Friday, 17 May 2013

FINDING OBLIVION A 'near-future' web-feature from Jason Hawkins

Gravestone Entertainment appears to be working all hours under the sun at the moment with all the exciting projects they have afoot! You may recall my recent article highlighting the insanely awesome trailer for their new feature film The Devil Knows His Own - I can tell this is a film you WONT want to miss. While fans anxiously await news of the films release you can get stuck into Gravestone Entertainments brand new project which they will be holding auditions for THIS WEEKEND! The subject matter of this web series  is certainly important and relevant.

From the Gravestone Entertainment official website:

A 'near-future' web-feature from Jason Hawkins
Set in the near future, and seen through the eyes of a small group of civilians, Finding Oblivion, explores the future collapse of America, and its transformation into a police state on the verge of civil war.

Below is a partial character list for the public auditions being held on May 18th.
Auditions will be held at the Shilo Inn on Canyon Road, (9900 SW Canyon Rd  Portland, OR 97225) in the Oregonian Ballroom from 9am-9pm. Actors must bring a headshot and resume' to the audition. This is an open to the public audition, please be aware that there will probably be a waiting line.

This is a paid gig - (full disclosure: the majority of an actor's day rate will be deferred, though principle actors will receive a per diem as part of their pay, amount dependent on role and contract.)

We will also be casting a variety of other roles, including many, many supporting and featured extras. If you would like to be considered for one of these roles, please come to the auditions and read for one of the characters listed under the casting roles page.
Finding Oblivion is being produced by Edenfall Entertainment, and hosted by Gravestone Entertainment.

Looking forward to finding out more about this project in due course - if you are interested in auditioning and can get over to the venue then I know the Gravestone Team will be pleased to see you, just be sure to follow the advice above!

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  1. This is company and project is the #1 way to basically get your "Big break" by far. Web series is like a PRE TV SEREIS plus they have a feature film following it. If you are dead set on truly being an actor this is your chance instead of procrastinating.