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I was really pleased to recieve a number of short films from director Jakob Bilinski, who is behind the upcoming Giallo influenced Three Tears on Bloostained Flesh. Read on for my thoughts on the films which range from thriller to horror to exploitation! Safe to say I am officially a big fan of Jakobs work......

Foxxy Madonna Vs the Black Death (2007)

Foxxy Madonna Vs the Black Death is not a horror short. And I don’t give a damn. This is one entertaining little short film with a total kick arse main character and I had a blast watching it. The film is an action extravaganza playing loving homage to similar movies of the 1970s and features sexy and sassy Monica Barajas as the titular character up against all manner of foils including possessed folk, plagues and chalkboard wielding maniacs! If you haven’talready guessed this film does not play by rules – and I love it for that.

Not only is Foxxy Madonna Vs the Black Death entertaining but it is also very well made. It’s presented professionally, is well written and has a great little soundtrack.  The cast, particularly Monica, are well up to the challenge and help to elevate theshort to a higher standard. I am very impressed with this short film and it definitely makes me more excited for Jacob Bilinski’s upcoming work!

Obsolescense (2011)

Obsolescence plays out like a mind bending thriller/mystery which successfully keeps you guessing throughout its 26 minute running time.

Nick (Scott Ganyo) has a young woman stashed away and tied to a chair where he is demanding answers to an unknown question. The captured lady Tess (Rosalind Rubin) attempts desperately to talk Nick down from his crazed plight, to no avail. We then find ourselves back in Nicks past where he is romancing a young lady named Annie (Jen Lilley) where we start to get more clarity on what Nick is trying to find out. The film keeps you on your toes by switching between past present and future, all building to a truly stunning revelation. Actually make that about two stunning revelations! Both I'm sure you won't see coming!

Obsolescence is a great piece of indie cinema. It's well written, keeps you interested not to mention guessing and is made even better by some excellent performances. In particular Jen Lilley as Annie gives a genuinely sweet turn and I would be very interested in seeing more from her!

A final thought on this film would be that I see great scope for a feature film involving elements of the plot and the shady organisation we get to know a small amount about - that's a 100% compliment to Obsolescence.

Bloody Hooker Bang Bang: A Love Story (2012)

Not to be crude...but Bloody Hooker Bang Bang is FUCKING awesome. I demand a feature length version right NOW!

At a short and sweet 12 minute running time, this film manages to pull off an excting, action packed mixture of revenge horror and exploitation. Starring the always amazing Kristine Renee Farley (who looks kick arse AMAZING) in this film and Sidney Shripka (who gave a fantastic turn in Big Biting Pig Productions Hell is Full also alongside Farley) as a pair of sexy and tough hookers. Sara (Shripka) and Kate (Farley) have managed to incur the wrath of the psychotic Mamma (The absoutely brilliant Cindy Maples who has also starred in many of the films bought to us by Big Biting Pig) who takes it upon herself to send her motely crew of equally as crazy children to dispatch the two girls.

The film very quickly descends into chaos as a dark and dingy buiding becomes a battle ground between the girls, with support from a man with means pimp (Kevin Roach) and the hideous spawn of Mamma Crowe. This is cue for some insane and brilliant gore and bloodshed and I give massive props to Jakob for keeping the entertainment factor turned right up to ten for the whole of BHBB.

The film looks amazing, it is a low budget indie short but as I say it NEEDS  a feature because this version looks like it belongs in theatres....Sin City eat your heart out, I would rather see a follow up to this film or a full length version than the ever delayed sequal to SC!

Great acting, great costumes, amazing gore effects, and a tense, funny and towards the end extremly sad plot. You must see this film as soon as you can, one of the best short films I have ever had the pleasure of sitting through and that is a fact.

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