Monday, 3 December 2012

Demon Dolls (1993)

Directed by Todd Jason Cook

Written by Todd Jason Cook and Lisa Cook

Stars: Todd Jason Cook, Lisa Cook, Rik Deskin, Joey Scarborough, Penny Spellman, Scott Spellman

I have ALWAYS wanted to see Demon Dolls - ever since I was a horror hungry 12/13 year old and saw that my dad had a VHS copy of it (I don't have a clue to this day how he came across it, where it went or where it is now, but I wanted to see it and he went gave it back to whomever it belonged to before I got the chance...grrrr!)

Anyways fast forward a good hundred years and the writer/director of the film, Todd Jason Cook, was kind enough to send me a copy for review - win! So what did I make of Demon Dolls all this time later? Well its different that's for sure! Very very different.

The plot involves a doll, possessed by an evil spirit, who has the power to imitate those it comes into contact with. The dolls resurrection is caused by an incantation and following this all manner of crazy stuff occurs relating to the doll and its peculiar abilities. I can honestly say Demon Dolls messed around with my expectations and there were several times I had to take it back a few scenes to double check I wasn't missing something! I must say that I very much enjoyed the films tongue in cheek nod nod wink wink ending - I thought it was great fun.

As with Todd Jason Cooks other SOV films of the 90s the gore quota is high and quite inventive. The lamp through mid section scene is a definate highlight and although its not gory the scene where the lead character Scott (Todd Jason Cook) pulls the doll from his mouth is awesome.

All in all despite how utterly bizarre Demon Dolls is you MUST check it out.I can honestly say you won't have seen ANYTHING quite like it. Head on over  HERE and HERE to find a copy for yourself and PLEASE check out Todds new film, the slasher/zombie movie hybrid Zombiefied as its certainly one of my favourite indie horrors of 2012!

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