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I recently got the chance to have a few words with actress Whitney Quinlan, star of upcoming Chris Morrissey murder mystery Heavy Makeup! Whitney plays the movies comic relief, Nikki and from what Whitney tells me she looks set to be a very fun part of the film. Read on for the full interview and enjoy!

Hacked in the Head: Hi Whitney! Thank you so much for interviewing with Hacked in the Head! .Film-maker Chris Morrissey put me in touch and has informed me that with you star in
his upcoming thriller Heavy Makeup? How has filming the movie been going?

Whitney: Hey! Thank you for this opportunity! We recently finished filming so right now the film is in editing phase. I love this movie! It was so much fun to film, awesome script, great characters and actors, and the best part is the fact most of us actors don't know the ending of the movie! Crazy huh?

HitH: I love that very fact Whitney it must really add to the excitement! I understand you play the role of ‘Nikki’ in the film. I feel bad for asking as I know you can’t give too much aware BUT…is there anything you can tell readers about Nikki and her role amidst all the mayhem?

Whitney: Nikki, she definitely is the comic relief through out the film. Funny one liners and selfish remarks constantly. She was fun to play her part, i think people will enjoy her role in the flim.

HitH: She sounds like my kind of character! I have alsohad the honour on interviewing both Jessica Velle and Share Cherrie for the site, both great gals. What was it like working together? I understand Jessica plays the best friend of Nikki in the film?

Whitney: they are talented women, us three had great chemistry on set especially me and Jessica. It was my first time working with jess and we hit it off right away. As for Share, i work with her on another project. However she is more behind the scenes on that project, so being able to act with her was a fun change!

HitH: On a related note how was it working with Chris Morrissey? He’s a really great guy who I hope goes far with his films!

Whitney: Again, like Share, i have worked with Chris before on this web series im in called, Beverly Hills Ghost Club. He was the camera man so having him film me in the movie, everything was really comfortable. Joking around just having a great time. He is a great director!

HitH: Since you mentioned Beverley Hills Ghost Club.. could you elaborate on your role in the show and what it’s all about?

Whitney: Well actually it is a web series, which plays on YouTube,, and our website, It was such a fun show! The show is about my sister, two of our friends, and me that visit haunted locations, and try to hunt ghost. We have been to some creepy places, I absolutely love it! I love scary things, so both Heavy Makeup and BHGC are right up my alley.

HitH: Excellent will be checking out the website!

When did the love for acting come about for you Whitney? Was it from an early age or something you just kind of fell into and in love with?

Whitney: Acting for me has always been something I love. I am always making people laugh and have always been kind of out there. I have been in a few plays throughout the years, but noticed I like being in front of the camera. I was voted Class Clown my senior year, haha now look at me!

HitH: What are some of your favourite all time movies? Do you like horror in general and if so what are some of your all time faves?

Whitney: Ask any of my close friends they will tell you and I am horror nut!!! Holy cow, honestly the only shows I record on TV are either scary ones, the food network, or dateline murder mystery shows. I don’t know what it is but I love the feeling of being scared or surprised! I have too many favourite movies, movie nut over here... but to name a few: The Strangers, Seven, Coraline, and The Professional... man just typing those few, so many more came to mind!

HitH: Do you have anything new in the pipeline for after Heavy Makeup wraps? We would love to hear all about it!

Whitney: I was actually told the other day that I will be working with Chris again on another project! I don’t know much about that yet but I can’t wait! I also have a crap ton of ideas for scenes in movies or even little shorts I would love to make happen eventually!

HitH: Thats great news cannot wait to hear more!
Finally Whitney is there anything else you wish to tell readers about yourself? Very best of luck in finishing Heavy Makeup and can’t wait to see you in it!

Whitney: Thank you for this opportunity Mark! I am really excited for Heavy Makeup to come out! It should be a great movie! I hope everyone likes my humour in it!

Thank you SO much Whitney! Stay in touch and good luck with everything!

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