Friday, 7 December 2012

Silent Night Bloody Night - The Homecoming (2012)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by James Plumb

Written by Andrew Jones and James Plumb

Stars: Mel Stevens, Alan Humphreys, Philip Harvey Rosemary Smith and Adrienne King as 'The Stranger' 

Release: UK DVD March 4 2013, courtesy of 101 films

I have been excited to see James Plumbs re-imagining/remake of Silent Night Bloody Night for some time now so many thanks to 101 Films for allowing me to screen a copy in advance of its official DVD release!

So much like the original, the film is centred on the creepy old Butler Mansion, a place where an awful tragedy occurred years before, causing the death of owner Wilfred Butler. The house is a bone of contention and almost an unhealthy obsession for many key members of the local town and when the chance to obtain it for themselves arises they are literally jumping at the chance. This opportunity comes in the form of young Jeffery Butler, who has been left the house by the deceased Wilfred Butler, looking to make a fast, cash in hand sale. As the sale starts to go through (so that the townsfolk can tear it down to be rid of it once and for all!) a string of hideous murders begins, all linked to the recent escape of very dangerous mental patient. This is cue for a number of twists and turns and a plethora of really nasty killings, the most brutal of which involves a car door, a chair (!) and spade. Writer James Plumb has really done 70/80s slasher fans proud with the brutality on display and I know gore fans are going to love this film!

The cast are generally all good in their roles with Mel Stevens as the Mayors daughter, Diane Adams, the definite stand out.I really look forward to seeing future roles from this girl as she has some genuinely authentic ‘scream queen’ qualities! I also enjoyed Tess Howard as local editor Rosemary Smith and Alan Humphreys as the ‘heir to horror’ Jeffrey Butler.

I also liked that there was more emphasis on the actual season the movie is taking place unlike the original. The haunting score really helps to put this across as well as lending an eerie atmosphere to proceedings. You should note that the movie is an indie, made on a low budget and therefore the fact that it is so professionally and stylishly shot should be commended.
All in all this movie is a good old fashioned British horror movie but done very much in the vein of all the slasher’s you used to (and probably still do) love .You will want to pick a copy of this bad boy up on its official DVD release date on March 4 2013! Oh and on the end credits there is a slight teaser of a follow up…….

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