Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Leafblower Massacre (2012)


(Screener Copy)

Directed by Anthony Cooney and Josh Stephenson 

Written by Anthony Cooney and Josh Stephenson 

Stars: Anthony Cooney, Anita nicole Brown,Patrick Hozjan, Shavar D Clark,Josh Stephenson, Mariel Taren.karla Shaw monay,Martin shawn Cooney.Bryan shu -izm

Anthony Cooneys (El Hombre Muerto Pictures) new horror short The Leaf Blower Massacre plays loving homage to the SOV revenge horrors of the 80s, most specifically The Nail Gun Massacre (spot the title similarity).

The hilarious hook of this film is that our masked maniac had armed himself with, you guessed it, a leaf blower, as weapon of choice! How does one attack and/or kill another human being with a leafblower? Well jump in and find out....

I had a great time with this little horror flick - there is a lot to be said for being creative and wacky with your psychopaths MO and I felt Anthony Cooney has hit the jack pot in that respect. Ok its silly and ok you might think 'grab a machete or something and just get on with it!' but I dont think thats what this film is all about....its supposed to be different and fun and it is. The majority of the film centres around a poker game being played by a bunch of mostly unlikeable people and we all know where Mr Leaf Blower is headed dont we? The ending to the film then takes on a slightly nastier dimension as the killer takes a very angry young lady looking for her (sadly dead) boyfriend.

Oh and this film also has the best tag line EVER: 'When Autumn one survives!' .... awesome. 

I think there is a place in us horror fans lives for a Leaf Blower Massacre feature film...maybe old leafy could descend on a sorority house or a boarding school or something? I say BRING IT.

Head on over to the films official Facebook page right HERE to find out more about it!

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