Monday, 7 November 2011

By Her Hand She Draws You Down (Short)

(Screener Copy)

Adapted for the screen and directed by Anthony G. Sumner

Stars: Zoë Daelman Chlanda and Jerry Murdock

Anthony G. Sumner’s short film adaption of Douglas Smiths By Her Hand She Draws You Down makes up part of the upcoming horror anthologyGallery of Fear, a film written and directed by Anthony and the always amazing Alan Rowe Kelly. This is also exciting news for horror fanssince Anthony is really proving himself to be a master of the horror short. I for one hope there are even more to come, I really do.

The 25 minute movie, set in a bleak and rather vapid costal town,sees a young lady named Cath working the boardwalk by offering to paint any passerby who happens along. It is made apparent that something is not at all right with this set up as a man named Joe is tracking Cath at every turn appearing to act as both her protector but also as a shield between her and some of the people she wishes to paint. The film thus invokes an incredible feeling of atmospheric mystery and when you suddenly become privy to how Cath is forced to live herlife in order to survive it makes for a truly haunting viewing.

Anything else would be spilling right into spoiler territory (althought those who have read Douglas Smiths short story will know)but I will go on to say that the special effects demonstrating Caths ‘inner issues’; are top notch and the tragic and inevitable ending most definitely leaves its mark. Acting wise, Zoë Daelman Chlanda (I’ll Bury You Tomorrow, Blood Shed, Vindication) excels as the damaged yet dangerous Cath, while Jerry Murdock (I’llBury You Tomorrow, Blood Shed , Vindication, Lewis) plays her concerned, yet wary partner, with an impressive mixture of sadness, resignation and fear.

By Her Hand is a powerful and emotive film in which only further highlights Anthony’s skilled vision of the more effective and engaging short. This reviewer is eagerly anticipating the release of both Gallery of Fear and Psycho Street – the latter of which will feature another amazing short of Anthony’s: Lewis .

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