Wednesday 24 January 2024

Slasher Hous3: Rebooted (2003)

Written and Directed by MJ Dixon

Stars: Redd Nicholson, Luna Wolf, Carly Halse, Paris Rivers, Eileen Daly, Lewis Cooper, Cy Henty, Grant Kempster, Adam Lezemore

I was over the moon to hear from MJ Dixon of MYCHO Entertainment regarding the newest chapter in the Slasher House series. Serving as a reboot and the a sequel this movie plays on all of MJ and teams strengths to deliver nearly two hours of action, horror plus some comedy all in eye popping visuals and colour. 

First lets address the fact we have a new Red! Not to mention the fact the actresses name is....Redd! Ms Nicholson really nails the essence of the character so don't fear - the spunk, surliness and fight is there in spades and she is a total joy to watch. 

In terms of plot we follow Red as she wakes up yet again in a house of horrors, something she is rather used to, but still really pissed off about. She embarks on a journey into mystery and mayhem as she tries to figure out the house - and its residents- and why she is again, battling all of hells minions. This time around Red teams up with Eric Jones (Paris Rivers) who faced off against the dastardly Thorn in Legacy of Thorn and the secretive but knowledgeable Luse Gui (Carly Halse). Its a game of cat and mouse from here on out with loyalties and potential deceptions teased and tested. 

I enjoyed how the movie veers from Reds immediate adventure to other connected characters in different houses (which  all form part of the 'Slasher House Project' ). My favourite being the scene where returning Slasher House returnee Amber Hart (Luna Wolf) meets Terry's (Martin W. Payne)...'mother'....insane and just brilliant. 

There are characters you will recognise if you have followed MYCHOS other offerings - you should - which is just so much fun and a great gift to fans. Seeing Panda masked serial killer Jacob Jakushi of Slasher House 2 (and his own offering Pandamonium) again is just a delight. Those wisecracks are mint. The movie also goes in a barmy meta direction with the introduction of the killer from horror short series Slaypril Fools Day which is genius and super fun.  There is also a lovely tribute to the late Paul Rogers who took over the role of insane killer clown Cleaver in 2019. 

Amidst all the carnage there is also a massive plot twist which I absolutely did not see coming. It is effective because changes everything we thought we knew about a certain situation - hats off to the team for this one. 

As mentioned before the use of colour in MYCHOs output is visually stunning - reds, yellows, greens all feature prominently which give the movie a live comic book feel. The dialogue is quick, funny and sharp keeping the movie moving along at a wicked pace.

In short Slasher House Rebooted is a truck (or house) load of fun and I am looking forward to seeing a wider release

If you are interested in checking this movie out you don't have to have seen Slasher House 1&2 or the spin off movies but honestly I suggest you do - read more HERE.