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I feel extremely excited to have had the opportunity to chat with actress and film producer Share Cherrie after interviewing Trick of The Witch Director Chris Morrissey recently. Share plays central character 'Krista' in Trick of the Witch and it looks set to be a very interesting role indeed......
Please read on for Share's insight on all things horror and much MORE..........

Hacked in the Head: Hi Share! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. As you know, I was put in touch with you by Director, Writer AND Producer Chris Morrissey, after talking with him about all things horror for the website. He is a great guy and I am sure a lot of fun to work with! I was really intrigued by your Trick of the Witch character by the trailer and even more so after Chris' comments about 'Krista' in our interview. I wondered if you might like to elaborate a bit on your character?

Share Cherrie: Krista was a very fun character to play, she is just so lost in her own world that she isn't aware of all of the evil she has around her. She has an abusive husband at home and is on the verge of losing a dream job, so the witches curse she stumbles upon is the icing on a really bad cake!! She is vulnerable and wants nothing more then to just have her life back to normal …

HitH: What was the atmosphere like on the set of TOTW? It looks like such a fun film with quite a large cast so I imagine it was probably a great time making it?

Share Cherrie: With the exception of a few cast members Chris & I have worked with before, we met most of our cast in our auditions and our crew thru film networking channels… we auditioned hundreds of people and saw some really great actors. We felt good with our choices and by the end of the shoot everyone was great friends. Making a movie is not just time on the set, we need to promote and we do it as a team, so we also had many fun times on the Red Carpets, out for drinks and dinner, and of course rehearsals where we all get to laughing around as we develop our characters and scenes, many of us have gone on to work on other projects together as well and we support each others talents. The cast and crew are family when you shoot a picture.

HitH: As well as Trick of the Witch I know you have worked with Chris previously and wondered if you could tell us a bit more about those projects. I am really looking forward to the 2013 release of Fashion Murder Groove!

Share Cherrie: Thank you, Yes I am also extremely excited to see Fashion Murder Groove - I have a small cameo role as a reporter in it!!! The film takes place in the 70's and Chris had some issues with the music in the film but it will finally see the big screen next year. Chris and I have made many films together, … Superstar Female Serial Killer, Lipgloss Explosion… plus our upcoming feature HEAVY MAKEUP!!!! Chris is a great visionary and when he talks about making a film… I listen! …. I think he has a style so very unique and he knows what the audience wants to see. He's very old school like Roger Corman. The film has to be a package from concept to distribution. Our movies are MADE for Theaters!! We want you there, interacting with us… screaming at the screen… enjoying our art. When we shot our first film …. Superstar Female Serial Killer, Chris called me up and ask me if I would like to star in his film and I jumped at the opportunity!!! Little did I know I would spend hours on hours running thru woods and dark alleys in high heels and mini skirts!! LOL … we nailed it though!!! Our picture had some incredible press write ups and even made the weekly block buster report! We had many people from all over the world commenting and clicking on our website and this was way before Facebook and MySpace. We would spend days walking all over L.A. with crews handing out flyers and throwing club events to get the films attention. Lots of grassroots marketing. It was very exciting and the hard work paid off -- to this day we still have people saying they saw the film during the theater release and it's one of their favorites!! 

My new film HEAVY MAKEUP is going to be insane!!!! Its a psychological thriller about a serial killer stalking pretty young actresses in Hollywood!!! I can't tell you more because truth be told… I don't know more, the entire script is under lock and key and I only know my parts!! I'm excecutive producer on Heavy Makeup and at the start of production, Chris asked me if I would like to know all the plot details… I said no way…. I love the mystery and surprise as we film. It keeps everything fresh. i enjoy speculating with the rest of the cast and crew on who the killer could be and who will get killed or live at the end of the film… it's our craft service talk. =D we have all accused each other of being the killer jokingly. =D

HitH: Looking forward very much to seeing both of them Share! As an actress in a very tough industry what kind of things do you love and loathe about it? I think from an independent horror point of view people working in it are incredibly lucky because there just seems to be this appreciation and support from fans not present in other genres. But, that besides, there must be downfalls?

217262_183381705042791_3358026_n.jpgShare Cherrie: Yes this business is very competitive and can be very rough. It takes strength, courage, and just a touch of chaos to pull anyone thru. I have been very fortunate.
I'm am what you would call an anti hero … I'm not your typical horror Movie Star….I don't have great big boobs or long blond hair and a spray tan…. my idols are of the golden age of hollywood… Mary Pickford, Clara Bow…, and further up… Tippy Hedren, Jamie Lee Curtis… Sissy Spacek …. I feel I have created or even recreated a new market and feel as though I am breaking ground for other actresses in Hollywood who may not be barbie like but are just as beautiful and cool. Women come in all ages, shapes, and colors … I think its time for indie film makers to shine and more believable actors…. I mean how many time can we see some of these remakes…. there are new ideas out there.

Loathe …. hearing the same story pitched over and over … I get tons of peole who want to make films … and their stories are all the same … studio productions too… I want to see something new… new faces, new ideas, I like going to the movies and feeling like I just saw something awesome! Downfalls are always there … making films is like tending to an out of control child… you have how many artists on your set???? … everyone on the set is an artist and its long hours away from your home…. and in our stunt scenes ….I do all my own stunts by choice. It's painful but I love it. I take a beating and it hurts but it looks great on film.

The fans in the horror genres really do embrace and love their Indie Movies and Movie Stars, … thats why I do what I do… for them
I love to tell a story and make the audience really care… or be like woah.
I like film making as an art.

HitH: I am so with you on the originality front, it gets so so boring!!!

Next, what do you like to do in your spare time away from making movies? Any strange hobbies we might like to know about hehe......

Share Cherrie: *laughs* ok you wanna know my strange little hobbies that I love … actually there are two… I make little "thought cards" … I like to cut inspirational words and pictures out of magazines and i glue then to solid white cardboards and laminate them. I have always thought of selling them at an art walk or something but they are just for me and sometimes I give them to my friends, … and I also make little "wish houses" which are basically little houses that I make out of cardboard and I decorate them and paint them on the outside and inside of them I put little pictures that I cut out of catalogues too and I tell people… you can put your wishes in them.

Spare time? lol… no just kidding… I actually have a lot of spare time and I fill that time up with marathon training, yoga, and shopping.

HitH: Awesome lol :) I love strange hobbies!

I also wondered if you are a fan of the horror genre? What are some of your all time favourites and what do you absolutely not like in a horror film?

Share Cherrie: Absolutely!!!! There is nothing nothing better then a fantastic scary movie on a dark night!!! My all time faves are classics… anything Hitchcock!! Especially The Birds!! Stephen Kings The Shining!!! I love the twin girls sooooo much!!! Maybe not a well know one but an older one called Burnt Offerings …I love Argento, Romero, David Lynch... I love movies and tv shows about haunted houses that take over their inhabitants… lol. I currently can not wait for the new season of American Horror Story… love that. Poltergeist has been on one of my movie channels on tv lately and I find myself watching it again and again … living in Southern California, you see those housing areas and wonder… could that really happen?

Newer horrors that I really like would be Piranha, Red Riding hood (i thought it was kind of scary), Paranormal Activity and for TV Paranormal Witness… its good… I like suspense.

Hum what don't I like …. I don't like torture porn type gore … there was also a scene in a movie called The Cell, where the man had his intestines unrolled out of his body….. that image stayed in my mind for a month… that I didn't like… I guess to me, it seemed like to real… like that would be torture. otherwise… I can't think of anything else because we do horror… and I am the actress who is filming these scenes… and doing the stunts involved to get those types of shoots…. thats the best part of making the film!!!! That's the rush and the money shot!!! And hearing your crew cheer and clap after Chris yells "cut" … that's what I love.

HitH: Some great films and directors mentioned there. I just rewatched Argentos Demons after many years and I had forgotten how good (but so very gory!) it was!

Have you always wanted to be an actress and had a desire to work in the film industry in general?

255466_414907745223518_805879546_n.jpgShare Cherrie: Yes, from the time I was a little child, I didn't just want to be an actress… I wanted to be a Movie Star.
I now have 6 features that I either have the starring role in or the supporting roll in.

I also love producing. I am good at organizing. And I'm always in the middle of everything. =D

HitH: I also wondered..... what would your absolute dream movie project involve? Either starring in or making it or both?

Share Cherrie: I have already lived my dream… I have STARRED in 6 Horror Features … all of which have shown on a Silver Screen in Hollywood… I know they will be cult classics.
My goal is to be like my idol, Mary Pickford…. not just a star but a mogel, … A Producer, A director, part of Hollywood history.

HitH: Finally Share would you like to share (see what I did there!!) anything else with readers? Thank you SO much for your time. :)

Share Cherrie: LOL =D …. Yes my current feature HEAVY MAKEUP will be in theaters in March of 2013!!! I will be appearing in the British horror film Jengo which is very scary! Joe Wheeler is definitely a horror director to watch! I'm also shooting two more with Chris -- one is a david lynch style thriller called Stateless and then a reality docu drama/comedy called Hollywood Reject.

My advice to readers interested in breaking into acting or filmmaking -- Follow your dreams and DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!

And THANK YOU Hacked in The Head!!! <3

HitH:Thank you VERY much Share! Cannot wait to see your movies!

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