stars: Dylan Horne, Grace Powell, Krystn Caldwell, Larry Wade Carrell, Leo D. Wheeler, Joe Grisaffi, Parish Randall, Jeremy James Douglas Norton, Kerry Beyer and Michael Biehn, 

Big big thanks to Larry Wade Carrell for sending me a copy of his indie horror film Jacob.I have heard a lot of great things about the movie in previous months so was very keen to see what was in store and and extremely pleased to say that Jacob is one of the absolutely finest horror films I have seen in a while.

Teenage Jacob Kell, played by Dylan Horne, is a supposedly gentle giant with a very simple mind who lives with his younger sister Sissy, life beaten mother Edith and monstrous stepfather Otis. Life is tough on the young Kell kids as Otis, a raving alcoholic and bully regularly beats and verbally abuses their mother.             There is a lot of input to this family's sad life from the local townsfolk and it is some of these interferences which help to contribute to the events which cause the violent climax of Jacob. Despite Jacobs mental condition he is extremely loving toward and protective of his young sister Sissy. It is a violent attack by Otis, when drunk, which causes the sad and premature death of Sissy unleashing a hidden rage in Jacob - and its the whole town who is in direct danger not just the man directly responsible....

Its then safe to say that the film gets gruesome. In fact it gets bat-shit crazy gruesome as Jacob wrecks a vicious revenge upon several members of the town as he mourns the loss of his sister. I don't want to spoil any of the kills in the film but will say that there are some fantastic methods of homicide employed by young Jacob and a few in particular may just make your jaw drop! In addition there is a mysterious supernatural angle to the plot which I don't want to spoil for any future viewers but I will say that it involves Jacob's real father, an extremely creepy house and a much deeper dimension to what could have been a simpler plot.

There are some excellent performances in the film: Krystn Caldwell invokes genuine sympathy in her role as Edith Kell, a lady so betrayed by life it is impossible not to feel sorry for her despite some truly questionable choices she makes. Both Dylan Horne and Grace Powell are fantastic in their respective roles of Jacob and Sissy. Dylan portrays the silent, lumbering Jacob with such skill that I truly felt I was watching a young man with severe mental issues. When Jacob turns murderous I felt Dylan Horne did an amazing job of switching his character from essentially harmless to frighteningly harmful in the blink of an eye. Don't get me wrong there are two or three earlier indications of the anger lying within Jacob earlier on in the film but I felt it so easy to believe that ultimately he couldn't harm a fly unless any harm coming to his sister or mother provoked him. Grace Powell damn near steals the show at certain points in the film with her bossy but caring attitude towards her brother. There are a couple of scenes that are simply touching and that's thanks to Grace's portrayal of young Sissy. On top of writing and directing the film, Larry Wade Carrell also plays two pivotal roles in the movie. Both roles are excellently acted, particularly when you consider one is the light, Deputy Billy and one is very much the dark, Billy's violent drunk bother Otis. I found it very easy to differentiate between the two contrasting roles which isn't always easy to do when the same actor is playing them so amazing job here!

The film is beautifully and atmospherically shot; scenes in which the aforementioned creepy home are featured are particularly well shot, adding a genuine atmosphere of dread to proceedings.

I HIGHLY recommend Jacob to everyone. The ending gave me hope that the journey Jacobs home town and possibly even Jacob himself is not yet over and that there is more to come in a potential sequel. I would be really excited for a follow up personally. Check out the films Facebook page HERE and keep in the loop regarding release details for the film as you will want to grab a copy as soon as its available!