Monday, 3 December 2012

Blood Slaughter Massacre - Mass Grave Pictures

Writer and Director Manny Serrano was kind enough to send me some promo material for Mass Grave Pictures upcoming indie slasher Blood Slaughter Massacre. The DVD I was sent included the full trailer for the movie as well as faux trailers for Blood Slaughter Massacre 1,2 and 3 AND a little teaser for BSM part 4! As an additional bonus you also get the faux commercial for the action figure of the killer that the actual movie is based around - a great promo package for the movie to come!

The movie, as will be in its final feature length form, concerns a Detective James Fincher, a man tormented by the murders occurring in the town of Havenwood. It seems a malevolent killer known as The Ripper is out to take out the female population of Havenwood and its up to Fincher to try to bring him down!

As far as the promo dvd is concerned, I had a lot of fun with it. The faux trailers for all three films are just great - real old school straight to VHS style advertisements for the fake series. You have cheesy voice overs, a nice creepy killer and teasers of the blood shed to come for the movies (if they were actually real of course). I can only bet these were amazing fun to make and shows very clearly that the guys over at Mass Grave Pictures know their slasher movies very well, not only that but they know their slasher sequels even better (the faux trailers for parts 2 and 3 are just fantastic).

As for the trailer for the official Blood Slaughter Massacre (coming soon) has made me very excited for the finished product. BSM looks like a fun, slightly creepy, blood bath of a good time and if these guys are as well versed in the slasher sub genre as I believe them to be then we horror fans are in for a real treat.

Finally the faux commercial for The Ripper action figure is a total and absolute hoot - you will really dig this I swear!!!

To view the faux trailers, the official trailer and to find out more about Mass Grave Pictures head on over to their website where you can also find out more about the team and their work.

Oh and by the way - Blood Slaughter Massacre part 3 is officially my favourite slasher film that hasn't been made!

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