Tuesday 31 December 2013

Bunni (2013)

Direct by Daniel Benedict

Written by Daniel Benedict

Stars:  Mercedez Varble, Sara Ammons, Kent Blue, Daniel Benedict, Cat Geary, Alexandria Hendrick.

Firstly I would like to thank director Daniel Bendict for asking me to review his new indie slasher flick Bunni! Along with its intriguing title I am pleased to say that the film is a fast paced, gory slice of fun. In fact the films brisk running time of 60 minutes means no plodding filler scenes and after a disturbing opening, cuts right to the bloody action.

The plot concerns a groups of friends who, after a halloween party, decide to enter a seemingly abandoned old building for fun. Sadly for this group, abandoned is is not as this place also happens to be the home of a sadistic killer. Cue some very nasty murders indeed, with two in particular being satisfying highlights. There is also great use of pratical effects on display which is always good to see.

Its difficult to talk too much about characters without heading into spoiler territory however I would like to highlight Mercedez Varble as leading girl Paige, Kent Blue as Paiges caring boyfriend and Daniel Benedict as the guy you are just waiting to be killed horribly as standouts. I liked Paige alot and the way way Mercedes Varble places her is pleasantly natural and makes you root for her. Kent Blues performance makes for a very interesting character to say the least while Daniel Benedict gives us a douchebag to really scream at the TV set over. Also special mentiongoes to Cat Gearys performance as the titular character who delivers a solid character in an eye opening set of circumstances.

All in all I recommend Bunni for its fast pace, nasty kills and its writer/directors clear knowledge of the slasher sub genre along with an ability to bring something slightly new to the table. Looking forward to more of Daniel Benedicts work in the (hopefully) near future!