Monday, 13 May 2013

15-05-08 (2013) (Short)

Directed by Nikki Chatwin, Jason Chatwin, 

Written by 
Nikki Chatwin, Jason Chatwin, 

Stars: Scarlett Sibson, Fern Chatwin, Tim Wilson, Kasey Smith

Sick Bunny Pictures is what you get when two film maker brothers get together in order to unleash some great home grown horror to the unsuspecting public.

With new horror short 15-05-08 the brothers Chatwin offer up an alarming, jump filled found footage shocker which I thoroughly enjoyed. It actually made me smile in that there are scores of great found footage flicks out there that you can't help but think 'well that could have all been condensed into a 15 minute short'...well that's exactly what you get here folks! 

The story is nice and simple - four friends are sneakily surveying the house across the street via camera, suspecting that it has been broken into. Their nosiness is going to ensure they pay a high price however as whatever is skulking around their neighbours house is NOT happy with them at all. Cue madness and mayhem found footage style as the four friends are soon subjected to a night of sheer terror. 

As I said I really enjoyed the film. It was snappy and made its point extremely well with more than enough frightening moments to both creep you the hell out and startle you. Noteworthy is a scene on a staircase where the tension really ratchets up to the point I kind of wanted to bite my fist. I also thought the four key players did a great job of portraying a group of curious friends and I think the decision to leave  the slip ups in dialogue was a wise one as it makes the film that much more realistic.

15-05-08 also goes to show how something horrific can happen to anyone, at any time, to anyone - the idea that you may not be safe in your own home in your own neighbourhood is, lets face it, a terrifying one.

I am so excited to see what these guys come up with next seriously. You need to head on over to Sick Bunny Pictures official Facebook right NOW to see how you can get to view the film and to find out more about SBP!

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