Monday, 25 March 2013

The G-String Horror (2012)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Charles Webb

Written by Charles Webb

Stars: Debra Lamb, Genna Darling, Natasha Talonz, Trevor O'Donell, Mike Gleason, Ed Bowers.

Release: DVD (US)  June 18 2013

Many thanks to director Charles Webb for sending me a online screener of his new film The G-String Horror. While the films title literally screams 'gory slasher in a strip joint' you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised by what you will see here. Not that many fans wouldn't enjoy aforementioned slasher flick but I think its always a refreshing change to see something different that challenges expectations.

The film plays out as a kind of cross between found footage and shockumentary as a film crew decide to shoot a movie in a reportedly haunted strip club in San Francisco. After hearing some creepy tales about some of the buildings bizarre happenings (and seeing some of these for ourselves via found footage) we start to follow the film crew in action. Sadly for these people, the spirits of those that have died within the buildings walls are about to come and make their own film...

I really enjoyed The G-String Horror partly because I already love the style of these kind of movies but also because this offering was far more idiosyncratic than your standard found footage horror movie. I kind of felt like I watching a found footage/cinema verite horror film set in a strip joint from Twin Peaks which we never knew existed when we first watched the show. Seriously.  Further to this, there is some extremely unsettling imagery in this film and  I found myself a bit creeped out several times. I think anyone who finds dolls in the slightest bit scary then well...I think its only fair to warn you that this film shows some of the freakiest little plastic creations you may ever see!

There are a few nasty moments of gore which will please fans who bemoan the lack of a gruesome pay off in the found footage sub genre. Watch out for a very nasty dagger to head scene.....

My only small gripe with the film is that while some of the acting really works, some of it grates just a little bit. This is in some of the scenes where characters are acting hysterical and it just comes across as a little bit over the top. Still, I wouldnt let  that put you off, the film is still worth your time.

You can head over to Amazon now to pre-order your copy if you live in the states (or own a multi region DVD player). Hopefully news on a UK release will be with us very soon. To stay up to date, please do visit The G-String Horrors official website

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