Sunday, 10 February 2013

Waterfront Nightmare (2012)

(Screener Copy)

Directed by Clark Birchmeier

Written by Jason B. Whittier

Stars: Bree Michaels, Liana Werner-Gray
Andrew Roth, Simone Wasserman, Dominic Ryan Gabriel, EJ Assi , Anthony Ecclissi, Elias Bahri, Kef Lee, Grady Chambless, Megan Grant, Kirk Wilcox 

Big big thanks to Jason Whittier for sending me a screener of Waterfront Nightmare, a film he wrote and co produced along with director Clark Birchmeier.

Waterfront Nightmare spins the familiar tale of a group of young friends vacationing in a cabin in the woods for some good times unaware that someone out there wants then very much dead. That said familiarity aside, Waterfront Nightmare takes the slasher film to a new and interesting level, not just in the manner in which it is filmed (which I will come onto) but also in the strong characterisation of its key players. The film very much sets out to, and succeeds in giving the young friends their own discernible identities be it good or bad. Take Emma ( Liana Werner-Gray) a fun, free spirit who likes her alcohol a tad too much but is also a sweet person under the wild child front. Or Jackson (Elias Bahri) boyfriend of lead gal Kelly (Bree Michaels) who appears gentle and loving but masks a really rather hot temper underneath it all. Even more interesting is the coupling of foul mouted but loveable Alyssa (Simone Wasserman) and her cruel, arrogant and volatile boyfriend James Dominic Gabriel). Here is a couple some viewers may find unrealistic due to James horribly poor treatment of his girlfriend and her reluctance to end their relationship. However there ARE couples like this out there, the kind you just watch in action and think 'WHAT are they doing together' but they just seem happy to carry on the misery.

I would very much put Waterfont Nightmare in the mystery thriller/drama category. There is a madman on the loose and these kids do start dropping like flies, however there is no real gore to speak of and you do need to use your imagination in many scenes. I am not saying this is a bad thing, its fairly refreshing to see what is essentially a slasher film not going for any type of hardcore violence and concentrating more on style and well written characters.

Speaking of style...this movie has it in spades. I'm no technical whizz so I am not going to attempt to 'blind you with science' or anything but Waterfont Nightmare is extremly stylishly shot. Its hard to really explain this except to say you will know what I am talking about whenj you get to see it. Lots of interesting shots throughout the film, some of which exist as a kind of warning or precusor of events to follow. I really loved this element of the movie and I hope that viewers are likewise pleasantly suprised.

The acting was also really rather good! I can see why Bree Michaels was chosen to play Kelly, as she comes across as genuinely natural in her role. She also kicks some arse toward the end and I enjoyed this a lot. In fact the whole group of kids do a great job, I loved Liana Werner-Gray and Simone Wasserman as party girl Emma and downbeaten Alyssa respectively. Elias Bahri was fantastically unpredictable as Jackaon, nice and placid one minute, going for someones throat the next! Dominic as James is also superb as the guy you really have to hate, he is just a complete and utter bastard - to his friends and his girlfriend - I would never want to go on holiday with this dude!!

I hope others are not expecting the killer to be who it turns out to be by the end of the film. I was nicely suprised and although it made perfect sense, it still was a neat reveal which made me think 'oh ok!'. A good end with a nice bit of action.

I recommend Waterfont Nightmare highly to fans to horror mysteries and also those who like a little more style to a tried and tested formula. Check out the films official Facebook right HERE and look out for news on when you can get to the see the film SOON.

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