Thursday, 30 August 2012

Fang (2011)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Jonathan Boushell

Written by Jonathan Boushell

Stars: Charlie Dreizen, Kyle Watson, Dominique Spencer, Nick Hanson, Colin Rhodes, Allyson Whittington Washington, Ryan Moiles, Shannon Vogt, Monique Curtis.

Many thanks to Jonathan Boushell for hooking me up with a copy of his indie vampire flick Fang. The movie runs at a nice short and sweet 79 minutes and provides an entertaining, gory and exceptionally funny film throughout.

The main plot of the story very much echo's that all well known vamp horror 'Fright Night' in that a teenagers neighbour appears to be up to some very dodgy activity late at night. However, I would say that's about the only similarity between the two as Fang is very much its own film with its own bonkers story to tell.

So...anyway...aforementioned teenager and his buddies break into vampire neighbours house and all hell literally breaks loose. I don't want to give much more of the plot away but the friends actions very much end up taking down the whole damn neighbourhood, wiping out friends and enemies alike by way of vampire transformation or a nasty throat torn out death! Seriously, there is a party scene in this film where the action really kicks off and it has to be seen to be believed. And I'm not even referring to the hilarious vomit-in obnoxious-girls-drink scene here!

Acting wise, I thought all three main guys, Charlie Dreizen, Kyle Watson, Dominique Spencer all did a great job as the three luckless friends who set the vamps loose so to speak. They all interact very naturally as though they were actual teenage buddies and I really liked that. I also thought  Allyson Whittington Washington was believable in her role as the starry eyed Petunia and Shannon Vogt also impressed as the hot and mischievous Stacy.

The film is clearly low budget, that much is clear to see. But what Jonathan has made with a low budget is great fun and has fantastic spirit and also doesn't suffer with that all annoying indie horror trap - bad sound.

All in all, Fang is an entertaining little indie horror which I really  hope genre fans will get to see very soon.  Please follows the films official Facebook page for updates!

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