Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Telemarketer (2013) (Short)

Directed by Jon Higgins

Written by John Cosper

Stars: Joe Atkinson, Cindy Maples, Sean Roberts, Mark Dessauer, Rusty James, Rachel Fisher.

Big thanks to the lovely Cindy Maples for sharing the short film The Telemarketer with me. Cindy not only stars in this perky sci-fi comedy thriller but also co produced, provided set decoration and handled the casting...whew!!!

So the film.... The Telemarketer is NOT  a horror short let me just say. However it is an extremely funny, well written, well acted yarn set in the future which I think a lot of people will get a good kick out of.

The story features Joe Atkinson as the titular Telemarketer, Martin, who has been forced by his boss to try a new and controversial method of selling their product. Since the ability to teleport is now a luxury afforded by all (its set in the future remember) the idea is to just...well...show up in a customers house and start selling the item to them. Its of course unconventional and intrusive and the way this is portrayed is totally brilliant...the film pokes fun at the cold calling/telemarketing/door to door selling industry to a fine art and made me chuckle throughout.

In addition to this there is the sneaky thriller edge. It seems this new customer is going to get our hapless telemarketer into a lot of trouble! Cindy Maples plays housewife Chloe Crum brilliantly - her annoyed facial expressions as the Telemarketer starts to destroy her home in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of his product is spot on. Cindy Maples should consider some more comedic roles as well as the indie horror she does so well!  After Chloe unsuccessfully attempts to remove this human pest from her home, a nasty domestic situation transpires putting everyone's lives in danger...but is all as it seems? You will have to watch and find out but I will say that I enjoyed the clever ending.

A really great short movie combining comedy and sci-fi with a bit of a thriller edge. The performances are all good and really quite funny and I would be interested in any future work from both Director Jon Higgins and writer John Cosper!  I hope to share news with you soon as to when you can get to see this film for yourself to keep your ear to the ground!

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