Sunday, 30 September 2012

I Didnt Come Here to Die (2011)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directly by Bradley Scott Sullivan

Written by Bradley Scott Sullivan

Stars: Indiana Adams, Kurt Cole, Madi Goff, Travis Scott Newman, Niko Red Star, Emmy Robbin, Jeremy Scott Vandermause

Release: Coming to DVD and VOD early 2013, courtesy of Level 33 Entertaiment!

A group of misfit volunteer workers end up on the sharp end of the stick in Bradley Scott Sullivans inventive and messy horror flick, I didn't come here to die.

I was really pleased that the films distributor Level 33 Entertainment gave me the chance to check this out for review. IDCHTD had been a much anticipated indie for some time and I am chuffed to report that it has totally been worth the wait!

So six people, Julie, Danny, Miranda, Chris, Sophia and Steve head out on a voluntary humanitarian project in the middle of nowhere. As these things usually go, bad things soon start to occur. However this, refreshingly, is not at the hands of a masked maniac with a cross to bear. Instead, hideous and cringeworthy accidents begin to befall the group and tthen hings begin to get really nasty....

I love the angle this film took. It's different, more intriguing than your standard slasher and to top it off the exceptional acting made the whole thing gel immensely.Stand out performances are most certainly Emmy Robbin as Team Leader 'Sophia' Niko Red Star as 'Chris' and Kurt Cole as 'Danny'.
The gore factor is also pretty impressive indeed. The horrible incidents which envelop our group of unfortunates are consistently creative, brutal and squirm inducing, and I think an excellent job was put into the special effects. Oh and the final scene was just hilarious ....not to mention ridiculously unfortunate for one poor character!

I Didn't Come Here to Die is very well written, utilises interesting directing techniques which gives a nice idiosyncratic spin on the 'kids get whacked in the woods' sub genre and it is all carried by fantastic acting. This is one film I would return to many times and one I will be buying the second it is available!

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