Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Echo Game (2009)

Directed by Brian Feeney

Written by Brian Feeney

Stars: Alisha Seaton, Jeannie Bolet, Melissa Lee and Judy Clement as ‘Anne Cassavettes’

DVD Release date: June 7 2011 (USA)

First time director Brian Feeney serves up the slasher shocks and intriguing supernatural horror with the effective little indie flick The Echo Game.

Life is pretty sweet for lesbian couple April Reilly, Casey Lin and their daughter Sarah until a visit from the police disrupts their happy existence forever. It appears that Rachel, Aprils former lover and biological mother to Sarah may have faked her own death in order to protect her family – but from what? It soon transpires that a rogue, not to mention extremely wanted scientist, Anne Cassavettes, has a very special interest in the missing in action Rachel and after confronting Rachel at the start of the movie turns her murderous glare to the unsuspecting Sarah. Without giving too much away, The Echo Game spins a gruesome yarn of cat and mouse as the close knit family attempt to evade the maniacal Cassavettes and her menacing henchmen.  A complex plot involving psychic abilities serves to enhance the narrative and ensure much more meat on the bones than your usual slasher film. The movie delivers a number of highly effective, set piece murder scenes along the short running time, including the cruel yet creative slashing upon a bubbly nurse.  A tense and bloody showdown at the end finish this impressively fast paced little flick with a satisfying yet slightly sombre note and it would be fantastic to see a sequel which builds on the aftermath of what has transpired.

Impressive performances raise the bar of the film with Alisha Seaton and Jeannie Bolet as April Reilly and Casey Lin proving effective as the concerned/distraught parents and Judy Clement both excels and terrifies with her cold, calculating and downright vicious turn as Anne Cassavettes.  The Echo Game also completely belies its low budget, it’s filmed extremely well  and suffers none of the well known indie pitfalls such as bad sound and aimless performances. It’s an engaging, interesting and often shock filled horror yarn, which I think a lot of viewers, will be impressed with/surprised by. Look the movie up on Facebook and via its official site: - and then go grab a copy of the DVD!

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