Saturday 31 December 2011

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp - an interview with Director and Co-writer Vito Trabbuco


 Horror movie fans prayers look set to be answered with upcoming slasher flick Bloody Bloody Bible Camp. The movie features a crazed nun (2001 Maniacs' Tim Sullivan) offing the residents of a 1980s religious camp with a gruesome past. Throw in the one and only Reggie Bannister as Father Cummings who presides over the camp and campers alike and you have a perfect recipe for gorily fun mayhem........

Hacked in the Head: Hi Vito! Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me about your upcoming movie Bloody Bloody Bible Camp. The film is described as a throwback to the fun slasher flicks of the 80s and promises blood, boobs and jokes (which it certainly looks set to do!). Firstly I wondered how you came up with the idea for the film? Setting it at a bible camp is nice and original and the killer is certainly innovative – what made you decide to make a movie about a crazed nun? Also, is BBBC the kind of movie you yourself would enjoy? The look and sound of the film really takes me back to being 12 years old and trying to watch all the Friday 13th films and anything that sounded remotely like them (which is great thing!). Do you have any favourite horror movies and did any of them inspire this film?  

Vito Trabucco: Hi Mark! Well if you’re going to compare it to any film it’s going to be Friday the 13th …or Meatballs. We just followed the formula. No rocket science here. Shelby McIntyre (co-writer) and me pretty much have the same sense of humor, and the same taste in films. This was very easy for us to write together. He came up with the title. The script followed about 2 weeks later. I think the main inspiration behind writing it was just to make each other laugh.

HitH: Tell me a bit about the casting process for BBBC? Did you have Tim Sullivan and Reggie Bannister in mind from the outset for their roles or did you hold auditions? What were the guys like to work with? I attended the UK premiere of 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams which Tim introduced and he was fantastic – very naturally funny.

VT: When it came time to cast Sister Mary Chopper I think a few names were tossed around, but I really had no one in mind. It was Gigi Bannister who suggested Tim to me. She and Reggie are friends with Tim, and he was nice enough to do it for us. I never met him before BBBC, but I really liked him a lot. I thought he did a fantastic job as our killer. He’s a great actor actually. Any man who shaves his arms and wears fingernail polish for me is OK in my book! The cast in a whole were all very talented. Very easy to work with too. 

HitH: Could you share any memorable on set experiences?

VT: Well I might get in trouble if I do that ;)  Actually one that pops into my head is when our FX artist, Marcus Koch, had to apply a “70’s bush” in the opening scene on Julianne Tura.  His hands were sweating during that one let me tell you!  In the end I thought it turned out great though.
HitH: Were there any performances from the cast that really stand out in your mind?

VT: There are definitely a few that stick out for me and are my personal favourites, but everyone in it was really good.  I’d feel bad leaving anyone out.
HitH: What kind of budget were you working with on the film? The gore effects in the released preview look really effective. Also how long did the entire filming process take?

VT: The shoot itself was 10 days total.  We were definitely very limited on budget and time.  What are you gonna do though?  That’s the way it goes.
HitH: What are your future plans for a wide release for BBBC following festival submissions? Can fans expect a DVD release (and possibly theatrical?) in the coming year?

VT: Right now we’re in submission mode.  Festivals, distribution, reviews, etc.  I hope we have more information on that coming soon.  People are going to have to keep posted on our website.  Also, if there are any festivals reading this that are interested in playing BBBC, just send us an email through our website.
HitH: Finally...what is in the pipeline next for you guys? Any new movies already in the works?

VT: Yes, a lot of us from BBBC did another feature called Never Open the Door.  The trailer just went up online and it’s on the BBBC Facebook page.  Also in February we’re going to announce our next film which I am super excited about!  I wish I could tell you more about it now, but I can’t unfortunately.

HitH: Thanks again for you talking with me Vito and I wish you all the best with the release of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp.

VT: Thanks much Mark!!!