Friday, 11 October 2013

Jack Attack (2013) (Short)

(Online Screener)

Directed by Bryan Norton & Antonio Padovan

Written by Antonio Padovan & Bryan Norton

Stars: Helen Rogers, Tyler Rossell, Steve Anderson Jr. 

Big thanks you to Antonio Padovan for providing me with an online screener link to Halloween horror short Jack Attack. 

Two things are immediately striking about this 8 minute film and first and foremost it is how well shot it is. Forgetting the length of the film this is shot like a professional feature and just looks incredible. Secondly the films aesthetics in relation to autumn and Halloween are spot on. Streets are littered with fallen leaves and pumpkins, characters are wrapped up warm and houses are adorned with scary apparel. There is an impressive attention to detail here that shouldn't be ignored; I thought it was most impressive.

Jack Attack features young Jack (Tyler Rossell) and his babysitter Elizabeth (Helen Rogers) settling down on Halloween Night awaiting the arrival of Elizabeth’s boyfriend (Steve Anderson Jr).  Elizabeth is showing Jack how to carve a pumpkin not realising how much horror this is about to cause them. To say much more than that would honestly be unfair – just know that once the characters eat a few of the pumpkins seeds, things get freaky, bloody and stomach turning!!  The ending is creepy and made me want to see what further horrors might come from the events of the film had it been a feature length.

The cast were great, both leads played their parts excellently and I wasn't at all surprised to learn that Helen Rogers already has several films under her belt,  including the role of ‘Emily’ in V/H/S.

A really really well made short, with so much promise for both Antonio Padovan and  Bryan Norton and I am hoping that they have more up their sleeves!

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