Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Cabining (2013)

(Online Screener Copy)

Directed by Steve Kopera

Written by Mike Kopera, Steve Kopera and David Silverman

Stars: Steve Kopera, Bo Kiester, Angela Relucio, Melissa Mars, Luce Rains,Richard Riehle, Michael Rademacher, Chuck Saale, Joesph Barone, Jackson Thompson, Alice Sherman.

Thanks so much to Bo Kiester for sending me a private screener link for The Cabining a spunky and sharp horror comedy from The Kopera brothers.

I wanted to start by reminding readers how tough it can be to strike a decent balance between horror and comedy without one side over shadowing the other or it purely falling flat on its face. I'm glad to say that for the most part this movie is a successful hybrid of the macabre and the mortally hilarious with just a few jokes falling flat. 

The story involves hapless duo Todd and Bruce two young guys desperate to make a movie - a horror movie no less. Fresh out of decent ideas and shunted at every turn, Todd is warned by his uncle 'give me a decent script within two weeks or lose my funding!' - harsh. So off Todd and Bruce go to a relaxation facility for artists (which happens to be a creepy resort in the middle of nowheresville) to gain a better perspective on their film. 

Soon after their arrival Todd and Bruce's new companions as well as employees of the resort start to meet ther grisly ends by a number of apparent accidents (banana skin leading to impalement is one to watch out for!) and this likeable pairing may end up six feet under before they get a single script idea committed to paper!!!

This film is dead set to please fans of wacky horror comedy's such as Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (although please take note that The Cabining is very much it's own film) and it's as maliciously entertaining as it is very very funny. Two things make this movie work so well and that's excellent writing and some brilliant comedic performances. It may be cliche to herald Mike Kopera as 'Todd' and Bo Kiester as 'Bruce' as the stand outs but hey, they were cast as the leads for a reason! Mikes portrayal of the down beaten, luckless Todd is pitch perfect and some of his deadpan lines made me laugh out loud. He's an intelligent guy in a bastard of a situation and this is so well conveyed albeit in a hilarious manner. In contrast Bo Kiester throws himself into the role of bumbling, insanely enthusiastic Bruce with gusto - the type of guy you could love but just want to strangle in equal measure. That said I really did not pick up on any poor performances, everyone did a great job in their varied and offbeat roles.

You will also note an exceptional knowledge of the slasher sub genre from the filmmakers as Todd and Bruce discuss making their movie and what element to include. This knowledge is also evident in the movie itself with lots of horror movie tropes thrown in and some sly winks and nods. I can tell this film was a blast to make. 

I would LOVE to see a follow up movie with the same characters in a new adventure I think there's much scope for a series here. In the meantime when you get your chance to catch The Cabining you need to take it! Find out more about the movie over at Facebook and it's official website!

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