Thursday 30 August 2012

Fang (2011)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Jonathan Boushell

Written by Jonathan Boushell

Stars: Charlie Dreizen, Kyle Watson, Dominique Spencer, Nick Hanson, Colin Rhodes, Allyson Whittington Washington, Ryan Moiles, Shannon Vogt, Monique Curtis.

Many thanks to Jonathan Boushell for hooking me up with a copy of his indie vampire flick Fang. The movie runs at a nice short and sweet 79 minutes and provides an entertaining, gory and exceptionally funny film throughout.

The main plot of the story very much echo's that all well known vamp horror 'Fright Night' in that a teenagers neighbour appears to be up to some very dodgy activity late at night. However, I would say that's about the only similarity between the two as Fang is very much its own film with its own bonkers story to tell.

So...anyway...aforementioned teenager and his buddies break into vampire neighbours house and all hell literally breaks loose. I don't want to give much more of the plot away but the friends actions very much end up taking down the whole damn neighbourhood, wiping out friends and enemies alike by way of vampire transformation or a nasty throat torn out death! Seriously, there is a party scene in this film where the action really kicks off and it has to be seen to be believed. And I'm not even referring to the hilarious vomit-in obnoxious-girls-drink scene here!

Acting wise, I thought all three main guys, Charlie Dreizen, Kyle Watson, Dominique Spencer all did a great job as the three luckless friends who set the vamps loose so to speak. They all interact very naturally as though they were actual teenage buddies and I really liked that. I also thought  Allyson Whittington Washington was believable in her role as the starry eyed Petunia and Shannon Vogt also impressed as the hot and mischievous Stacy.

The film is clearly low budget, that much is clear to see. But what Jonathan has made with a low budget is great fun and has fantastic spirit and also doesn't suffer with that all annoying indie horror trap - bad sound.

All in all, Fang is an entertaining little indie horror which I really  hope genre fans will get to see very soon.  Please follows the films official Facebook page for updates!

Hallows Eve - Slaughter on 2nd Street (2008)

Hallows_Eve_Poster.jpg(screener copy)

Directed by P.J Starks

Written by Rodney Newton and  P.J. Starts

Stars: John Page, Katie Green, Megan Fuller, Robert Denton, Kevin Mundy, Robert Zambrano, Todd Reynolds, Brian Reynolds, Wes Bartlett, Sara Jane Behl, Daniel Benedict, Vicki Boals

Now Hallows Eve: Slaughter on 2nd Street is a film I had been interested in seeing for ages. But could I find a copy? Nope, I had stupidly missed the initial run of self distributed DVDs and therefore I was stuck just reading other reviews on the film and realllly wanting to see it. Then I managed to track down and cyber stalk director P.J Starks after finding out about his brand new project (See my interview with P.J HERE) and lo and behold he was happy to send me a copy for review. Obviously the fear of hyping a film up in this way can cause major disappointment if its not what you expected - luckily for me I didn't have that experience with this film - in actual fact it is a bloody, inventive and hugely entertaining blast!!!

Kicking off with one of the more inventively elaborate multiple kill scenes I have witnessed in an indie thus far, the film wastes no time in making its intentions crystal clear. It is a fun flick, which doesn't take its self massively seriously and it wants YOU to have fun with it. Moving on from this little massacre - the film introduces us to Buck Masters, struggling manager of the Slaughter on 2nd Street haunted house attraction. His brother, owner of the joint, wants it shut down just prior to the season kicking off because he is scared off by the recent tragedy. Buck is NOT at all happy and after an agry exchange with his brother the house lays claim to several more victims.....

The Aftermath.jpg

The core of the film then comes in the form of a motley crew of supernatural investigators who have been hired by Buck to spend the night there just prior to Halloween. Their intention is to try to investigate the claims that it is haunted while Buck aims to scare up some publicity by terrorising them. Sadly for all involved, the evil which has caused the previously mounting body count is still loose in the attraction  and the whole group (including a few suprise additions) are all in direct danger from all kinds of fatal accidents! But what's causing this bloodshed...and why? Well I am pleased to say the film also works as a great whodunnit as I honestly couldn't guess specifically what was going on and at who or what's hands!

Gore wise this film 100% delivers. The nasty and fatal accidents which befall our luckless character are excellently staged - in particular a claw hammer face rip and a splat-tastic slamming door! I would also like to point out that the film never allows viewers to get bored or restless as there is some kind of gooey horror moment every step of the way.

There are also a lot of really good performances in this movie. I particularly enjoyed the character of Stephanie played by Katie Green and also Robert Denton and Kevin Mundy were really funny as as Chevy and Doobie. Special mention should also go to Todd Reynolds who gives a fine turn as the infuriated, devious and possibly sinister Buck Masters.

Chevy & Doobie Concerned.jpg

One other striking thing about this film is how PJ has managed to make such an entertaining film on a micro budget yet managed to make it look and sounds so very professional. As soon as it started I kind of thought to myself 'ok it looks great so I really hope the plot and characters compliment this. I am so glad that they did. Hallows Eve: Slaughter on 2nd Street is a fun, gruesome, well made indie horror which I strongly recommend trying to pick up if and when possible

Frank Demands.jpg


Tuesday 28 August 2012


I got a few minutes with writer, actor, producer Jason B. Whittier who kindly shared some info on upcoming horror/thriller Waterfront Nightmare. Jason wrote, casted and executively produced the film which sounds like it will provide an original take on the teen slasher film with smart scares and that all important twist! Thanks to Jason for chatting with me and please do read on below to find out about Waterfront Nightmare and much more!

Hacked in the Head: Hi Jason ! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Upcoming indie horror Waterfront Nightmare which you wrote, are the executive producer for, and also acted as casting director for, looks great. Can you tell me a bit more about the movie?

Jason: “Waterfront Nightmare” is a psychological thriller, with a stylized horror feel and elements of the teen slasher genre, in which seven college friends spend their spring break in a remote waterfront cabin only to discover that their lives are in jeopardy. The partying stops when they each start disappearing one by one. It is a familiar story line, however, the realistic nature of the killer are very unique and the twist make this film very different. Clark Birchmeier is the director and producer who did an incredible job on his first feature. Kyle Adcock was the DP and did a great job with some incredible and unique shots. Nate McAlpine did a fantastic job editing and made the film that much more suspenseful. We are currently finishing up ADR and sound design in post-production. Within the couple of weeks the film should be complete.

HitH: How was the shoot for the movie? I know Andrew Roth starred in the film, a great guy, so I imagine the making of the film must have been pretty fun?

Jason: Production was an 18 ½ day shoot in late July to mid-August in 2011. We shot most of the film from 8:00pm to 8:00am. The entire shoot went very well. Andrew Roth was amazing to work with. He is extremely talented, very professional, and was so much fun to be around on set. The entire cast and crew had an amazing time on and off set. Luckily we were sponsored by 3 beer companies, which you can imagine led to many fun nights and mornings. The cast and crew were great to work with. Everyone had good chemistry, moral was high, and we didn’t have any major problems.

HitH: Were there any particular challenges you faced while making Waterfront Nightmare? Also are there any stand-out performances you are particularly proud of and want to share?

Jason: The first major challenge was finding financing. We were in pre-production for about 10 months, which was mainly due to lack of funding. Luckily we received some donations, and had a few small investors. During the production the other challenge we faced was our HMI light went out the last two nights of the shoot. We were shooting from 8:00pm to 8:00am, so the rental house was closed and it was also the weekend, so they were not open the next day as well. Luckily, our director (Clark Birchmeier) was flexible to change around a few scenes to accommodate our HMI light going out.

There were so many stand-out performances. We are blessed that we had such an amazing cast. Dominic Gabriel, EJ Assi, Simone Wasserman, and Bree Michaels were the lead cast, and they did incredible jobs. Their roles were so dynamic and we were extremely happy with their performance. Mark Boyd, Kef Lee, and Andrew Roth also did amazing jobs as supporting cast. Typically with low budget films the acting is sub-par, however, our entire cast did an excellent job.

HitH: What are the release plans for the movie? Self distribution, VOD, wide release?

Jason: Once we finish post-production, we will be submitting the film to various festivals around the U.S. and overseas. We already have several interested distributors. We will likely have a worldwide release, VOD, Netflix, and hopefully a limited theatrical.

HitH: So you must enjoy the horror genre right? What do you love most about it and are there any favourite films you would like to mention?

Jason: I love horror movies and psychological thrillers. The adrenaline from fear and suspense is invigorating and something no drug can make you feel. Some of my favorite films are “Identity”, “Fear”, “I know what you did last Summer”, “Cape Fear”, “The Exorcist”, and many more. HitH: What's next for Jason B. Whittier? I see there is a new movie in the works, The Secret Village. Sounds good! Can you share any further details about the film with us?

 “The Secret Village” is currently in post-production as well. Swamy Kandan did a great job directing and producing. It is a suspenseful thriller about a journalist named Rachel, who is determined to unravel the mystery behind an outbreak of strange events in a small town. She meets with a local who is willing to share the events which are reminiscent of the Salem ergot poisonings. However, with the local’s sudden death, and her friend’s disappearance, all leads come to a dead end. Rachel is left alone to unravel the villagers’ secret. The film stars Jonathan Bennett (“Mean Girls”) , Ali Faulkner (“Twighlight- Breaking Dawn”) ,

Richard Riehle (“Office Space”), and Stellio Savante (“My Super Ex-Girlfriend”)

My next film in the works is called “Crazed”, which currently in development and will have a much larger budget. I don’t want to give away too many details yet, however, there is a director attached with two notable producers as well. The film is also a psychological thriller about revenge, manipulation, seduction, and jealousy. A sweet high school girl (Kayla) from a trailer park throws a party with her boyfriend (Austin) and friends while her parents are away for the weekend. Austin's wealthy family will not accept their relationship. Despite their strong resistance, he goes to the party with his two friends. Three neighbors (a pedophile, a drug dealer, and a schizophrenic) make the rich boys feel uneasy when they arrive. A jealous ex-girlfriend of Austin shows up at the party with her two snooty friends. Things quickly spiral out of control as they all disappear and wake up in a strange basement. "Crazed" has some horror elements, however, it is more of a psychological thriller with a huge twist at the end.

I’ve got a few other scripts I am finishing and re-writing at the moment as well. This is just the beginning.

HitH: If you were going to make any kind of movie other than in the horror or thriller genres, what would it be and why?

Jason: I love many types of films. I’m a huge fan of comedies. It is difficult to write comedy, and I am a very sarcastic person, so it would be a nice challenge for me.

HitH: Finally Jason, would you like to share anything else with readers?

Jason: Thank you so much for your time! Stay tuned for news on festivals, premieres, and release at and

HitH: Thank YOU Jason!


Independent film-maker Jason Torrey kindly gave up some time out of a very busy schedule, to talk to me about his upcoming indie horror frightener Blood Was Everywhere and other stuff! Check out the films official Facebook and website, where you can find out more about the film AND pre-order yourself your very own copy! Also look out for a review of the movie coming SOON! Please read on for Jason's great answers......

Hacked in the Head: Hi Jason! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I understand that your upcoming horror film Blood Was Everywhere is your second feature film. Firstly can you tell us a bit about the film and why you decided to venture into the genre.

Jason Torrey: BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE is technically the 3rd feature film I have made, the first two movies were just practice really, I did everything from lighting to sound to filming to directing to editing (and it showed! Haha...). I am proud of my 2nd feature GOD IS ALONE, it was a labor of love that took over 3 years to complete, but it's so personal that I'm not really comfortable screening it. And I can't sell it because I used music from Opeth, My Dying Bride and Morbid Angel without permission so I gave away about 100 copies and that's all that was ever distributed. Professionally I consider BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE to be my FIRST feature, it was the first time I ever had a full crew taking my direction and we had some legit actors like Larry Holden of BATMAN BEGINS and MOMENTO, and Paul Kratka from FRIDAY THE 13th PART 3. So to get to your question, I have always wanted to make my own slasher film. Some of my all time favorite movies are horror films, movies like THE SHINING, THE EXORCIST and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET for instance. My favorite slasher films are BLACK CHRISTMAS and FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2, and those two movies heavily influenced BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE. My take on the slasher is fairly unique when compared to most of the films in this particular sub-genre. I knew going in that it is impossible to outdo what past films have done, meaning I was NOT out to make an iconic killer to "top" the legends like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. Can't be done. For whatever reason those characters became icons, I highly doubt the creators of those characters set out to make them icons, the fans did that, only fans can make an icon. But SO many slashers come out with tag lines like "Move over Freddy and Jason, there's a new icon in town" or something stupid like that. I fully embraced the idea that you can't outdo the icons, so I went in a totally different direction with our film's killer. Once I created my killer the rest of the movie was a blast to write. I wanted to make a character driven film with average people as the central focus. Since I was taking the killer off the beaten path I figured the rest of the movie will work best if I apply the same concept. In the end I feel I created a very realistic but fun and entertaining film. You get so wrapped up in what the characters are up to you almost forget there's a stalking killer who could strike at any time.

HitH: I think what intrigues me so much about the film are the influences you have cited and your intentions to actually scare viewers. I absolutely agree that films such as Black Christmas (1974) did just that. A faceless killer stalking people in the safety of their own home is truly the stuff of nightmares and I am glad you have taken this approach with Blood Was Everywhere. Are you able to elaborate on your intentions for the film?


Jason Torrey: I really want people to feel something for the characters when they get killed most of all. So few slasher films are populated with multidimensional people who are just like you, me and other people we might know. The "horror" comes from getting to know someone and then seeing them murdered when they least expected it. So many cliches were avoided, there is not a single scene where someone says "Hello, who's out there? Cut it out guys, this isn't funny", no one is taunted to investigate a strange sound outside only to be startled by a cat (and then subsequently killed), no one stumbles upon the lair of a crazed killer. Nope, my film is about average people going about their day. It's just that on this day there happens to be a psychopath on the prowl and he's not afraid to just walk into a house and kill whoever is home. BLACK CHRISTMAS is similar in that sense, but they had the killer making creepy phone calls to get them in the right mood to be scared for their lives. HALLOWEEN is another film that is similar, if you remove the Dr. Loomis character running around town telling everyone about Michael Myers. I took the genre and boiled it down to its core and wrote a film around that core that was intentionally different from other films in the same genre. Don't expect what's come before, that I can say for certain.


HitH: Sounds excellent to me! Are you also able to talk about the budget for the film and any particular challenges you may have faced while making it?

Jason Torrey: We spent about $60,000, but if we were to actually take into account all the actors and equipment and crew we got for free the budget would be close to a million. Larry Holden, for instance, at the time had a rate of $50,000 a day, multiply that by 7 days and he would have cost us $350,000, but he was gracious enough to do it for his agent's percentage (he did not take any pay by choice, he just wanted the chance to explore a really cool character and act with the foxy Vanessa Leigh). A lot of our cast and crew signed on with back end deals knowing they risk never making a cent, even our Emmy Award winning director of photography Thomas Lowe took only a small day rate and back ended the rest of his fee. The biggest challenge came in the form of property owners of locations we filmed at. Shooting at one particular house was a major pain in the ass. The owner insisted on being present the entire time we were there, I think he thought we were just some punk kids with a video camera, but once he saw the crew and gear he milked us for more and more money, threatened to shut us down, basically just caused a mountain of anxiety that we really could have done without. We will always call this location "The 7th Circle of Hell", haha! But in the end I think it all worked because we were shooting the final kills there, we were shooting the intense climax with all this added pressure. I think the anxiety and tense emotions ended up on screen. Did I mention he built a fence in our shot? Yeah, we shot there one day, came back the next weekend only to find someone building a fence right where we were gonna point the camera! We planned on an hour of establishing shots, but ended up shooting for 5 hours as we tried to work around this fence. In the end I am glad it all happened the way it did, we have the film that we have due to all the challenges and I LOVE this film, so no regrets.


HitH: How about the casting process. How did you go about this? Any memorable performances you want to share?

Jason Torrey: The casting process was a lot of fun. I had started casting the film long before we started shooting. It was important for me to get to know the actors well so I could get a sense of who they are, which character they could play, and then finally be able to tell if their performances sounded too much like scripted acting. I set up ads on Craigslist and, my ad from Craigslist was actually poached by another site called so I got responses for that ad, too. I had an open casting call in June of 2009, out of that bunch we casted a few actors but only John Westcott stayed on board long enough to be in the film. A month or so later we auditioned Ashley Arnold, she was great so we offered her the part right away. I took a break from pre-production for about 6 months when I met Sherrie Lemire (co-writer, producer), which turned out well considering we are now married and she produced Blood Was Everywhere! During that 6 months off Sherrie decided to take a crack at adding some dialogue to the script. Once she did that she was really interested in the casting process. She and I met with John and Ashley so Sherrie could meet the actors I was insisting on keeping (the others had either lost interest or could no longer make the film due to other things going on). We had reposted the ads on the same sites in April of 2010 and got really good responses. Ashley introduced us to Kim Simone who we brought on to play Ashley's character's best friend. Our ads online got the interest of Larry Holden, his assistant had contacted us and we arranged for he and Sherrie to have a conversation. After that conversation Larry agreed to be in the film without ever reading the script, he was sold on it based on his convo with Sherrie. Later he claimed to have only ever done that for the Christopher Nolan films he was in (Batman Begins, Momento and Insomnia). After that I met a young guy where I was working who had an interest in film making, he gave me his card and we chatted once about the film and that was that, then out of the blue he emailed me about an actress he had worked with on a music video shoot and she was interested in the film, that's how we met Vanessa Leigh. Several auditions later we had the entire film cast, all of them from either the ads placed online, mutual connections or they were personal friends or relatives. As for performances I think they all did a great job, Phil Ristaino had really good chemistry with everyone he shared the screen with, his scenes with Larry Holden and Adam Morey stand out especially. Kim and Ashley are great together, you really get a sense that they are best friends. My wife actually ended up taking a role when another actress stepped down, Sherrie was fantastic in her small but important role. John Westcott added so much to the role that was not in the script due to the fact that he is a well trained martial artist, we don't have him whipping out any crazy moves or anything, but he was able to perform stunts that we otherwise could not do, like pushing him face first down a flight of stairs!

HitH: I am glad John survived the filming haha! 

Would you like to share with fans details of upcoming screenings of the movie? I would love to make it out there to see it on the big screen!

Jason Torrey:  We are trying to work out a concert/screening with the band AGE OF END who have a song in the film. No details on that yet, but it will happen. We have submitted to select festivals but no word yet on that. We want to release the DVD by the end of September and have it on VOD, too. We want people to see this film in any way we can. Theatrical screenings are very expensive and very limited. The ones we have done in the past were fun and the cast and crew got to see it on the big screen with friends and family, but we lost money on all three screenings so we plan on taking advantage of the internet to screen in the future. "Liking" our Facebook page will keep you up to date on anything that's going on with the film.

 HitH: Are you a horror fan in general Jason? What are some of your all time favourites and why

Jason Torrey:  I am not a horror fan actually. I am a film buff. Just so happens a fair number of my favorite films are horror. My all time favorite movie is 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, so yeah, there's that. My all time favorite horror film is THE SHINING, see the trend? Kubrick is my favorite film maker, hands down. I also love David Lynch's films, my favorite being LOST HIGHWAY. PULP FICTION was a huge inspiration for my film. Another horror favorite is THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974). TCM is one of the best slasher films to date, I would dare say it's the undisputed best. What I love about it is its raw portrayal of murder and its almost documentary style of shooting. They also managed to make a shocking and extremely terrifying film with almost no blood! Very impressive.

HitH: Finally what's next for you following the release of Blood Was Everywhere? Any plans for another film or maybe a sequel.....

Jason Torrey:  We just wrapped our second feature in June. It's not a horror film, it's a character study about 3 people hanging out after a wedding where secrets get revealed and the evening spirals into the toilet as more and more truths come out. It was filmed in THREE days, it stars 3 of BWE's cast: Phil Ristaino, Kim Simone and Erin Lynch. I think people who see BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE will want to see this even though it's not a horror film because the focus is on the same thing, good characters in a good story. It's called BROTHER SISTER LOVER and it's now in post production. As of right now there are no plans to do a sequel to BWE, the film leaves the door wide open for one, but that's kind of the point. I wrote it so it could go on because hey, life goes on whether you're dead or not, right? A sequel is not off the table, just consider it highly unlikely.

HitH: Thank you Jason! Cant wait to see Blood Was Everywhere!

Monday 27 August 2012

Sparrow (2010)

Directed by Shaun Troke

Written by Matthew Mosely and Justin Di Febo

Stars: Faye Sewell, Thomas James Longley, Alexis Jayne Defoe, Sarah Linda, Jack W. Carter, Eric Kolelas

Produced by Wojciech Stuchlik

Release: DVD available HERE!

I can always appreciate a short and sharp slasher flick which pays homage to the 1980s. Thats precisely what this British slasher flick achieves in its 72 minutes running time and it kept me nicely entertained throughout.  Shot in Poland, Sparrow uses the well known premise of a group of friends entering the wrong woods and ultimately paying a very harsh price.

Camp Happy Dreams, aptly renamed Camp Nightmare, is the setting of a number of grisly murders and legend has it that 'Ranger Sparrow' a man sent mad by his wifes treachery, is still out there, hacking up campers like its 1983. Shame then for our rag tag group of misfits, Matt, Cindy, Kirsty, Duncan, Sitcom and Dawn, that this is far more than just an urban legend and they are soon going to wish they had stayed home......

What I liked most about this film was something that could have proven its downfall. Its so short and has quite a lot of chracters if you include the opening scene teenagers and the pot smoking couple a bit later on. But it just works well for the film - there is some nice, brutal gore early on and then we follow and actually get to know the 6 main players before the main carnage begins.  The ending subsequently is a total bloodbath!

I also thought the acting was great, very believable from all concerned, and the main cast could easily be a real group of bickering mates. Stand outs for me were eternal prankster 'Sitcom' (Jack W. Carter) and the allergic to bullshit, hard faced 'Dawn' (Alexis Jayne Defoe). But in all fairness the whole cast did a good job with honestly no weak performances!

The film also looks great. Its brilliantly shot, belies its budget completely and the camp setting looks sunny and beautiful. In fact it almost seems a bit of a suprise when the killer rocks up towards the end as, like one of the characters remarks themseleves, you dont expect a maniac to start hacking away in the broad daylight!

Gore wise there is a lot of nasty stabbing and slicing. The noises made by the machete blows sound realistic and a few of them actually made me cringe. There is also bloody splatter aplenty and a vicious head slice that will more than satisfy the gore hounds1

I really recommend this film. Despite the the films length working in its favour, it did leave me wanting more and thats a good thing! Head on over to the link at the top, support indie horror and grab a copy!

Sunday 26 August 2012

No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell (2012)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Robert Noel Gifford

Written by Robert Noel Gifford

Stars: Anju Mcintyre, Julie Anne, Anne Ferrari, Damien Colletti, Maxine Wasa, Jacquelyn Velvets, Zoe Vargas, Monique Gata Dupree, Vania Bezerra, Dani Thompson, Brandi Asile, Jewel Elizabeth, Kylie Nash with Melantha Blackthorne, Brinke Stevens and Robert Noel Gifford as 'The Toymaker' AND 'The Devil'

Independent film-maker Rober Noel Gifford made my day in allowing me to be the first reviewer of his killer toy flick No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell. I have been interested in the movie for a long time and couldn't wait to see what was in store for horror fans. In short, the film is a hilarious, campy, throwback to the sexy and bloody horror films of the 1980s. Babes? Check. Creative villain? Check. Boobs? Check. Puppet led homicide? CHECK!. Think Evil Toons with a FAR better emphasis on the horror angle and a much more creative method of telling a story. In fact the way the film is shot with all the split screens and textual pop ups explaining the 'story so far' etc are just brilliant and really helps to move the film along at a quick and entertaining pace.

So what exactly is the film about? Diana (Anne Ferrari) is a lady let down by life (well her philandering husband to be exact!) and is forced to rent out the spare rooms in her home to be able to afford the rent. Diana's house mates come in the form of a bevy of beauties including tough gal Jennifer (Julie Anne), sexy and sultry Susan (Zoe Vargas) permanantly pissed off Pam (Monique Dupree) and gorgeous and upbeat Kerri (Jacquelyn Velvets). Also along for the ride is (the only male cast member aside from Robs cameo at the start!) Kevin (Damien Colleti) boyfriend of Jennifer.

Sadly for this motley crew, an ancient evil has been awakened and Larry, a hideous looking clown doll, possessed by a demon, is on the prowl. It isn't long at all before Larry begins a trail of destruction around the house, murdering residents, ressurecting residents and even stopping for a bit of a softcore porn break! Lets not even go there with the vibrator or masturbation scenes (very very funny though)....... Hot on the heels of all of this mayhem is Detective Phillips (AJ  Mcintyre) who is determined to get to the bottom of the spate of murders which have occurred close by to Diana's house and is concerned that the bodycount is going to get bigger (she's right)

There are a lot of great things going for this little indie horror. The opening scene involving Maxine Wasas character 'Karen' is an excellent, original introduction to Larry and is also actually really quite creepy. You see nothing gratuitous in this scene and truthfully? You don't need to. It works as the perfect lead into the cool opening credits which depicts key scenes from the film in art form. There are also some awesome 'clown doll stalking' scenes where Larry watches his prey and slowly makes his move on them and I enjoyed this aspect a hell of a lot. A lot of the bloodshed is off screen, and viewers have to use their imaginations with various slashing and stabbing noises and also blood splatter, but I kind of liked that about this movie. Not to say there isnt any gore to enjoy because there sure is!


Not only that but the ending feature's the one and only Brinke Stevens as well as the amazing Melantha Blackthorne. This scene features the definitive indie scream queen and rising indie horror star respectively as sisters in a scene which leaves all things open to a possible sequel and provides one final scare from Larry itself. Its a genius way to end such a fun film and echos the greatness of the opening.

There are a few flaws. Sometimes as atmospheric as the continuous rain pour is during the film it can sometimes drown out the dialogue. Also there are one or two weaker performances. That said I thought Anju McIntyre did a superb turn as the tough and sassy Detective Phillips, Jaquelyn Velvets was fantastic as the slightly kinder and more diplomatic Kerri and Zoe Vargas is a bit of a scene stealer as the pouty, clothes shy Susan. Also special mention should definitely go to Julie Anne as the acidic Jennifer who, along with the character of Diana I felt extremly sorry for at the end!

 So No Strings 2: Playtime in hell is a rather short yet hillarious, entertaining and even slightly creepy horror film made by someone with a clear love and passion for the genre. Please check out the movies official website and Facebook page. I hope that people will get to see the film very soon. If you are lucky enough to be around Nottingham way on the 3 and 4 November this year you can see the FIRST EVER UK SCREENING of the the movie at the Cochise Film Festival. Check out the festivals official website for details and get yourself over may even get to meet Robert and others involved in the movie......

Friday 24 August 2012


I feel extremely excited to have had the opportunity to chat with actress and film producer Share Cherrie after interviewing Trick of The Witch Director Chris Morrissey recently. Share plays central character 'Krista' in Trick of the Witch and it looks set to be a very interesting role indeed......
Please read on for Share's insight on all things horror and much MORE..........

Hacked in the Head: Hi Share! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. As you know, I was put in touch with you by Director, Writer AND Producer Chris Morrissey, after talking with him about all things horror for the website. He is a great guy and I am sure a lot of fun to work with! I was really intrigued by your Trick of the Witch character by the trailer and even more so after Chris' comments about 'Krista' in our interview. I wondered if you might like to elaborate a bit on your character?

Share Cherrie: Krista was a very fun character to play, she is just so lost in her own world that she isn't aware of all of the evil she has around her. She has an abusive husband at home and is on the verge of losing a dream job, so the witches curse she stumbles upon is the icing on a really bad cake!! She is vulnerable and wants nothing more then to just have her life back to normal …

HitH: What was the atmosphere like on the set of TOTW? It looks like such a fun film with quite a large cast so I imagine it was probably a great time making it?

Share Cherrie: With the exception of a few cast members Chris & I have worked with before, we met most of our cast in our auditions and our crew thru film networking channels… we auditioned hundreds of people and saw some really great actors. We felt good with our choices and by the end of the shoot everyone was great friends. Making a movie is not just time on the set, we need to promote and we do it as a team, so we also had many fun times on the Red Carpets, out for drinks and dinner, and of course rehearsals where we all get to laughing around as we develop our characters and scenes, many of us have gone on to work on other projects together as well and we support each others talents. The cast and crew are family when you shoot a picture.

HitH: As well as Trick of the Witch I know you have worked with Chris previously and wondered if you could tell us a bit more about those projects. I am really looking forward to the 2013 release of Fashion Murder Groove!

Share Cherrie: Thank you, Yes I am also extremely excited to see Fashion Murder Groove - I have a small cameo role as a reporter in it!!! The film takes place in the 70's and Chris had some issues with the music in the film but it will finally see the big screen next year. Chris and I have made many films together, … Superstar Female Serial Killer, Lipgloss Explosion… plus our upcoming feature HEAVY MAKEUP!!!! Chris is a great visionary and when he talks about making a film… I listen! …. I think he has a style so very unique and he knows what the audience wants to see. He's very old school like Roger Corman. The film has to be a package from concept to distribution. Our movies are MADE for Theaters!! We want you there, interacting with us… screaming at the screen… enjoying our art. When we shot our first film …. Superstar Female Serial Killer, Chris called me up and ask me if I would like to star in his film and I jumped at the opportunity!!! Little did I know I would spend hours on hours running thru woods and dark alleys in high heels and mini skirts!! LOL … we nailed it though!!! Our picture had some incredible press write ups and even made the weekly block buster report! We had many people from all over the world commenting and clicking on our website and this was way before Facebook and MySpace. We would spend days walking all over L.A. with crews handing out flyers and throwing club events to get the films attention. Lots of grassroots marketing. It was very exciting and the hard work paid off -- to this day we still have people saying they saw the film during the theater release and it's one of their favorites!! 

My new film HEAVY MAKEUP is going to be insane!!!! Its a psychological thriller about a serial killer stalking pretty young actresses in Hollywood!!! I can't tell you more because truth be told… I don't know more, the entire script is under lock and key and I only know my parts!! I'm excecutive producer on Heavy Makeup and at the start of production, Chris asked me if I would like to know all the plot details… I said no way…. I love the mystery and surprise as we film. It keeps everything fresh. i enjoy speculating with the rest of the cast and crew on who the killer could be and who will get killed or live at the end of the film… it's our craft service talk. =D we have all accused each other of being the killer jokingly. =D

HitH: Looking forward very much to seeing both of them Share! As an actress in a very tough industry what kind of things do you love and loathe about it? I think from an independent horror point of view people working in it are incredibly lucky because there just seems to be this appreciation and support from fans not present in other genres. But, that besides, there must be downfalls?

217262_183381705042791_3358026_n.jpgShare Cherrie: Yes this business is very competitive and can be very rough. It takes strength, courage, and just a touch of chaos to pull anyone thru. I have been very fortunate.
I'm am what you would call an anti hero … I'm not your typical horror Movie Star….I don't have great big boobs or long blond hair and a spray tan…. my idols are of the golden age of hollywood… Mary Pickford, Clara Bow…, and further up… Tippy Hedren, Jamie Lee Curtis… Sissy Spacek …. I feel I have created or even recreated a new market and feel as though I am breaking ground for other actresses in Hollywood who may not be barbie like but are just as beautiful and cool. Women come in all ages, shapes, and colors … I think its time for indie film makers to shine and more believable actors…. I mean how many time can we see some of these remakes…. there are new ideas out there.

Loathe …. hearing the same story pitched over and over … I get tons of peole who want to make films … and their stories are all the same … studio productions too… I want to see something new… new faces, new ideas, I like going to the movies and feeling like I just saw something awesome! Downfalls are always there … making films is like tending to an out of control child… you have how many artists on your set???? … everyone on the set is an artist and its long hours away from your home…. and in our stunt scenes ….I do all my own stunts by choice. It's painful but I love it. I take a beating and it hurts but it looks great on film.

The fans in the horror genres really do embrace and love their Indie Movies and Movie Stars, … thats why I do what I do… for them
I love to tell a story and make the audience really care… or be like woah.
I like film making as an art.

HitH: I am so with you on the originality front, it gets so so boring!!!

Next, what do you like to do in your spare time away from making movies? Any strange hobbies we might like to know about hehe......

Share Cherrie: *laughs* ok you wanna know my strange little hobbies that I love … actually there are two… I make little "thought cards" … I like to cut inspirational words and pictures out of magazines and i glue then to solid white cardboards and laminate them. I have always thought of selling them at an art walk or something but they are just for me and sometimes I give them to my friends, … and I also make little "wish houses" which are basically little houses that I make out of cardboard and I decorate them and paint them on the outside and inside of them I put little pictures that I cut out of catalogues too and I tell people… you can put your wishes in them.

Spare time? lol… no just kidding… I actually have a lot of spare time and I fill that time up with marathon training, yoga, and shopping.

HitH: Awesome lol :) I love strange hobbies!

I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre? What are some of your all time favourites and what do you absolutely not like in a horror film?

Share Cherrie: Absolutely!!!! There is nothing nothing better then a fantastic scary movie on a dark night!!! My all time faves are classics… anything Hitchcock!! Especially The Birds!! Stephen Kings The Shining!!! I love the twin girls sooooo much!!! Maybe not a well know one but an older one called Burnt Offerings …I love Argento, Romero, David Lynch... I love movies and tv shows about haunted houses that take over their inhabitants… lol. I currently can not wait for the new season of American Horror Story… love that. Poltergeist has been on one of my movie channels on tv lately and I find myself watching it again and again … living in Southern California, you see those housing areas and wonder… could that really happen?

Newer horrors that I really like would be Piranha, Red Riding hood (i thought it was kind of scary), Paranormal Activity and for TV Paranormal Witness… its good… I like suspense.

Hum what don't I like …. I don't like torture porn type gore … there was also a scene in a movie called The Cell, where the man had his intestines unrolled out of his body….. that image stayed in my mind for a month… that I didn't like… I guess to me, it seemed like to real… like that would be torture. otherwise… I can't think of anything else because we do horror… and I am the actress who is filming these scenes… and doing the stunts involved to get those types of shoots…. thats the best part of making the film!!!! That's the rush and the money shot!!! And hearing your crew cheer and clap after Chris yells "cut" … that's what I love.

HitH: Some great films and directors mentioned there. I just rewatched Argentos Demons after many years and I had forgotten how good (but so very gory!) it was!

Have you always wanted to be an actress and had a desire to work in the film industry in general?

255466_414907745223518_805879546_n.jpgShare Cherrie: Yes, from the time I was a little child, I didn't just want to be an actress… I wanted to be a Movie Star.
I now have 6 features that I either have the starring role in or the supporting roll in.

I also love producing. I am good at organizing. And I'm always in the middle of everything. =D

HitH: I also wondered..... what would your absolute dream movie project involve? Either starring in or making it or both?

Share Cherrie: I have already lived my dream… I have STARRED in 6 Horror Features … all of which have shown on a Silver Screen in Hollywood… I know they will be cult classics.
My goal is to be like my idol, Mary Pickford…. not just a star but a mogel, … A Producer, A director, part of Hollywood history.

HitH: Finally Share would you like to share (see what I did there!!) anything else with readers? Thank you SO much for your time. :)

Share Cherrie: LOL =D …. Yes my current feature HEAVY MAKEUP will be in theaters in March of 2013!!! I will be appearing in the British horror film Jengo which is very scary! Joe Wheeler is definitely a horror director to watch! I'm also shooting two more with Chris -- one is a david lynch style thriller called Stateless and then a reality docu drama/comedy called Hollywood Reject.

My advice to readers interested in breaking into acting or filmmaking -- Follow your dreams and DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!

And THANK YOU Hacked in The Head!!! <3

HitH:Thank you VERY much Share! Cannot wait to see your movies!

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Fairview Falls (2011)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Glen Baisley

Produced by Glen Baisley

Written by Glen Baisley

Stars: Joseph Policastro, Kerri Taylor, Joe Lauria, Mike Lane, Brett Fallon, Brittney Evans, Morgan LaRocca, Gene Mazza, Sal Sirchia, Michael A. Valenzano, Sandy Pasquale with Michael Gingold and Debbie Rochon.

Writer/Director/Producer Glen Baisley continues his foray into an American town haunted by evil in Fairview Falls. I am rather ashamed not to have known much about Glen's previous movies, which feature the same titular town of this film. Previous entries; Fear of the Dark, The Tenement and Sins of the Father all feature Fairview Falls and the various horrors which occur there. They also all, to a greater or lesser extent involve an elusive serial killer dubbed The Black Rose Killer. New movie, Fairview Falls, is coined by Glen as 'The Breakfast Club with a horror twist' and on that advice I couldn't wait to check it out!

So the movie primarily focuses on a band of Fairview Fall High graduates who, in keeping with the Breakfast Club theme, couldn't be more different from one another. Sadly for them, the horrible history of the town is about to catch them up. There are a number of horrors and intricacies  interwoven into the plot which raises it far above your standard stalk and slash fare and I really appreciate that about this film.

As far as the the characters and acting goes there are several stand outs in this film. I felt that Brittney Evans did a fantastic job as the massively snotty 'Alicia' who may not be as hard faced underneath it all as she likes to make out. A great character who I enjoyed watched immensely; not only that by Glen tells me that she comes from horror royalty! She is, in fact, the granddaughter of Susanna Foster (Christine Dubois in the 1943 Phantom of the Opera). How cool is that!? The character of 'Chopper' played by Gene Mazza was also very fun to watch purely because the guy is just a complete and utter douchebag! Other mentions should go to lead character Matt ( Joseph Policastro) who comes across as very natural in his role as a leader and protector and also Kerri Taylor who does a great job in the role as the flighty and flirty 'Tina'. Also featuring in cameo roles, Fangoria's very own Michael Gingold as well as the most triumphant of indie scream queens Debbie Rochon, Fairview Falls gives indie fans many things to get excited about.

The horror scenes, once they start to kick in are pretty good! I say this because aside from a bloody opening scene it takes a while to get to the bulk of the horror in the film. This is no bad thing really as it means we get to know our motley gang of misfits that much better since there are rather a lot of them. After this, one of the group is gruesomely hacked to death which in turn, rains other terrors down on the rest of the group. But why? You will have to grab a copy of the film as soon as you are able to and find out for yourselves!

There are a few issues such as a number of weaker performances and the budget of the film is very obvious. That said I feel that when this is the case and the movie still manages to be hugely entertaining then so be it. The film gave me a good hour and a half of fun and a few cringes in the right places so I am a happy guy. For more info on the film please head over to the films official Facebook page. Hopefully there will be more news on when you can see the film soon!

***********REVIEW FOLLOW UP**********

Since Glen Baisley was kind enough to send me a copy of the official Fairview Falls 'Insanity Edition' DVD, I would like to take you through the plethora of special features available. You can grab a copy of this version from the official Light and Dark Productions website from the 30 October  (Highly recommended). Otherwise you  can get your VERY OWN copy direct from Amazon NOW - check out it out HERE. If you prefer the good old digital format you can also view on demand (US viewers only) right HERE. Please note that the versions available from Amazon do NOT include all the cool stuff below so please bear this in mind when you get yours.

So the special features are as follows:

· Audio commentary by the cast and crew

• sanity Edition intro with gallery of over 200 photos set to music by Sirchia

• Deleted/extended scenes

• Bloopers

• Tongue animatic featurette

• “Anatomy of Horror: Blood, Vomit and Condoms” featurette

• “Shooting the Sh#t” featurette

• “Return to Cimarron Ranch” featurette

• “Behind the Scenes With the Putnam Valley Ambulance Corp.” featurette

• Makeup FX modeling shoot


• NO TRESPASSING 2: NO EXIT short film with three audio commentaries by the cast and filmmakers
As you can see, if you are into special features you are being catered for in a massive way here. Not only do you get the usual cast/crew commentary, extended/deleted scenes, bloopers, you also get a HUGE photo gallery, several featurette's and two short films!

The commentary with Glen and some of the cast and crew is great. Here you can watch Fairview Falls with the added bonus of learning more about how the movie was made and more importantly the pitfalls to watch out for while filming an indie horror movie! I really recommend checking out the commentary as it gives so much insight into the film making process and actually would provide some valuable lessons to budding movie makers out there! It's not all serious though there's lots of funny stuff in here and a lot of laughing and banter. Really enjoyable.

The two short films, one of which also comes with a number of special features, demonstrates the sheer amount of work gone into putting this together this DVD. I really enjoyed both shorts particularly Domination which is a loving tribute to actor Joe Lauria who played the Black Rosé killer before his sad passing. Both shorts have some nice gore too, as with the feature presentation so gore hounds rejoice!

The FX feature gives great insight into the cast and crew planning the gory mini golf scene and I loved this as it was one of the greatest scenes in the movie. There is a lot of bantering back and forth in this part of the featurette which I enjoyed and then you move onto the application of  some of the other gory goods present in the movie.

There are some fun deleted/extended scenes and the bloopers are really funny. There's 21 minutes of bloopers and its great to see the cast goofing up and having a good time amidst what was properly a tough shoot. It looked as though Fairview Falls was hard work but also really fun to do. The blooper scenes where Morgan LaRocca's character and her father are facing off really cracked me up. Pesky cat!

I also really enjoyed the Shooting the Shit featurette which gave further insight to the movie. Brett Fallon and Kerri Taylor's discussion on some of the filming challenges was particularly great and really funny. Somebody throwing a chair you say?.....

Check out the movies official Facebook HERE for more information and please go and grab yourself a copy of the film. You have a film of almost two hours length and more special features than you could possibly hope for. Its not called The Insanity Edition for nothing folks!!


I was pleased to get to have a great interview with indie horror all rounder Missy Dawn. West Virginia local Missy has starred in three of Razor Sharp Studios rather (lets face it) brilliantly fucked up horror outings, Zombie Babies, Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind and the upcoming Porkchop 3D, she has also turned her hand to co producing and co-directing the latter two! So what does Missy have to say about the films, the industry and loads of other stuff? Read ON!

P.S .........she has a potty mouth. I love her.

Hacked in the Head: Hi Missy! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. As a full fledged member of West Virginian film company Razor Sharp Studios you must be busy and loving it at the moment? How did you find yourself working with these crazy kids in the first place?

Missy Dawn: Thanks for having me on your site Mark. It’s actually my first on-line interview so you have made me feel special and under pressure at the same time haha. Razor Sharp has been very busy lately trying to finish up Porkchop 3D. Editing is tedious. Once you finally get everything cut together the way you want it you've only just begun the post-production madness *evil laugh* Then comes the color correcting, then comes the sound editing by our mixer Calvin Grimm, then comes the foley FX, meanwhile, the score is being worked on by our composer Mark Shaw. Then we watch it around 5,000 times to make sure there are no black screens, random sound drops, “Action 1’s and 2’s” while this is happening… our special FX artist Chris Woodall has been at the apartment pretty much every single night helping fine tune the editing details and also designing the living shit out of some PC3D DVD and Blu-Ray covers, posters, web site, lunch boxes.. it really is a team effort getting these things done and we definitely couldn’t do it alone! I love the sheer fucking madness of film making from start to finish. I enjoy the non-stop shit-hitting-the-fan hysteria. In fact, every time Sony Vegas crashes… I have an orgasm. Seriously.

As far as the “introduction” of Missy Dawn and Razor Sharp, that came in the spring of 2010. I had known Brandon Raker (Ian in Porkchop) from high school and college and he knew I was into horror movies so he mentioned me during the casting of Porkchop. Unfortunately that summer I couldn’t take any time off work (serving never ending breadsticks and pasta bowls) so I couldn’t be involved with the project. But I guess they liked what they saw because Eamon contacted me about Zombie Babies in 2010. I auditioned for Jami Lynn, and the rest is movie making history!

HitH: WOW! So...if the timing had of been right with Porkchop  you could have potentially gotten that aforementioned orgasm from a chainsaw! Imagine that! I have to say I love the DVD and poster designs for Porkchop 3D they are fantastic. In fact the DVD artwork has gotten even better with every film and I love 'em all.

Next Missy, how did you cope with the challenges of co-directing and starring in Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind and co-directing, co-producing AND starring in the upcoming Porkchop 3D? Beer??.......

Missy Dawn: Repeating “I am making a fucking movie.” “I am making a fucking movie.” helps tremendously when things get batshit crazy. Like, when an actress quits 6 hours before shooting or when the owners of the cabin you rented charge you an additional 750.00 dollars because they saw we were making a movie and assumed we had money (we actually had to sell our only camera to pay for the cost).

What you have to do in those moments is 1) calm the fuck down 2) start actually realizing you are a part of something epic as hell and knowing after a week of shooting non-stop, you will be wrapped (breathe) and a couple months from then, everything will be edited and ready for the world!

Plus, I actually like solving problems. Challenges excite me. When did the hell did this situation happen? Actually never mind, how can we fix it? You’ve gotta be quick on your feet with a team of great people behind you. Failing just isn’t an option. It’s not what we do. Sure, it gets frustrating, but awesome shit usually doesn’t just happen without hard work. Unless of course you hit the lottery (which by the way, I would really enjoy).

I’ve worked with amazing casts and crews busting their asses for 18+ hour days to make it work. One misconception about Razor Sharp is that we have grips lined up on liquor luges and topless chicks doing keg stands during the shoot. While that would be one hell of a shitshow, that is all it would be, and nothing would get done. I think people are surprised when they come out to work on one of our movies because it’s really not a 24/7 party. The crew and cast work really hard and are thrown through the ringer to get these films completed in the short amount of time we shoot in.

However, our wrap parties are entirely another story… ;)

 HitH: Haha....they sure do look like a messy old blast ;) Watching your movies its pretty clear you must work insanely hard. Not only that but the turn around time from shooting and getting the finished product out is incredibly impressive when you really think about it...I mean....Porkchop 2 was self distributed only last November!!!

Now.....I am sure you are a LOVELY person.....but you play mean very very well. Do you prefer these snotty beatch from hell type characters rather than the ‘good girls’? They certainly seem far more fun to play and for me personally Hannah was a real highlight of Porkchop 2...that and her red hot final scene......

Missy Dawn: Oh god I LOVE playing the bitch. Not only is it easier to get into character (because I am one) I can take out all my sequestered AD aggression out on the actors and no one gets offended!

HitH: Haha, a nice honest answer ;)

So I understand in Porkchop 3D, Hannah is no more and you are returning as a brand new character. This has to be one of the creepiest looking characters I have seen in a while....tell us some more about ‘Pig Girl’ (If you are allowed.....)

Missy Dawn: Well I don’t want to spoil too much, especially if you haven’t seen Porkchop II or are planning to watch PC3D. Let’s just say Porkchop is not alone on this 3D adventure to hell!

HitH: Further to the above questions.....what has been your favourite role so far and why?

Missy Dawn: Pig Girl takes the cake. She’s such a deranged freakshow. A female slasher character has never been done like this. And actually, I can’t really think of many masked female slashers in the first place (can you?) so it’s really a treat to play her. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good chase through the woods by Porkchop and the occasional late term abortion gone horribly wrong, but being a killer in a slasher automatically wins. You just can’t beat that!!

HitH:  Agreed its very original, I cannot think of any aside from maybe Alice Sweet Alice and that's not a widely known/seen film I thinkPlus you get the chance to become a horror icon...unbeatable! On must enjoy the horror genre right? What do you love most about it and what are your big no-no’s? Any favourite films to mention?

Missy Dawn: I like horror because it is probably the only genre where every fucking time you watch a movie you actually try to put yourself in their shoes. B-horror movies, big studio pictures, 80’s classics.. whatever your poison, you’ll say “I would have killed him this way” or “Um, yeah, probably don’t run back into the house you just got fucked up in?” It gets you thinking about what *IF* something like that serial killer or creature did exist in your neighborhood. It makes you vulnerable. Is a silver bullet something you should have in your house…juuuust in case? Haha. I do enjoy all types of film genres but horror is interactive, whether that’s with a group of friends or totally inside your head.

I don’t think there are many no-no’s with horror (We’ve screwed chicks with chainsaws… so I’m not really sure I’m equipped to answer that one haha)

Favorite films: Christine, Troll 1 & 2, Evil Dead 1 & 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween 1-5, Drag me to Hell, Trick or Treat, My Bloody Valentine, Battle Royale, Phenomena, Puppet Monster Massacre, Ginger Snaps, American Werewolf in London, Audition, Killer Klowns from Outer Space & The Collector. Also, Grave Encounters and Insidious! I could keep going and bore the rest of the world to tears so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

HitH: You get SOOOOOO many points for most of those films you mentioned there...awesome!

What does Missy Dawn enjoy doing in her spare time away from making movies? You West Virginians look like quite the party animals (and extremly hard workers as well of course) if Facebook is anything to go by hahaha.

Missy Dawn: Ah yes, West Virginia. We work hard, we play hard, and we’ll probably invite you inside for a beer, try to feed you, and offer you our couch for the night (Mark if you’re ever on this side of the Atlantic, we’ve got a spot for ya!)

Making these movies is a non-stop process. Emailing, editing, updating, printing labels, sending out screeners, budgeting, planning, following-up, organizing, brain-storming and yes even at the bar, you can find me with a notebook, writing down ideas and reminding myself of what needs done, with a PBR and good friends by my side, of course.

Spare time: Working out, cooking, dancing around nude, beers, creating internet wish-lists I will never obtain, political debates, Skyrim, tailgating, and trying to take over the world.

HitH: Haha sounds good to me....just don't start giving me shots as it will be extremely hard to remove me from your couch ;) and as for internet wishlists? I am still waiting for hundreds of things to turn up on my doorstep....why are people not buying me stuff?????

So, have you always wanted to be an actress and had a desire to work in the film industry in general?

Missy Dawn: I took drama classes when I was young and acted in a few plays, but I never thought I would be in a movie. People are actually going to SEE this. It’s definitely exhilarating! I hope everyone enjoys the character’s I’ve played as much as I enjoyed playing them.

I know I’ll definitely be behind the camera for the rest of my life. Annnnd if gravity stays on my side, I might even turn up in front of it for future endeavors!

HitH: Finally Missy would you like to share anything else with readers?

Missy Dawn: If you want to taste the grease for yourself head over to our web site and pre-order a copy of Porkchop 3D! I recommend the 3D Blu-ray since we actually shot everything in “Real D” 3D but there’s nothing like a red and blue bloodbath for nostalgia’s sake. Also on September 25th watch out for Zombie Babies and Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind to blow their loads all over the internet and stores! Also, find me and our movies on Facebook and drop us a line.

One more thing, I just want to say thanks to all the folks out there who have donated to our indie-gogos and kickstarters. Thanks for believing in what we do and for your support. We seriously could not make these films a reality without you kick-ass motherfuckers.

And thank YOU Mark, for popping my interview cherry! Muah!

HitH: A really in depth and fun interview thank you very very much Ms Dawn!!!

Head over HERE to view the Porkchop 3D trailer, recently looks all kinds of messy! And like Missy says, if you make your way to the Razor Sharp Studios official website you can pre-order a copy of the movie along with other gory goods - but act fast because this is part of a limited 200 DVD run and these guys are known to run out fast!