Sunday, 30 December 2012

Kill Your Television (2012) (Short)


Directed by Shawn Kelley

Written by Shawn Kelley

Stars: Kelli Anderson, Austin Bosley, Clifton Bobb, Erin Ishii, Richard Shwartz, Melanie Zapelli, Vermonica Matthews, Thomas Bailey.

I was really pleased to be contacted by filmmaker Shawn Kelley regarding checking out his new horror short. I have seen a lot of great shorts over the course of 2012 so I was looking forward to what Shawns very interestingly titled film had to offer.

The plot concerns young Molly, a feisty little lady, well played by Kelli Anderson, let down by her boyfriend. Forced to spend the night alone, Molly resigns herself to the couch with some horror movies. Soon after a male friend turns up who Molly clearly finds irritating (a nice turn by Austin Bosley) warning her of her homes macabre history and how she is putting herself in grave danger by spending her evening the way she is! The following events pit Molly against the dark forces haunting her home building to a great little climax with a bit of grue thrown in for good measure.

There are lots of really nice horror touches throughout Kill Your Television. There's the sound effects offered by Wes Cravens hugely successful Scream playing on Molly's television, the creepy wind up toys on the living room table and a wonderful scene with Molly finding her visiting 'friend' outside her front door, under a blanket which provides the aforementioned bit of bloodshed.

An entertaining little horror short which takes the female alone at home scenario and gives it a macabre little twist. I thoroughly enjoyed Kill Your Television. Check out the films official Facebook site right HERE!

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