Sunday, 23 September 2012

Bear Scary (2010) (Short Film Review)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Dan Brownlie

Written by Dan Brownlie

Stars:Louie Russo Brownlie, Lauren Bushby, Sophia Disgrace, Tabitha Echo, Channel Franis

British indie filmmaker Dan Brownlie was good enough to share with me his killer toy horror short Bear Scary.

I had a blast watching this 25 minute blood feast in which a child's teddy bear gets very cross and wrecks a gruesome vengeance upon a mean arsed babysitter and her two friends.

What I loved most about this film was the sheer 1980s horror spirit so clearly present. You have your mean and enjoyably deserving characters, implausible but oh-so spot on protagonist and some nice splattery gore. Director and writer Dan Brownlie clearly knows his horror movies and I really appreciate that. It will be very exciting to see what he might do with a feature film and as a true champion of indie horror, he is one to watch.

Lauren Bushby did a great job of making you dislike her immensely. Why poor young Louie's mother let this girl into her home and anywhere near her child is beyond me. But then if she hasn't we wouldn't have had the pleasure of seeing teddy go all wild on her trashy self!

All in all Bear Scary is a short, funny, gruesome good time with one of the more enjoyable murderous toys in recent years. I know the bear was based on good old Grizzly from Demonic Toys but this homicidal little fuzz ball is far meaner, trust me!

Keep your eyes on Dans newest project, Three's a Shroud, an upcoming British horror anthology which looks set to be killer!

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