Sunday 30 September 2012

I Didnt Come Here to Die (2011)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directly by Bradley Scott Sullivan

Written by Bradley Scott Sullivan

Stars: Indiana Adams, Kurt Cole, Madi Goff, Travis Scott Newman, Niko Red Star, Emmy Robbin, Jeremy Scott Vandermause

Release: Coming to DVD and VOD early 2013, courtesy of Level 33 Entertaiment!

A group of misfit volunteer workers end up on the sharp end of the stick in Bradley Scott Sullivans inventive and messy horror flick, I didn't come here to die.

I was really pleased that the films distributor Level 33 Entertainment gave me the chance to check this out for review. IDCHTD had been a much anticipated indie for some time and I am chuffed to report that it has totally been worth the wait!

So six people, Julie, Danny, Miranda, Chris, Sophia and Steve head out on a voluntary humanitarian project in the middle of nowhere. As these things usually go, bad things soon start to occur. However this, refreshingly, is not at the hands of a masked maniac with a cross to bear. Instead, hideous and cringeworthy accidents begin to befall the group and tthen hings begin to get really nasty....

I love the angle this film took. It's different, more intriguing than your standard slasher and to top it off the exceptional acting made the whole thing gel immensely.Stand out performances are most certainly Emmy Robbin as Team Leader 'Sophia' Niko Red Star as 'Chris' and Kurt Cole as 'Danny'.
The gore factor is also pretty impressive indeed. The horrible incidents which envelop our group of unfortunates are consistently creative, brutal and squirm inducing, and I think an excellent job was put into the special effects. Oh and the final scene was just hilarious ....not to mention ridiculously unfortunate for one poor character!

I Didn't Come Here to Die is very well written, utilises interesting directing techniques which gives a nice idiosyncratic spin on the 'kids get whacked in the woods' sub genre and it is all carried by fantastic acting. This is one film I would return to many times and one I will be buying the second it is available!

Thursday 27 September 2012

Found (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Scott Schirmer

Written by Scott Schirmer

Stars:Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless, Alex Kogin, Andy Alphonse,  Kitsie Duncan. 

Many thanks to Seam Schirmer for letting me screen his new indie horror Found. I am pleased to say that Found was one of the most engaging and compelling films I have seen this year, even in recent years.

The film tells the story of young Marty who has made the horrifying discovery that his older brother, Steve, is a serial killer who keeps the decapitated heads of his victims in a bowling bag in his closet. Marty's adolescent journey coupled with dealing with his new found knowledge is what makes this film so entrancing and disturbing at the same time. In fact the film is more like a superb drama with a very smart horror streak permeating it throughout which makes for something truly original and refreshing. As Marty's already rather sad existence gets steadily worse what with bullies at school, the one friend he has abandoning him and parents acting subtly (and sometime blatantly) neglectful, he becomes ever more interested in Steves night time activities...Found ends up going in all kinds of dark places. Touching on themes of racism, bullying, bad parenting and homosexuality, the film depicts a bleak world full of ignorance and in doing so also tells the chilling story of one seriously messed up mind and the one person who knows/keeps the deadly secret which will soon engulf a number of lives.

The acting in this film was astonishing. Both Gavin Brown and Ethan Philbeck are amazing as Marty and Steve. Gavin plays the sad kid with the weight of the world on his shoulders to a fine art and I have to confess I actually felt a bit tearful in the scene where his friend turns on him. It was the exact moment when his supposed best friend David says "I thought we were going to have some fun" and Marty replies, clearly wounded by Davis comment, "I thought we were". I cant imagine Gavin not going on to have an incredible acting career and I truly hope that he does. On the opposite side of the fence, Ethan Philbeck plays two roles really; the moody teenager and insane killer. Both are exceptional performances and shows a definate versatile talent. Again, if roles are not thrown at Ethan after this film I would be disappointed. He is one scary guy in this film, true, but what an actor. Both Phyllis Munro and Louie Lawless also do great jobs as the unknowing parents. I kind of liked Phyllis character Lisa for the first part of the film, but towards the end you kind of get the bigger picture in that she isn't the greatest mother in the world. Definitely no monster, but its clear that there must have been times throughout Marty and Steve's childhood when they needed her to stand up for them and be strong and it probably didn't happen. On the other hand, Louie Lawless, plays the boys father with full on mean relish, particularly nearer the climax of the film. Here is a man who has instilled all manner of hateful thoughts about other races on his children, since they were very young and both his ignorant opinions and violent acts have certainly taken their toll on Steve. Great performances in what must have been fairly tough but very meaty roles.

You could also never tell this was an indie. Its made so damn well, it absolutely belongs in a cinema, with a nice wide release. If  Found ever makes it to a UK screening, I am there, and my purchase of an eventual DVD is already set in stone. The directing is great also, specifically in a chase scene between Marty and Steve a bit later on, I was actually on the edge of my seat during this part.

All in all I would say Found is a must see. It might not be for everyone, as it is very dark and there are some scenes viewers may find distressing, but if you enjoy a smart script, amazing acting and a powerful story then you really have to check this out. Please head on over to the movies official website to find out MORE!

Wednesday 26 September 2012


I was really pleased and excited to get to chat with actress Gia Franzia, star of  upcoming Trick of the Witch and Heavy Makeup from indie film maker Chris Morrissey. Gia also stared in Chris' previous mystery thriller Fashion Murder Groove and was kind enough to share her experiences with the films, her thoughts on them and much more. Thank you to Gia to taking the time to talk to Hacked in the Head, it was a most enjoyable experience! :)


Hacked in the Head: Hi Gia! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Now I understand you have worked quite extensively with indie filmmaker Chris Morrissey, an awesome guy in my experience. Tell me about working with Chris, I'm sure he is great fun!

Gia Franzia: It’s funny. Just the other day I was talking with Chris and expressed to him how I will always work with him even if I never get paid. Making movies with Chris…is….um….how shall I put it, different. Don’t expect to show up on set with a hair and make up artist, a full crew and an amazing craft service table. Chris is an indie filmmaker at it’s finest. I have so much respect for Chris because he is literally one of those filmmakers that just wants to make movies, and he does. He is so sweet, kind and gentle and you can see the passion of making movies spew out of his pores. He’s probably one of my favorite peoples in Hollywood. On this particular movie, Heavy Make-Up, every one is contracted not to talk about anything they film. We have no idea what this movie is about. He gives us our lines maybe a day in advance before he shoots. This way of filming definitely keeps me on my toes and the filming process very interesting. That’s Chris for you.

HitH: I love Chris' whole approach to filmmaking as in he makes films to hit theatres. And honestly why shouldn't he! It must be nice to work with someone who has the determination to make this happen and not settle for the direct to DVD route. It's works great for some filmmakers don't get me wrong but not enough great indie films get the chance to show in theatres. I hear a previous screening of TOTW was an absolute blast?

Gia: This was also part of our phone conversation. His perseverance and ability to publicize and showcase his movies and actors is extraordinary. I told Chris his other job should be a publicist.

Trick of the Witch was my favorite script that Chris had written since I’ve known him and was very happy to be a part of it. When I went the midnight screening of TOTW, it was exactly that. A blast. I had never experienced watching a horror flick with so much audience participation. I think it was a pleasant surprise to see that kind of reaction. 


HitH: Now I wondered if you could tell us a bit about your character 'Sara' in the upcoming supernatural horror film Trick of the Witch? How does Sara find herself caught up in all the mayhem?

Gia: I think my role in TOTW is supposed to be ominous. Sara may have created the plot of the story or maybe she didn’t and it was all coincidence. That’s for the audience to decide.

HitH: Ohhhhh, intriguing...I like it!! What are your fondest memories of working on the film? It looks like a great deal of fun!

Gia: I can’t think of any particular moment, but any time I’m on set, it’s fun for me. It doesn’t really matter where I am, what I’m doing, or even if I’m put on crew for that day, I just love being there.

HitH: Also I'm really interested in your role in Heavy Makeup. Now I know there probably isn't a lot you can say, which is no bad thing as I love the whole idea of a very secret script, but is there anything you can say....?

Gia: I might get sued if I do.

HitH: Hahaha...NICE answer :) What does Gia Franzia like to do in her spare time away from making movies?

Gia: I love being at home quite frankly. I make dinner for husband almost every night, spoil my dogs, study Italian and work on making more movies. This is my life. I sound so boring.

HitH: Not at all, those are the nice things in life. I love to spend time with my other half, play fight with the cats and watch movies!

 I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre? What are some of your faves? Also what other genres do you enjoy?

Gia: I like the classics like Nightmare on Elm Street, Children of the Corn, Cujo, The Fly, Rosemary’s Baby, Silence of the Lambs, Friday the 13th, oh, Poltergeist. These movies still freak me today.

HitH: Excellent movie taste! I watched The Fly again recently and I'm not sure if it either just holds up exceptionally well or has gotten even better for me over time!

Finally Gia is there anything else you wanted to share with readers?

Gia: I think what I would share with the readers, if they are filmmakers, writers, directors or actors, that someone like Chris Morrissey is a perfect example that anything is possible. With little money, enthusiastic actors and a couple of crew members that just want to work or get more experience, that with drive, motivation and determination, getting a hold of a camera and just “shooting” is possible and it makes it that much more closer to fulfilling your dreams. Whatever you want to do, you just do it. I know that’s cliché, but it’s true.

HitH: Thank you Gia for a great interview and for giving up your time to do it, I hope you will keep us posted on your future work!

To add some exciting news to this great interview I am pleased to announce that Chris Morrissey and Gia Franzia have teamed up again to begin filming the horror/thriller film, One Tupperware Drive in Rhode Island. Shooting will begin the first week of June, 2013 so STAY TUNED for more news - when I hear more from Chris or Gia I will be sure to post! 

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Gitchy (2009) (short horror film review)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Thomas Norman, Lenny Rivera

Written by Thomas Norman

Stars: Doug Albin, Michael J. Brown, Stefanny Cano, Greg Gale, MaryKate Gallagher, Daniel Hall, Randy Memoli, Laser Ray, Liz Walsh.

Many thanks to the dudes behind creepy clown horror, Gitchy, for hooking me up with an online screener.

Gitchy took me by complete suprise by being an exceptionally well acted, suspenseful, intriguing and slightly campy mix of terror and chuckles (literally)

The film tells the story of David and Kimberley, siblings whose parents died from heart attacks at precisely the same time. This creepy and baffling plot device really hooked me into the film I have to tell you! Following this, David has undergone an apparent mental breakdown, experiencing horrible dreams and drawing pictures of a frightening looking clown. Sadly for this pair and those around them, Gitchy the tickling clown is not just the stuff of nightmares - and he's coming for them...

Solid performances from all involved really take this horror short to another level. Both Michael J.Brown and Steffany Cano are superb as the tormented brother and sister and I also felt that Mary Kate Gallagher gave an extremely believeable perfomance as best friend Becky. Add to that Lazer Rays eerie performance as Christopher, a guy who looks and acts uncannily like killer Bob from Twin Peaks!!

There are also some genuinely disturbing scenes in Gitchy which is suprising considering that the film involves a clown whose murder techinque doesnt stretch beyond ticking! But trust me, some of the scenes involving Gitchy are truly horrible and really made me sit up and pay attention to the film. From someone who used to be beyond terrified of clowns as a kid, this movie would do nobody with coulrophobia any favours!

I am very excited to see what Thomas Norman and the rest of the Gitchy team might come up next, maybe Gitchy will make it into a feature film. Either way, this short chiller shows undeniable promise and I cannot wait to see more!

Monday 24 September 2012

Porkchop 3D (2012)

Directed by Eamon Hardiman

Written by Eamon Hardiman 

Stars: Kaylee Williams, Sam Qualiana, Danny Hicks, Brian Gunnoe Missy Dawn, Rob Cobb, John Renna,  Stephen Hensley, Scott Greg, Chris woodall, Vincent Renfield, Hannah Ellis, Kennie Bass, Jake Fertig, Andy Parsons, Evan Wilson, Matt Parsons, Elle Xohmbeah, Bill Hairston, Rea Gunne, Elvis McComas, Lisa Taylor with Shawn C. Phllips as 'The Presenter' and Angela Pritchett as 'Meg' 

So less than a year after we got to see the return of the dreaded pig faced maniac in Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind (Formally known as Porkchops) we are already being treated to his third outing in the slash happy Porkchop 3D. Eamon Hardiman has concocted an awesome way of plotting this third film in having various survivors of previous movies come together to eliminate the thing that has caused them so much misery.
Sadly for this motley crew of victims turned hunters, Porkchop is by no means alone and if you saw the second film you may be surprised to learn that the Porkchop 'family' has far more members than you were led to believe....Cue then for much pig related murder, mayhem, grue, gore and...well it is a Razor Sharp Studios production...boobs!

Now forgive me my ignorance when it comes to the 3D format because truth be told its not something I know a great deal about or have ever completely embraced. This is probably because the few films I have seen in 3D recently are only really impressive for the odd scene, such as one featuring a weapon flying toward your face etc.My (limited) understanding of a film in 3D is that you are supposed to feel like the film is actually in your living room and that my friends is where this film took me totally by surprise and, remember folks, this is an indie made with an incredibly small amount of money! Porkchop 3D actually is a true 3D experience throughout and this is coming from someone whose eyes don't like anything other than my prescribed glasses for my depressing short sightedness!

So how about the kills? It's a Porkchop film after all so..yeh...the kills are damn important! Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind, featured one of indie horrors most triumphant 'Sleepaway Camp... Eat. Your. Fucking. Heart. Out' kills I have seen thus far, so how does the carnage measure up here? Well if I said this film features countless and relentless on screen kills would you believe me? Well it bloody well does! The guys have upped the ante in this regards big time and there's probably a nasty scene every few minutes! There are several really impressive, creative kills and some of my favourites include Pig Girls deadly lassoo act, the deaths of two unfortunate picnic-ers, a nasty tree incident and a brutal jaw rip.

As far as characters go, we have the welcome return of Kaylee Williams as previously abducted character 'Heather'. The Heather character only really served to be one of the bitchy foils to the two main characters in the previous film so it was great to see her return and really kick some arse in this one. Seems Heather has grown up a bit and she is PISSED OFF. Kaylee really steals the show in this entry and her character quite rightfully wants justice for the awful acts committed against her. Not to say Heather has completely shaken off that high school über bitch quality...she's still mighty snarky! Definatley a standout performace. Chris Woodall also makes a welcome return as 'poor old Richie' from the original Porkchop. His hillarious wounds from that film are resurrected as it seems, baffingly, the wonders of modern medicine were unable to remove the lawn dart embedded in his head! Since I am mentioning Richie, it would be a dishonour not to mention that his previously smashed to smithereens robot buddy 'Elron' (voiced by THE Danny Hicks) also comes back for more and the comedy element of the Richie/Elron partnership is ten times more hilarious this time round. Also returning is Stephen Hensley and Lisa Taylor as Mr and Mrs Robertson. This pair truly have a painful score to settle but have they taken for granted just how deadly Porkchops stomping ground can be?? And who can leave out the amazing Brian Gunnoe as Razor Sharp Studios staple character 'Burt Fleming'? Here Burt continues his role as the excitable and lovably deranged local. The scene where he was listing all of his accomplishments was hilarious. It was also great to have Sam Qualiana return in a new role and his teaming up with Heather is really sweet and believable for those so inclined he shows some skin...just saying! Also his scene talking to the mirror trying out chat up lines? So so funny!  As far new characters are concerned...there is a plethora of deranged, oversexed, questionable and seedy folk to fall in love with...then watch them get porkchopped! As for the villians, Porky is as menacing and sadistic as ever with that hideous stitched up mask but I feel that the psychotic 'Pig Girl' (Missy Dawn) out creeps him as her own mask is just nightmare inducing. If the proposed Pig Girl spin off ever happens I AM THERE!

There is a bit of confusion what with returning characters and previously slaughtered characters playing new characters (keeping up with all the characters?) but the tongue is so clearly in cheek here; Mr Robertson: ''watch the first movie!'', that my advice would be just have fun with it!

One final thing to say is that if this movie took another year to come out just to get the score right then I would have been a happy guy if this was the outcome. The score is pure class and compliments the movie to excellent effect.

Basically if you are looking for gore and laughs then Porkchop 3D is just the ticket. You'll laugh, you'll squeal and you will probably jump behind your couch as Porkchop's chainsaw or Pig Girl's lassoo comes tearing out of your screen, 3D style. If this IS the final outing for old Porkchop then Razorsharp have gone out in a blaze of gory with a 105 minute, action packed kill-fest. Head over to the official Razorsharp Studios website to see how you can get yourself a copy of this sick flick along with all other movies in the franchise. While you are there have a look at what else is on offer...I dare ya!

Sunday 23 September 2012

Bear Scary (2010) (Short Film Review)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Dan Brownlie

Written by Dan Brownlie

Stars:Louie Russo Brownlie, Lauren Bushby, Sophia Disgrace, Tabitha Echo, Channel Franis

British indie filmmaker Dan Brownlie was good enough to share with me his killer toy horror short Bear Scary.

I had a blast watching this 25 minute blood feast in which a child's teddy bear gets very cross and wrecks a gruesome vengeance upon a mean arsed babysitter and her two friends.

What I loved most about this film was the sheer 1980s horror spirit so clearly present. You have your mean and enjoyably deserving characters, implausible but oh-so spot on protagonist and some nice splattery gore. Director and writer Dan Brownlie clearly knows his horror movies and I really appreciate that. It will be very exciting to see what he might do with a feature film and as a true champion of indie horror, he is one to watch.

Lauren Bushby did a great job of making you dislike her immensely. Why poor young Louie's mother let this girl into her home and anywhere near her child is beyond me. But then if she hasn't we wouldn't have had the pleasure of seeing teddy go all wild on her trashy self!

All in all Bear Scary is a short, funny, gruesome good time with one of the more enjoyable murderous toys in recent years. I know the bear was based on good old Grizzly from Demonic Toys but this homicidal little fuzz ball is far meaner, trust me!

Keep your eyes on Dans newest project, Three's a Shroud, an upcoming British horror anthology which looks set to be killer!

Friday 14 September 2012


Continuing our coverage of all things Trick of the Witch and those closely involved with the movie, I got the chance to do a nice little interview with leading man Owen Alabado. Owen plays 'Carlos' in the movie and his character sounds like great fun. He was kind enough to chat to me about the movie and share his thoughts on previous films and future plans. Its also always great to speak to an actor who is so open and honest about his sexuality. Read on for the full interview.........

Hacked in the Head: Hi Owen! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.I was put in touch with you by Director, Writer AND Producer Chris Morrissey, who is behind the campy and fun looking Trick of the Witch! I understand you have an important role in the movie and would love for you to tell us some more about your character in the film, 'Carlos'

Owen Alabado: Carlos is the male hero. He is the good guy in the film. He wears his heart on his sleeve and always hopes for the best. He came all the way to LA to make it in Photography. He gets this opportunity to work with this awesome photographer and goes with him to a shoot in this mansion in the boonies. Of course things start going wrong and Carlos is stuck in the middle of the chaos. He keeps trying to help everyone who is effected by the madness that is going on around him. Point Blank, he is the good guy you want on your side.


HitH: Sounds fantastic! How was the filming process for Trick of the Witch? Was it a lengthy shoot? I bet it was fun however much hard work it was!?

OA: It was definitely a fun shoot. Everyone on set was fun to work with. The energy was incredible. It was a lengthy shoot, Chris knew what he wanted when he wanted it. There was only a couple of days where I was on set and only had a couple of things to do, but there was always great people to converse with on set while I waited. We sometimes had to deal with outside noise or there was time constraint, so we had to get it in a couple of takes.

HitH: Further to this, do you have any fond on set memories or funny stories to share?

OA: My favorite memory was when one of the actresses was drinking on set. And she was so drunk she was all over the place. She kept forgetting her lines and just moaning a lot. She ended up peeing outside in front of everybody. It was so funny. It was one of the shoot days where there was a bottle of wine floating around because there was drinking in the scenes and she just kept drinking. I never laughed so hard.

HitH:Haha, would LOVE to know who did that.... ;)  I also wanted to ask you a bit about your starring role in the movie 'Rock Haven' a very touching movie indeed. Do you have fond memories of working on the film? And are you still in touch with your costar Sean Hoagland and any of the other cast members?

OA: Rock Haven was definitely one of my favorite projects to work on thus far. The cast and crew were fantastic. Most of my fan base is from that film. I love that I have reached people with that film. It came out so long ago, but I still get fan mail from it. I loved the simplicity of the film. Sean was great to work with. I haven't talked to him in awhile, we did keep in contact after the film, but lost touch awhile back. Rock Haven will always have a special place in my heart as my first film. David Lewis is still making movies and I hope to work with him again someday.

HitH: Thats so great to hear! I hope you get to as well!

What do you like to do in your spare time away from making movies? Any strange hobbies we might like to know about hehe......

OA: Well I am sort of a jack of all trades. I am a stand up comic. I March of this year I was one of four of the headliners for the Michigan Gay and Lesbian Comedy Festival. I also sing at piano bar twice a month. My roots lie in Musical Theater. Currently I teach Turbo Kickboxing and Body Combat for 24 Hour Fitness. Martial arts has always been a part of my life. I am Karaoke and Musical Theater Junkie. In my spare time I am an avid wedding attendee, having 8 this year, being in 3, and officiating one. I also like to plan my friends birthdays a lot. You could call me a party planner.

HitH: I am sure your friends appreciate that!

I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre? is there anything you particularly like or dislike about the genre?

OA: I was a huge "Nightmare on Elm Street" fan growing up. I have always loved horror movies and appreciate original horror films that come out. Japan seems to have a grasp on making original horror films, that we than make our own version of. Lately I feel horror films have relied too much on gore and not story line. I like twist and turns in movies.

HitH: Did you grow up wanting to be an actor?

OA: I knew since I played Santa Clause in the school play in 3rd grade I wanted to be in actor. Being able to transform myself into another character is a natural high. I bring a little bit of myself and my life experiences in every role I play. I find the humanity and beauty in acting. It is the only thing I can picture myself doing for the rest of life.

When I played Carlos, I got to do a dialect from the East Coast. I love doing dialects. It was one of my specialty in college. I can do most all European and American. I can tell you the difference between a Texan or North Carolina accent or Irish from a Scottish. I was so happy Chris let me make Carlos from Brooklyn.

HitH: Finally Owen is there anything else with readers? And thank you SO much for your time. :)

OA:I hope someday to be on the big screen.  I want to show the world that an openly gay actor can not only play straight but can kick ass too.  Being a Martial Artist, I hope to break the stereotypes of gay actors. 

HitH: Sounds good to me, those stereotypes need to be broken! Thanks so much for your time and all the best for your future career on and off the screen!

Famine (2011)

(Online screener copy)

Directed by Ryan Nicholson

Written by Ryan Nicholson and Jeff O'Brien

Stars: Christine Wallace, Michelle Sabiene, Beth Cantor, Christopher Patrick Donoghue, Nathan Durec, Dustin Elkins, Karyn Halpin, Glenn Hoffman, Des Larson, Christopher Lomas. 

Loveable sicko Ryan Nicholson continues Plotdigger Films blood (and other bodily fluid) smeared reputation with new film Famine. Being a fan of 2008s gory slasher epic, Gutterballs, I was pleased to learn that Ryan and co has returned to the slasher arena complete with a killer sporting a unique costume. While I loved Gutterballs, particularly the killers bowling bag mask and it's inventive kills, I did struggle with the lengthy rape scene. I am sure I am not alone in that respect but it is still a great watch and I am lucky enough to have a copy from the first run of DVDs. I also had a great time watching Bleading Lady (aka Star Vehicle) although I first saw it in a horribly butchered cut version before seeing it in all it's gory glory. I have yet to pick up Hanger but after seeing this gloriously twisted little slash fest its definitely next on my list!

So plot wise what do we have? A group of largely immoralistic teens are holed up in their school for a twenty four hour famine. Sadly the school is also the setting for a nasty accident occurring 5 years before which culminated in a teacher having his skin gruesomely stripped away. Obviously this very fact means our group of misfits are screwed and very soon a maniac clad in the creepy, albeit quite cute, school mascot uniform starts offing them left right and centre. This is cue for some of the more nastily inventive kills you could hope to see in a slasher movie and this is a huge compliment to Plotdigger films who have already cemented themselves as champions of creatively staged murders in previous films.

The characters in this film are top notch. Yeh sure a few of the performances are a tad ropey but they are still so much fun so you can easily ignore this. From the group of mean 'cheer-bitches', Sarah, Katie, Andrea and Vanessa, to the comically creepy Cathy, not to mention the inappropriately seductive Ms Vickers and the token perve Janitor, there is no end to the motley collection of potential victims and suspects.

The film also looks extremely fresh and well presented. I was expecting more of a grind house feel based on the trailer, not that I would have had a problem with that, but Famine definitely stands as Plotdiggers most aesthetically pleasing films out of the three I have seen thus far.

Check out Plotdigger Films official website and also snag a copy of the Famine DVD (complete with English audio) from Amazon Germany on the 28 September!

Blood Lodge (2011)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Kevin Orosz

Written by Ed McKeever and Kevin Orosz

Stars: Greg Greco, Matthew Imparato, Julie Ann Hamolko, Stephanie Gere, Steven Buccarelli, Shaq Ramos, Joel Ruda, Randy Wilson, Ben Thomas, Michael Ryan Etzel,  Olga Nechaeva, Miles Silas Biggar  Yulia Khakimova,Brian Edward Doyle, Michael McFadden, Eric Suarez, Grace Aguilar, Gary Oganisyan, Jenni Goodman, Alexandra Mingione, Gerald Yelverton and  Michael Coppolecchia as 'Clint McCoy'

The Ten Acres Lodge becomes hideout for a group of teens and other guests, desperate to survive a nasty zombie attack in Kevin Orosz' Blood Lodge.

Blood lodge is an impressively made little indie horror with a lot of heart (and intestines) and what I liked most about it was its short but action packed running time. A film of this length means that the action needs to kick off immediately and, incidentally, it does. It also features some awesome opening credits!

So in true horror movie style, this unlikely bunch of friends and strangers are stuck and terrified inside the titular lodge as hords of zombies await them. Who will live and who will die? Well lets just say that you may be surprised by the answer to that question because as far as its characters are concerned, Blood Lodge does not pander to expectations which I think is just great.

Gore wise there are some great, gnarly moments. An impressive head stab to violent zombie stands out as the best moment and is indeed, splatterific. I also really appreciated the gruesome zombie makeup effects, very well done I must say!

There is also a lot of decent comedy written into the script with several of the characters making me laugh throughout. There are a few weaker performances but actually a lot of the acting in this film worked really well! Not only that but the soundtrack is fantastic, particularly the end song, I think I would pick a copy of the full soundtrack up if it becomes available.

Check out the films official Facebook page for more information on the film and for details on how you might get to see it! I am keen to see what Kevin Orosz and co come up with next, I want to see more of Ten Acres and its horrors so here is hoping for a sequel!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Blood Was Everywhere (2011)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Jason Torrey

Written by  Jason Torrey

Stars: Ashley Arnold, Kimberly Simone, Larry Holden, Vanessa Leigh, Phillip Ristaino, John Westcott, Kevin Hayes, Ben Kirchmyer, Erin Lynch, Sherrie Lemire, Popi Kapiris, Paul Kratka, Dita Prenn, Adam Morey, Neal Howland

Blood Was Everywhere is a highly impressive, minimalist slasher flick which foregoes all typical bodycount movie conventions to create something original and compelling.

I have to say its not often that a film refusing to cooperate with any of the things I usually adore about slasher films makes such a strong impact. Don't get me wrong, I was impressed by writer/director Jason Torreys intent to make an original film and to truly scare viewers but, hey, I'm a Friday 13th guy at heart. Nonetheless this film really raises the bar for indie horror by slyly worming it's way into your head until you can't stop yourself thinking 'bloody hell...what if...'. That is something in a horror movie which must be commended in every way.


So plot wise its very simple. However it's this very simplicity which gives Blood Was Everywhere its undeniable edge. A small town in Massachusetts has found itself victim of a mysterious killer who is slowly but surely making his way round it's inhabitants. What works so well about this film is that it doesn't provide any stalking scenes, zero hokey phone calls threatening death, and no 'giveaway score' to signal the killers inevitable attack. No, none of these things occur, or are needed. Not knowing when this mad man is going to strike is an amazingly effective device which truly gets under your skin, particularly after the 30 minute mark when you are beginning to enjoy the core characters and their varying lifestyles. The movie then takes a surprising turn by taking a non linear route in terms of storytelling. This may cause a brief confusion and it's not presented to you on a plate, so you just have to think about it for a few seconds and all becomes clear. Plus this particular scene gives an insidiously creepy moment with our killer watching from very close by....


Further to the characters, the acting in this film is quite exceptional. I'm not sure there is even a weak performance to mention. In particular Ashley Arnold turned in a brilliant performance as the kind hearted Angela along with Kimberly Simone as her troubled friend Jessica. I also thought Larry Holden and Vanessa Leigh were unbelievably effective in their roles of a loving couple, a truly excellent job and these were probably my favourite characters. Similarly both Sherrie Lemire and Poppi Kapiris gave great performances as mother and her autistic daughter, if you didn't know for definite that they were not related, this film could easily fool you into believing that they were. Special mention should also go to as Angelas screw up brother Kevin (Phillip Ristaino), a really funny role indeed and I thought Phillip was a natural. On top of all of this you even get a small role from Mr 'eye popped out of head' himself, Paul Kratka, star of Friday 13 3D! This is also an important role and ties in with one of the films more horrifying moments.

There are many notable scenes in the film. The opening was brutal but exceptionally effective. One part of the scene you witness and I won't lie, its quite harrowing. The other part you simply hear but it's no less disturbing, perhaps even more so. Another scene which really got under my skin was a part in which a character gets into a vehicle and the driver, who he thinks he knows, gets in with him and drives them both off together. Now, you never even see or hear the characters reaction to realising its not his buddy driving but I think just using your imagination to wonder how that might have played out is very very unsettling. Also as previously mentioned, the scene where the killer is lurking, surveying his victims to be, is downright chilling.


You can preorder your very own copy of the film from the films official website and I strongly recommend that you do. Blood Was Everywhere is a film which deserves to be seen and it certainly sits as a favourite of mine so far this year! For even more information on the film please also visit its official  Facebook!

Saturday 1 September 2012

Zombie Babies (2011)

Directed by Eamon Hardiman

Written by Eamon Hardiman

Stars: Kaylee Williams, Rob Cobb, Missy Dawn, Ruby Larocca, Ford Austin, Dean Stark, Sam Qualiana, Shawn C. Phillips, Desiree Seatta, Trent McKelvin and Brian Gunnoe as 'Burt Fleming'

With a name like Zombie Babies  you will probably know its not something to watch with your grandparents at Christmas time. You should however watch it with friends, beer and a sense of humour!

Zombie Babies  tells the story of a secret, illegal abortion clinic, ran in some creepy big old hotel, aptly hidden by masses of fog. Enter a group of four couples who have come to rid the pregnant ladies of their offspring to be for various reasons. Our crazy yet charismatic aborter himself, Burt Fleming (Brian Gunnoe) is only too happy to oblige for a healthy price and soon after the 'operations' get underway. In the great tradition of all those 80s creature horror flicks where silly mistakes or an ill advised venture into the dark arts cause a total shit storm (Gremlins, Ghoulies etc) the corpses of the newly dead foetuses are duly reanimated. Oooooops.

It's here that Zombie Babies REALLY takes a turn to the poor taste entertainment everyone loves as the killer tykes begin to off their parents in some pretty gnarly ways. The feces and umbilical cord kills being the disgustingly obvious stand outs! It seems that these eight (nearly all) obnoxious people are going to pay a high price for using old Burt for all of their baby needs!

There are some great characters in this film as well as great comedy. Burt Fleming, a character who can also be found in the Porkchop series, is the clear standout. He is one whacked out, highly excitable, maniac and he made me chuckle throughout. Kaylee Williams is natural as ever in her role as the nicer of the group 'Leah' while Missy Dawn was good fun as Leahs polar opposite, the snotty, kinky-sex-loving princess 'Jami Lynn'. I also liked Rob Cobb as Burts befuddled assistant 'Teddy' and Desiree Seatta as the put upon and abused hooker. Poor poor girl- particularly if you hang around for the end credits! The comedy is well written and Eamon Hardiman clearly knows how to create likeable and extremely unloveable characters and use their dialogue to ensure viewers enjoy them nonetheless.

So in short, Razor Sharp Studios continue to cement themselves as top creators of poor taste, funny, gory and inventive indie cinema. Zombie Babies takes a lot of the running theme of sheer wrongness from Porkchop and cranks if up several notches and that should be appreciated. I wasn't overly keen on the great big Zombie monster at the end but, hey, it was still funny to watch what looked like homicidal play dough lumbering around!!

Next up from these sick puppys is the concluding part of the Porkchop trilogy, Porkchop 3D, and I for one can't wait to see what twisted, tongue in cheek horrors await!

You can grab your very own copy of Zombie Babies over here as well as copies of Razor Sharp Studios other films - go do it!!