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I was really pleased and excited to get to chat with actress Gia Franzia, star of  upcoming Trick of the Witch and Heavy Makeup from indie film maker Chris Morrissey. Gia also stared in Chris' previous mystery thriller Fashion Murder Groove and was kind enough to share her experiences with the films, her thoughts on them and much more. Thank you to Gia to taking the time to talk to Hacked in the Head, it was a most enjoyable experience! :)


Hacked in the Head: Hi Gia! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Now I understand you have worked quite extensively with indie filmmaker Chris Morrissey, an awesome guy in my experience. Tell me about working with Chris, I'm sure he is great fun!

Gia Franzia: It’s funny. Just the other day I was talking with Chris and expressed to him how I will always work with him even if I never get paid. Making movies with Chris…is….um….how shall I put it, different. Don’t expect to show up on set with a hair and make up artist, a full crew and an amazing craft service table. Chris is an indie filmmaker at it’s finest. I have so much respect for Chris because he is literally one of those filmmakers that just wants to make movies, and he does. He is so sweet, kind and gentle and you can see the passion of making movies spew out of his pores. He’s probably one of my favorite peoples in Hollywood. On this particular movie, Heavy Make-Up, every one is contracted not to talk about anything they film. We have no idea what this movie is about. He gives us our lines maybe a day in advance before he shoots. This way of filming definitely keeps me on my toes and the filming process very interesting. That’s Chris for you.

HitH: I love Chris' whole approach to filmmaking as in he makes films to hit theatres. And honestly why shouldn't he! It must be nice to work with someone who has the determination to make this happen and not settle for the direct to DVD route. It's works great for some filmmakers don't get me wrong but not enough great indie films get the chance to show in theatres. I hear a previous screening of TOTW was an absolute blast?

Gia: This was also part of our phone conversation. His perseverance and ability to publicize and showcase his movies and actors is extraordinary. I told Chris his other job should be a publicist.

Trick of the Witch was my favorite script that Chris had written since I’ve known him and was very happy to be a part of it. When I went the midnight screening of TOTW, it was exactly that. A blast. I had never experienced watching a horror flick with so much audience participation. I think it was a pleasant surprise to see that kind of reaction. 


HitH: Now I wondered if you could tell us a bit about your character 'Sara' in the upcoming supernatural horror film Trick of the Witch? How does Sara find herself caught up in all the mayhem?

Gia: I think my role in TOTW is supposed to be ominous. Sara may have created the plot of the story or maybe she didn’t and it was all coincidence. That’s for the audience to decide.

HitH: Ohhhhh, intriguing...I like it!! What are your fondest memories of working on the film? It looks like a great deal of fun!

Gia: I can’t think of any particular moment, but any time I’m on set, it’s fun for me. It doesn’t really matter where I am, what I’m doing, or even if I’m put on crew for that day, I just love being there.

HitH: Also I'm really interested in your role in Heavy Makeup. Now I know there probably isn't a lot you can say, which is no bad thing as I love the whole idea of a very secret script, but is there anything you can say....?

Gia: I might get sued if I do.

HitH: Hahaha...NICE answer :) What does Gia Franzia like to do in her spare time away from making movies?

Gia: I love being at home quite frankly. I make dinner for husband almost every night, spoil my dogs, study Italian and work on making more movies. This is my life. I sound so boring.

HitH: Not at all, those are the nice things in life. I love to spend time with my other half, play fight with the cats and watch movies!

 I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre? What are some of your faves? Also what other genres do you enjoy?

Gia: I like the classics like Nightmare on Elm Street, Children of the Corn, Cujo, The Fly, Rosemary’s Baby, Silence of the Lambs, Friday the 13th, oh, Poltergeist. These movies still freak me today.

HitH: Excellent movie taste! I watched The Fly again recently and I'm not sure if it either just holds up exceptionally well or has gotten even better for me over time!

Finally Gia is there anything else you wanted to share with readers?

Gia: I think what I would share with the readers, if they are filmmakers, writers, directors or actors, that someone like Chris Morrissey is a perfect example that anything is possible. With little money, enthusiastic actors and a couple of crew members that just want to work or get more experience, that with drive, motivation and determination, getting a hold of a camera and just “shooting” is possible and it makes it that much more closer to fulfilling your dreams. Whatever you want to do, you just do it. I know that’s clichĂ©, but it’s true.

HitH: Thank you Gia for a great interview and for giving up your time to do it, I hope you will keep us posted on your future work!

To add some exciting news to this great interview I am pleased to announce that Chris Morrissey and Gia Franzia have teamed up again to begin filming the horror/thriller film, One Tupperware Drive in Rhode Island. Shooting will begin the first week of June, 2013 so STAY TUNED for more news - when I hear more from Chris or Gia I will be sure to post! 

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