Monday, 17 December 2012

Dead of Knight (2009)


(Screener Copy)

Directed by Joe Grisaffi

Written by Joe Grisaffi and Emilo Iasiello

Stars: Jerin Julia, Brandon Hearnsberger, Christie Guidry, Dimitri Kouzas, Sara Gaston, Dan Braverman

Big thanks to film maker Joe Grisaffi for agreeing to send me a screener of his homicidal Knight slasher flick - Dead of Knight. I have been anticipating this movie for quite some time so I am over the moon to report that its a super fun, brilliantly made and EXCELLENTLY acted good time.

The plot of the film concerns young Marla, a girl battling through lifes pressures such as a boyfriend insisting on her to sleep with him. She is also severely affected by her mothers death and this is something she continually struggles to deal with. To add a further difficulty to her life, an ancient evil has been unleashed nearby and soon a killer hidden by a knight costume begins to take out her friends and others who cross his path one by bloody one!

As the body count rises and Marla loses more of her loved ones, she must pull out all the stops to end the amoured reign of terror that is making a beeline directly for her. Throw in a hard arsed detective also out for the killers blood and you have yourself the perfect Friday night horror flick.

As I mentioned before, Dead of Knight has some great acting. Jerin Julia is highly impressive as our lead gal Marla. She plays the sweet yet feisty heroine with some genuine acting chops and I am very excited to see more from this girl. In fact the female presence in this movie is impressive over all; I adored Christie Guidry as the spunky and straight talking best friend Cynthia and Sara Gaston damn near steals the show as the acerbic and quick witted Detective Waters.

Another thing I really got on board with with this film is how it made you care about the characters. The death scene of one of the characters toward the end really got to me purely because I liked them so much and the pained expression on their face while they are dying was actually quite genuinely horrific. Don't get me wrong though, most of the gore is just played for the fun factor and there are lot of cringe inducing moments that will just make you laugh (ahem lopped off arms...)

The production values on the film are also top notch and so impressive for a movie made on a minuscule budget. The sound is clear and audible and to top it off a great score compliments the action perfectly. I'm more than excited to see more from Joe Grisaffi in his upcoming work as he clearly knows how to turn a small budget to his absolute benefit.

Check out the Dead of Knight official Facebook site for more information and keep a close eye out on when you can get to see the film!

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