Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Blood Brothers (2012) (Short)

Directed by Steve Goltz

Written by Kevin Sommerfield

Stars: Matty Dorschner, Mike Goltz, Hannah Herdt and Hannah Hitzman

Release: Self distributed DVD available here !

The fantastic guys over at Slasher Studios follow up Popularity Killer and Teddy with something fresh and new, avoiding the slice and dice sub genre of previous (although brilliant) efforts.

With new film Blood Brothers, the home invasion scenario is taken by the horns and gives fans a suspense filled, action packed and blood soaked good time and bear in mind this is all within its miniscule running time!

The plot of the tale is simple; Michael (Mike Goltz) and Lindsay (Hannah Hitzman) are rolling in to their picture perfect home after celebrating five years of marriage. Sadly for this couple who have it all, they have some visitors (Matty Dorschner and Hannah Herdt) waiting for them and things are about to get very nasty, very quickly. Secrets as we know, generally dont stay buried forever and as these begin to spill out, Blood Brothers heads towards a very grim conclusion indeed.

I thought all the actors did a great job in the film and it was excellent to see Hannah Herdt play a totally different character to the one she played in Popularity Killer. However biggest props must go to both Matty Dorschner and Mike Goltz who steal the show as the warring male leads - brilliant stuff and captivating performances.

Another well made, well written, horror short outing from Slasher Studios who are fast becoming a name to reckon with in the independent film world. These guys havent got the fan base they have racked up for nothing let me tell you.

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