Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Slasher House (2012)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by MJ Dixon

Written by MJ Dixon

Stars: Eleanor James,  Adam Williams, Wellington Grosvenor, Andrew M. Greenwood, Alex Grimshaw, Blaze Bayley, Jonny Raw.

UK Production Company Mycho, founded by film maker MJ Dixon, presents feature film Slasher House, a movie which has created quite the buzz among horror sites for a while now. I was extremely excited to be sent a screener of the movie before its official release and couldn't wait to see how it would pan out based on the strength of its intriguing trailer.

Slasher House features a young woman, RED, who awakens in an abandoned old prison with no knowledge of who she is or how she got there. On investigating the building she encounters strange notes instructing her to do various things such as put a dress on or (gulp) use a great big fuck-off meat cleaver! Safe to say things are far from right here which is very much proven when RED discovers that four of the world’s most notorious murderers are fellow residents! A fight for survival is soon under way with RED having to kill or be killed as the four maniacs close in. 

A huge compliment to this film firstly is the colouring. It’s absolutely stunning. RED isn't called RED for nothing, her vivid and vivacious bright red hair, dress and nails creates a mesmerising contrast to the bleak, grimy and dimly coloured building which she is fighting to escape from.

I also absolutely adored the films structure.The plotting of the film is masterfully laid out in segments which one by one, introduce you to the killers and their back stories. This allows you firstly to know the type of heinous crime each maniac has committed and secondly demonstrates just what RED is up against when the action reverts back to the prison. I have to say that one segment in particular, featuring the past crimes of creepy clown killer, CLEAVER, really really gave me chills. It wasn't so much the implied violence against a young child (which don't get me wrong that was horrific in its own right and I am glad it was off screen) but it was just that ice cream van, parked outside the house, late at night, with all its lights on like it was ready for business. Shudder. The actual clown attack on RED was also expertly done and had me on the edge of my seat. As did the release of barbaric killer THORN when he finally got to flex his terrifying muscles and gigantic bloody blades! There are also a few really creepy scenes involving something quite sinister lurking in the prison, but I refuse to add anything further to that particular part of the film as its heading towards spoiler territory. 

Acting wise, Eleanor James totally steals the show. It’s not just her stunning look in the movie but also her acting technique. I really couldn't take my eyes off of her; I felt her bewilderment when she first wakes up and her sheer terror when the attacks begin. I also rooted for her when she out and out kicked some serial killer arse. Here is the UK's new scream queen if there is any justice. I also thought Adam Williams did a great job as RED's fellow confused inmate Nathan, especially during his final scenes where his character does an about turn. This part of the film is brilliant I kid you not. Special mention also to Andrew M. Greenwood for being so callous as to remind me exactly why clowns terrified me as a child. There is a story there from my childhood (NOT involving murder can I just say!) but I wont go into that....seriously a very well and very scarily acted role from Andrew!

The ending of the movie provides a double whammy of  twists which I was delighted by as I thought my tiny little brain had it alllll figured out and then bam, twist one hit... didn't see that coming at ALL and then bam again, second twist hits and it really was not what I had guessed from the start. So again well done MJ for writing an extremely tight plot which truly kept me on my toes! 

The overall film, not just the colouring, looks fantastic. I could honestly see Slasher House playing on the big screen as it looks like any other theatrical release out there. The cinematography is just spot on, I cannot fault it and MJ Dixon clearly has his own unique and stylish directing technique which I would be surprised if other viewers were not really impressed with. In fact, speaking of big screens, if you are able to get yourself over to the Horror-on-Sea festival in Southend this coming weekend, 18 January 2013 onwards, then you can catch a special screening of Slasher House - this comes highly recommended.

In short Slasher House is exciting, intriguing, scary and fresh. I loved it and I think it will gain a great audience once it is released. 

Mycho are currently prepping their new movie Thorn and I cannot wait to see what they come up considering THORN was such a formidable foe in Slasher House. You can follow all of the Slasher House, Thorn and Mycho comings and goings at the following links…get yourself over there and support solid British independent cinema. I also just wanted to add that further to making great movies, Mycho has FAR more going on than just that - have a look for yourself!

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