Saturday, 26 May 2012

Teddy (2011) (Short)

Directed by Steve Goltz

Written by Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield

Stars: Keegan Bergan, Kirk Gilbert, Mike Goltz, Kevin Sommerfield, Dana Terpinas, Nikita Vora

Release: Self distributed DVD available here !

Slasher Studios (Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield) present a well crafted 11 minute horror film which manages to cram inventive deaths, an iconic killer and one truly unlikeable character in its short running time!

Set in 1996, Teddy actually has all the characteristics of an 80s slasher movie from the horny teens, campfire setting and that all consuming thorn in the side- covered up death.

Yep it seems these kids don't have a moral bone in their bodies when they hit an old guy with their car and choose not to report it. Sadly for them there was a witness - 'Teddy' a mute man child who wields, you got it, a teddy bear. Donning a really creepy looking ski mask, Teddy sets about righting some wrongs and these four reckless teens are about to get wasted..permanently.

Some great death sequences and effective stalking shots really make Teddy a great watch. A tossed axe and hot-dog-on-a-stick stabbing really stand out and the tiki torch impalement may just make you wince! As for that unlikeable character,the dude driving the car in the first place Clay (Mike Goltz) - here is one of the biggest arseholes witnessed in a horror movies. Great acting here though on Mikes behalf...I am sure he is a nice person in real life! The film is also particularly well shot, no low budget trappings to be seen or heard here, and also has a perfect score.

For 11 minutes of viewing, Slasher Studios have managed to create an excellent slasher short which promises bigger and better things to come. I for one cannot wait to see more!

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  1. Thanks for the excellent review Mark! I'm glad that you enjoyed Teddy!