Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blood Slaughter Massacre (2013)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Manny Serrano

Written by Louie Cortes, Manny Serrano

Stars: Matt W. Cody, Danielle Lenore Calhoun, Mike Roche, Carmela Hayslett, Byron Howard

Back when I reviewed the Blood Slaughter Massacre DVD for film-maker Manny Serrano (Kind of a teaser for this feature movie complete with awesome faux trailers of the BSM series) I have been itching to take a look at the finished article. Well, as Manny so kindly promised, I have now had the chance to check out the full length feature of Blood Slaughter Massacre and how impressed am I? Let me count the ways...seriously.

If slasher lovers are not seriously impressed by the opening of this movie then, frankly, there is something wrong. The whole tone is nailed to perfection in terms of a good old fashioned 80s slice and dice picture, excellent score, group of people clearly being stalked by an ominous figure and an eventual massacre (off screen but the after math is damn chilling) where a young Officer Fincher ( Matt W. Cody) and Officer Cobb attempt to apprehend the masked murderer to no avail. I have to say the scene where Officer Fincher slowly climbs the stairs of the house in which the killings have occurred is so reminiscent of Laurie Strode's stair climb to doom in the original Halloween (1979).  Also the acting in the opening also really impressed me. Kayla Ferguson who plays the  character of Sally Lindberg really pulls off a great performance in her short time on screen and it would have been great to see her as a core character throughout the film. Really look forward to seeing her work in other films hopefully in the future!

Anyway....onto the plot of the film. Following the films opening massacre, we are transported ten years in the future where the sleepy town of Havenwood has yet again become the stomping ground to a crazed killer. Officer Fincher, now a Detective, takes it upon himself to rid this town of the maniac once and for all. It may prove to be quite the hard task though as Fincher is doing battle with his own personal demons at the same time and one false move could result in the deaths of even more people - or even his own. As the film progresses and the body count rises, its edge of your seat stuff as you watch to see if Fincher can stop the unfolding horror.

As the film progresses Fincher finds the search for the killer getting ever more desperate as things get horribly personal. The film nicely heads towards a total bloodbath at the home of young Danielle (a good final girl performance by Danielle Lenore) whose friends are unwitting lambs to a very nasty slaughter. History is most certainly repeating its self and only few will live to tell the tale.  

A superior 80s slasher film homage well worth your time. I strongly suggest the purchase of this movie once the DVD is released. Find out more about Mass Grave Pictures and Blood Slaughter Massacre NOW!

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  1. Oh boy, another slasher homage to the 70s/80s! This is like the 807th this year! Well, as long as there are boobs and blood in it, who cares! And it has a FINAL GIRL in it, that's original, does it leave itself open to a sequel in the end? I sure hope so!