Monday, 13 May 2013

Joe 'Jengo' Wheeler talks to Hacked in the Head

Hacked in the Head was delighted to get a few words with UK born film director Joe Wheeler whose upcoming film Jengo Hooper looks set to provide the spills and chills!

The trailer is released on May 20, so please keep yours eyes open for this and check out the interview below! 

Hacked in the Head: Hi Joe! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. You must be a very busy man at the moment with your new horror movie Jengo Hooper in production?

JOE: Yes things have been hectic, prop making, filming and getting things done.

HitH: Could you tell us a bit more about the movie Jengo Hooper and its concept? It sounds very very interesting?

JOE: Thanks, it is a freaky horror movie filmed in the style of the old grindhouse movies from the sixties, seventies and eighties but set in present time. It is about a man who suffers from a mental illness. The illness takes over his mind and he believes he is an alter ego named 'Jengo Hooper' who likes to brutally kill people and tends to participate in Cannibal activities.

HitH: Actress and producer Share Cherrie helped put me in touch with you and she’s just great. It must be fantastic to have her on board for Jengo Hooper? Can you shed any light on her character in the film?

JOE: Yes I met Share in person last year, and we got on really well. She is a great actress and has become a good friend. I am not able to say too much about what happens in the film which also includes info about characters, but all I can say is Share takes on the role of 'scream queen' very well in the movie.

HitH: I believe you are UK born and bred Joe? Where abouts do you hail from and do you live permanently in the US now? I know Jengo Hooper is filming in London which is awesome.

JOE: I was born in a town called Barking which is in Essex, just on the outskirt of East London. I have lived in this town for quite some time but have also ventured out and lived in other places too.

HitH: On a related note could you tell me a bit about your documentary ‘A limey in the USA’?

JOE: The project 'A Limey in the USA' is a series of episodes I filmed on my travels around America. It is a little like a 'Fly on the wall' type of show which was filmed with just me and a camera, no film crews, assistants or presenters.

HitH: I also recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Velle for Hacked in the Head who is also heading out to London soon to film her part for Jengo Hooper. She seems adorable, how did Jessica’s casting come about?

JOE: I met Jessica when I was in LA. She attended my leaving party. We got talking and I gave her an interesting part in the Jengo Hooper movie. It is a small part which will be built upon in the next installment of Jengo Hooper and she will have a lead role in the next installmant. We filmed her parts for Jengo Hooper in Santa Monica and downtown LA.

HitH: Have you always wanted to make horror films Joe, or did it just kind of work out that way? I’m (obviously) a huge fan of the genre so it’s always fantastic to learn of a fellow Brit making horror the indie way.

JOE: I suffer from bad nightmares and I use film and music to express these nightmares. It is a form of release that de-stresses me so that is why most of what I do is horror related although I also will be delving into more documentaries aswell as a Sci Fi feature film.

HitH: Work aside…what does Joe Wheeler do to relax or have fun?

JOE: When im not filming, or editing, or promoting... I like to meet up with friends, take my dog for long walks. Do my weight training and also travel and do some stargazing.

HitH: Finally Joe is there anything else you wish to tell readers about yourself or your work? I wish you all the best with Jengo Hooper and all of your future work!

JOE: The Official Jengo trailer will be released on the 20th May 2013 and you can catch it at Thanks to all who have helped with this project :)

HitH: Thank you so much for your time Joe!

New horror film is set to be highly sick and gruesome

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