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Hallows Eve - Slaughter on 2nd Street (2008)

Hallows_Eve_Poster.jpg(screener copy)

Directed by P.J Starks

Written by Rodney Newton and  P.J. Starts

Stars: John Page, Katie Green, Megan Fuller, Robert Denton, Kevin Mundy, Robert Zambrano, Todd Reynolds, Brian Reynolds, Wes Bartlett, Sara Jane Behl, Daniel Benedict, Vicki Boals

Now Hallows Eve: Slaughter on 2nd Street is a film I had been interested in seeing for ages. But could I find a copy? Nope, I had stupidly missed the initial run of self distributed DVDs and therefore I was stuck just reading other reviews on the film and realllly wanting to see it. Then I managed to track down and cyber stalk director P.J Starks after finding out about his brand new project (See my interview with P.J HERE) and lo and behold he was happy to send me a copy for review. Obviously the fear of hyping a film up in this way can cause major disappointment if its not what you expected - luckily for me I didn't have that experience with this film - in actual fact it is a bloody, inventive and hugely entertaining blast!!!

Kicking off with one of the more inventively elaborate multiple kill scenes I have witnessed in an indie thus far, the film wastes no time in making its intentions crystal clear. It is a fun flick, which doesn't take its self massively seriously and it wants YOU to have fun with it. Moving on from this little massacre - the film introduces us to Buck Masters, struggling manager of the Slaughter on 2nd Street haunted house attraction. His brother, owner of the joint, wants it shut down just prior to the season kicking off because he is scared off by the recent tragedy. Buck is NOT at all happy and after an agry exchange with his brother the house lays claim to several more victims.....

The Aftermath.jpg

The core of the film then comes in the form of a motley crew of supernatural investigators who have been hired by Buck to spend the night there just prior to Halloween. Their intention is to try to investigate the claims that it is haunted while Buck aims to scare up some publicity by terrorising them. Sadly for all involved, the evil which has caused the previously mounting body count is still loose in the attraction  and the whole group (including a few suprise additions) are all in direct danger from all kinds of fatal accidents! But what's causing this bloodshed...and why? Well I am pleased to say the film also works as a great whodunnit as I honestly couldn't guess specifically what was going on and at who or what's hands!

Gore wise this film 100% delivers. The nasty and fatal accidents which befall our luckless character are excellently staged - in particular a claw hammer face rip and a splat-tastic slamming door! I would also like to point out that the film never allows viewers to get bored or restless as there is some kind of gooey horror moment every step of the way.

There are also a lot of really good performances in this movie. I particularly enjoyed the character of Stephanie played by Katie Green and also Robert Denton and Kevin Mundy were really funny as as Chevy and Doobie. Special mention should also go to Todd Reynolds who gives a fine turn as the infuriated, devious and possibly sinister Buck Masters.

Chevy & Doobie Concerned.jpg

One other striking thing about this film is how PJ has managed to make such an entertaining film on a micro budget yet managed to make it look and sounds so very professional. As soon as it started I kind of thought to myself 'ok it looks great so I really hope the plot and characters compliment this. I am so glad that they did. Hallows Eve: Slaughter on 2nd Street is a fun, gruesome, well made indie horror which I strongly recommend trying to pick up if and when possible

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