Wednesday, 16 October 2013

EXCLUSIVE: From The Folks Behind Gravestone Entertainment!

I have just received an exclusive scoop from director Jason Hawkins of Gravestone Entertainment ( 15: Inside The Mind of a Serial Killer and The Devil Knows His Own)  regarding the latest film from he and partner Dara Davey which could well be their biggest, boldest film to date! Featuring the mob, crime, revenge and much more this sounds like it has the potential to attract a large audience with its multi-genre plot. 

Read on for the official press release and promo art!

The 9th Templar - a new feature film by Edenfall Entertainment to shoot in Portland in January 2014

October 18, 2013

The 9th Templar is a new crime-thriller feature film by Jason Hawkins & Dara Davey; the team behind Gravestone Entertainment and the feature films 'The Innocent', '15', and 'The Devil Knows His Own'.

The 9th Templar sees Jason Hawkins & Dara Davey departing from their horror film roots to dive into a crime story filled with lies, deception and betrayals. Violent, bloody, and unrepentant, the film follows hitman Jake 'The Kid' Ripone as he returns to the criminal empire that raised him, seeking answers to the hit that was ordered on his family. Faced with the reality that his own brother has staged a bloody coupe within the family, Jake finds himself on the run and fighting for his life against those he trusted most. Wounded, alone, and targeted for death, Jake is befriended by an old homeless man who holds the key to his future. But first Jake must make a choice; he can only have one: Revenge... or redemption?

The 9th Templar moved into pre-production in early October, and will be shooting in and around the Portland, OR., area in January 2014. This is the 5th feature film project for the NW based team. Their previous films include (under the Gravestone Entertainment label) the award winning anti-bullying drama 'The Innocent', the critically acclaimed horror film '15: inside the mind of a serial killer', the supernatural thriller 'The Devil Knows His Own', and the (Edenfall Entertainment produced) sci-fi thriller 'Finding Oblivion'.

I will be posting any new information about the film as I get it so stay tuned people, based on Jason and Dara's previous work,you will not want to miss this one!

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