Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger (2011)

Directed by Brad Mills

Written by Brad Mills

Produced by Brad Mills, Jacquelyn Mills and Ryan Spence

Stars: Michael G. MacDonald, Joshua Demeyre, Bhreagh LaFitte, Colleen Macisaac, Stefanie Peters, Ricky Newtown, Samuel MacDonald Lemoine, Jeannine McLean, Gabrial House.

Release: Official DVD available from Black Fawn Distribution right HERE.

Now here's a movie that I have wanted to see since I first heard about it! Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger is a good ole' fashioned slasher flick right out of the 1980's and if the title doesn't spell it out to you then yes, its about a nutzoid Forest Ranger who hates people intruding in his woods.

The overall plot sees a group of stock characters (serious brunette, airhead blonde, joker and jock) head off for a weekend away. Running into car trouble they seek refuge in a nearby house and eventually run into a another group of teens who practically mirror them (a great touch). Soon, our resident crazy Ranger begins to take them out in all manner of mean spirited ways and as the group gets smaller and smaller you are left wondering who may survive - and it may not be at all who you think!

I know that the legendary Psycho Cop (1988) was a large influence on this movie and my word can you tell! I cant say enough how impressed I am (as a real fan of good old Officer Vickers) at how they NAILED the tone. Everything is just spot on, from the ominous music signalling the Forest Rangers arrival/stalking of victims, the cheese filled dialogue that  makes our hapless teens sound like programmed robots rather than human beings, to the crazy one liners spewed out by our killer as he merrily dispatches his victims. Its just perfect, I sat and there and just thought, 'this is like watching Psycho Cop for the first time!'. Maybe this will be something that puts some people off but if you just love a good old cheesy slasher film or you likewise cant help but love Psycho Cop, flaws and all, you will LOVE this movie. In fact its incredibly difficult to be critical of the bad acting and poor dialogue because well....that's kind of the point!

I had a a great time watching this movie, its hilarious, has some good gore and offbeat kills and the Forest Ranger is just a brilliant parody of some of the pun filled slasher greats of the 80s (Freddy, Officer Vickers, Angela Baker in her older years  etc). Looking very much forward to further work from Brad Mills and co in the future!

Check out the movies official facebook page HERE and be sure to head over to Black Fawn Distributions website to grab yourself a copy! Who doesn't want a DVD with that fantastically old school slasher art on their shelves!?

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