Sunday 10 June 2012

The Sky Has Fallen (2009)

(screener copy)

Directed by Doug Roos

Written by Doug Roos

Stars: Carey McLaren, Laurel Kemper and Drew Anstine

Release: Self released DVD - available here!

I was pleased to be contacted by writer/director Doug Roos to ask me to check out his post apocalyptic horror film The Sky Has Fallen. The trailer for the film looks excellent and I was instantly sold on the gruesome make up effects.

After a rather chilling opening which explains the epidemic which has taken its grip on the world, the movie introduces Lance (Carey McLaren). Lance is a survivor of the horrors which has wiped out most of humanity and he has had to learn how to fight back against the mysterious black figures which are lurking everywhere and turning the dead into the undead! Enter Rachel (Laurel Kemper) - a fellow survivor whose family has been killed, leaving her to fend for herself in a very dark version of the world she once knew. After being saved by Lance she joins him on a desperate and dangerous mission to locate, and destroy, the leader (Drew Anstine) of the shadowy figures who are haunting them. The pair are thrust into a bloody fight for survival in order to end the reign of shadow men and also stop the legion of murderous undead from making a meal out of them!

I really enjoyed this film, it takes the whole post apocalyptic angle in an original direction and I appreciate that. In criticism I would say that some of the initial dialogue between Lance and Rachel comes off as a bit forced but this definately improves and a good chemistry soon becomes apparent. The performances in general of both Carey and Laurel are also strong and engaging so this really helps to keep viewers interested.

As mentioned before via watching the trailer, the make up effects in this movie are excellent. Gruesome wounds inflicted on the newly resurrected dead are visually brilliant and impressive. The gore effects themselves as people are hacked through and dismembered are well done and there are buckets of the red stuff flying about.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the film in general, it's shot perfectly clear, the sound is spot on and the whole thing is edited consistently well throughout.

I recommend picking yourself up a copy of this film by following the link above. Support indie cinema and enjoy Doug Roos entertaining interpretation of the end of the world as we know it!

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