Monday, 21 May 2012

Graveyard Of The Living Dead (2008)

(screener copy)

Directed by Marc Rohnstock

Written by Marc Rohnstock

Stars: Karin Burkard, Ramon Kaltenbach, Sarah Open and Alexander Reckert, Mark Rohnstock, Lars Rohnstock, Stefan Rudel, Martin Rudel and Timo Rose

Courtesy of Infernal Films

Well here is a film that promises something - and delivers. Thanks muchly to Lars Rohnstock (Infernal Films) for providing me with a screener copy of Graveyard of the Dead - which I believe to be the company's second feature! So the promise? Oh yes - 'Blood and gore' & 'Splatter and more'. Two statements on the DVD cover I received which couldn't be more true if they tried. GOTLD goes right for the jugular in terms of the splatter goods and anyone who enjoys a film chock full of blood shed may just find a good time to be had here.

The story itself kicks off in laboratory in Germany where an experiment gone horribly wrong results in the creation of a member of the undead! Oh dear! This only being the introduction of a zombie movie tells you the horror doesn't stop there, and soon the blood from our newly deceased friend infects a local graveyard. This is horrible news for a bunch of partying teen goths who soon find themselves under attack from a whole class of recently killed (bus accident) school kids!!! From here on its a grue filled battle to the death and viewers are presented with a plethora of flying heads, disembowelments, torn limbs - you get the picture.

While you can easily spot the low budget Writer and Director Marc Rohnstocks film was made with it doesn't deter from the fun to be had at all. The acting is just fine, the gore is all practical and you can see a true love for the genre on display. Bear in mind also that the film is in German language  with English subs  - that said there isnt a whole lot of talking going on what with all the crazy carnage!

I recommend Graveyard of the Dead for a fun night in with some beer and pizza - check out more about the movie and Infernal Films here and support indie cinema!

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