Monday, 28 January 2013

The Legend of the 5ive (2012)

(Screeer Copy)

Directed by: James P. Weatherall

Written by: Leenah Selig, James P. Weatherall

Stars: Leenah Seelig, Greg Tanner, Lee J Higgs, Emma Hendrick, Trevor Preston, Lee Fairhurst, Damien Hale, James P. Weatherall.

Many of you may be bored to tears of the found footage/cinema verite sub genres. Not me and hopefully not ever as I just love it - sure there are a few stinkers out there and it's not always done right (generally because budget is not permitting) but when it is its damn scary and I do not scare easy.

There are some truly unsettling moments in The Legend of the 5ive which just goes to show there is still some healthy blood in the sub genre. For one, the opening scenes depicting the creepy farm location made me shudder right away. It just looked like a place you would NEVER find me on my own at, late at night. Also once the group start making contacting with someone named Anne Foster, there are some genuine chills to be had, particularly thanks to Leenah Seeligs genuine portrayal as somone completly out of her depth.

Anyway I am getting ahead, first things first: the plot. A group of paranormal reseachers descend onto Emerson Farm for a Halloween special in order to solve the mystery of a macabre local legend. It seems that Emerson Farm was once the site of five gruesome murders in which the bodies were assembled to create the shape of a pentagon. Creepy huh? The farm is now said to be haunted by the dead, named the 'screaming spectres of Emerson Farm'. Along for the ride is budding filmaker Julia Marsh (Seelig) who brings along her camera man to get in on the action. As the investigation reaches its peak the team find themselves cut off from their live web feed and all hell literally breaks loose.

This is cue for some fairly gruesome scenes and thats not something you get often in this type of film. Its usually a big build up to an ambigious end but this film doesnt abide by that rule. The only other film I can think that also manages this effectively in T. Michael Conways insidiously creepy found footage frightener June 9. June 9 also delivers on the nasty and gory goods in the final act and therefore for this reason I feel The Legend of the 5ive deserves some definate praise.

I loved the ending. One of those things where the last bad event to occur could have been avoided if only the character involved had tried to stay clam and stay where other people were nearby. Sadly this doesnt happen and the film gives us one last shock followed by a great, creepy little 'after the event' update which I loved.

Acting wise as I said Leenah Seelig did a fantastic job as Julia Marsh - she goes from apprehensive to distinctly uncomfortable to outright terrified with professional ease and her character was a pleasure to watch. A couple of the other characters sadly come across as a bit hokey due to some unfortunate over acting but it didnt really hurt proceedings to a great extent.

I recommend The Legend of the 5ive to all you found footage fans out there - I do think it brings something a bit new to the table as well as being business as usual in some respects. Check out the films offical Facebook page right HERE and find out more!

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