Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mister White

Directed by Erica Summers

Written by Erica Summers

Stars: Andy J. Salgado, Amber Watson, Dakota Morrissiey, Carl Summers, Giana Alexis Cambria, Tony Le, Clayton Reynolds, Kelli Hart, Josh Gray, Dorian Council, Julie Trovato, John Salamone, Agostino Buttinelli, Gabriel Lee, Frances Sacarello.

Mister White is hands down one of the most entertaining indie horrors I have seen in the last few months. For me it takes the very serious and important issue of bullying and makes you feel for the characters involved much like that old favourite of mine Carrie (1976). In essence the film is very much a bloody slasher film where its cruel  and sometimes violent bullies very much receive their blood smeared just desserts. However, at the same time it combines elements of touching drama and intriguing mythology.

So...the story. Tyler is very much your stand out like a sore thumb odd kid at college. As far back as high school he has been the butt of other kids spiteful jokes and pranks, particularly via a group of good looking popular kids who are relentless in their torment. The only member of the group, Summer, who shows Tyler any mercy is under so much pressure from her friends to join in that even she finds it difficult to stop the bullying. We are soon introduced to the legend of a sadistic doctor  whose grisly death has been rumoured to have caused the birth of an even more sadistic evil - Mister White. When Tyler's situation becomes absolutely unbearable he takes matters into his own hands and invokes an old voodoo curse. It's not long before Tyler introduces his new friend Mr White to those who have made his life sheer hell - and they are about to learn the error of their ways - hard.

There are a lot of great plus points to focus on with Mister White. Its well written for one thing, meaning that the more than capable actors have the required material to really sink their teeth into their roles. To that end some of the acting was really great and this can be hard to come by in an indie production. There are some definite stand outs however - Amber Watson really delivers the goods as the conflicted Summer who is quickly realising that she cannot be both popular and sympathetic with her friendship group of choice. She also really kicks some arse towards the end of the film - a really fitting 'final girl' with more layers than you might expect from a horror movie character! Andy Salgado delivers both a heartbreaking AND terrifying performance as the tormented Tyler - truly impressive. I also really enjoyed the characters of Kendra (Summer Perkins) Amy (Giana Alexis Cambria) and Lori (Nicole Elias) as three of the more overtly bitchy characters, all three do a great job as being as mean as hell and subsequently reduced to quivering wrecks once the shit hits the fan. A special shout out to Dakota Morrissey as the abhorrent Scott. Dakota plays this character as an out and out nasty piece of work and you just cannot love to hate him throughout!

The direction of the film and overall production is really great. It looks like a professional final product with decent editing and I am excited to see more from the lovely director/writer/producer Erica Summers as this is certainly a film to be most proud of.

In short Mister White is a bloody fantastic, back to basics, revenge horror flick that also tries something new. Check out the film on Facebook for more info and grab the film as soon as it gets a wide release!

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