Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bloody Christmas (2012)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Michael Shershenovich

Written by Michael Shershenovich

Stars: Steve Montague, Robert Youngren, Robert Arensen, Geretta Geretta, Adriana Kaegi, Mary Arden, Lloyd Kaufman, John William Young, James Balsamo, Vincent Notice, Vicky Wiese.

As Santa Clause begins to lose his usually jovial mind, a mental naughty list is growing long in Michael Shershenovichs dark horror comedy Bloody Christmas.

Opening with the bathtub suicide of a young woman (Demons very own hooker turned bubble faced monster Geretta Geretta) the movie introduces us to 'Rich Tague' (Steve Montague). Rich is an actor who bitterly reminisces on his time as an 80s action star, all the while unhappily stuck in his new role of Santa on a Public Access Television show. All of this ill feeling is having a horrible effect on Rich as he begins to fall into dream like fantasies of committing the most gruesome acts on those around him.

Bloody Christmas is a film of two halves. While we follow Rich Tagues descent into madness, Christmas Evil style, the local police are on the hunt for a despicable child murderer 'Father Micheal' (Robert Youngren). However these two opposing forces are fated to cross paths and when they do its safe to say viewers get a very Bloody Christmas indeed. In fact, it's one that leaves room for an even bloodier New Years Eve as per the very nicely executed final scenes.  Veering toward spoiler territory now so I will digress!

There are some great plus points to highlight about this yuletide terror flick. Robert Youngren excels as the horribly creepy Father Michael, a Priest who has taken it upon himself to wipe the earth of as many children (and others)as he can. This guy is one deranged man of the cloth, let me tell you. Steve Montague also plays his lead character Rich/Santa brilliantly. He does a really great job of portraying to audiences, a man who really has lost everything and completely snapped, blaming those around him for everything he despises about life. It was great to see Geretta Geretta back on the screen, its a shame it was such a short role. Her character 'Rosemary' is the thing that always jumps into my head whenever I see or hear about Dario Argento's Demons and I am sure that applies to many other horror fans out there also!

I also enjoyed many of the gore scenes in the film. There are some very amusing scenes of 'attack by Christmas paraphernalia', not to mention some balls-out -insane shooting scenes. Aside from the more comedic touches of violence, there are some more disturbing scenes such as the opening, so be warned.

There are some issues which I could waste time in dwelling on such as some weaker performances and varying sound quality, but you know what? This is an independent horror film, made on an extremely low budget and I always a feel if an indie can make up for any shortcomings with an entertaining film then - who cares? Bloody Christmas definitely entertains and puts an original spin on the holiday horror sub genre which I was really pleased to see. Hats off to Michael Shershenovich for not just writing another psychotic Santa movie involving a town full of gorgeous blonde's and tanned jocks being taken out in rapid succession. That's what this movie could have been, and while I am sure that would have had its very own entertainment value, I am glad this film was something new.

All in all I recommend catching this film when you are able to. Head on over to the official movie Facebook page for more information on the film and its release. I really look forward to seeing more from writer/director Micheal Shershenovich in the near future!

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