Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Don't Go To The Reunion (2013)

Directed by Steve Goltz

Written by Kevin Sommerfield

Stars: Stephanie Rose Leigh, Brady Simenson, Matty Dorschner, Hannah Herdt, Nick Sommer, Mike Goltz, Tawnie Thompson, J.R. Watkins, Spencer Harlan.

Here it is folks - the moment you have all been waiting for....Slasher Studios, the macabre minds behind horror shorts Teddy, Popularity Killer and Blood Brothers, release their first ever slasher feature! The movie successfully reached its goal via its online fundraiser, giving horror fans the most excellent opportunity to be involved in the making of the film. Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield (Slasher Studios ultrafriendly  co-founders) also very kindly offered all manner of cool perks in return for donations (hence I have been able to review the movie prior to its official DVD release later this month!). 

The movies premise goes a little something like this; a group of popular kids play a spiteful prank on high school horror film nerd Scott Rantzen (Brady Simenson) which has a terrible effect on the poor guy. Moving on with their lives the friends go their separate ways until ten years later when they are invited to their high school reunion. Our beautiful lead girl Erica Carpenter (Stephanie Rose Leigh) gets coerced into attending against her best wishes and in true slasher tradition she will really wish she hadn't bothered. Soon all those involved in the prank against Scott are dying horrible deaths and the killer will soon be closing in on Erica who is going to have to literally fight for her life. Has Scott returned for revenge? Or does someone else hate the A List of Hamilton High??

Wow. What a true love letter to the sub genre. The movie is absolutely rife with slasher movie references and fun nods. For example, check out the characters names; how about the bullied kid Scott Rantzen (Slaugher High?) or our lead girl Erica Carpenter (Halloween?) or even fun and spunky Megan Cunningham (Friday 13th?). The hat tipping is just everywhere covering films such as Prom Night, Night School, Madman and many more. I just loved how this film was both a slasher flick in its own bloody right and also a total homage to the films Steve and Kevin adore the most. 

There were some great performances in the film with Stephanie Rose Leigh, Mike Goltz (as grade A arsehole Joe) Hannah Herdt (as down to earth Jessica) and  Matty Dorschner (as kind and clever Brandon) the definite standouts. A special mention to Spencer Harlan who really shines later on in the film. In regards to the writing some of the dialogue is downright hilarious and lends the film a decent comedy angle amongst all the killing. 

There's also some sweet kills none of which I intend to spoil but I will say the guys did a great job in delivering on the bloody goods with a low budget! Speaking of which the film itself looks fantastic and that's with aforementioned small budget - it's fantastically shot and I am betting Slasher Studios are so very proud of the final result. 

Oh and by the way...the film has a KILLER ending....,

Grab your copy of Don't Go To The Reunion HERE, these start to ship out on or around the 15 August so I urge you to invest in this movie - LOTS of cool special features too!

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